What You Need When Riding the Motorbike

Getting on a motorcycle has its dangers and it is a lot of times more dangerous compared to driving a car. In the culture of motorcycles, the types of riders fall under two kinds: The ones who have experienced a crash and those who have never had it. Don’t be scared because with the right gear, you can have fun riding and be safe at the same time.

In this article, you will find the proper motorcycle gear and the kind that can be worn even on adventure bikes. You need to know what they are so you’ll know exactly what to wear when you start riding.

What You Need to Wear

1. Helmet

This is the first consideration you need to make. There are states that do not have a law on wearing helmets. However, you really need to wear one, especially for protecting your face. A study says 45% of the impacts that happen to motorcycle helmets are around the face. You’d really need a full-face helmet and they will keep the wind from your face, as well as bugs from entering your eyes.

The most important body part is the brain and the helmet will protect it from getting damaged. You want to maintain your intelligence years from now, and using a helmet is the best way to give it protection while you are on a motorcycle.

2. Leather Gloves

These are extremely important to have because when you are having an accident, and you fly through the air, there is a chance that you will attempt to extend your hands to protect yourself. If nothing is on your hands to protect them, there is a high chance that you will get your bones broken, lose your skin, and fingers.

3. Jackets

This is one of the most common safety gear, primarily because it keeps people warm when the weather is cool, and gives you a tougher look at the same time. There is a variety of materials that are used for motorcycle jackets. It is not advisable to buy the first one you see because there are a lot of designs and you will end up buying another one. There are jackets made of ballistic mesh and some jackets use perforated material.

Majority of jackets offer protection against a lot of elements. If you ride often, you will most likely feeling more cold than hot, so consider a jacket. If you think it will be hot, you should still wear a jacket.

4. Boots

Assuming that your weight is 185 lbs. and the weight of your bike is 450 lbs. The support you will need is at least 635 lbs. for one foot when the surfaces are broken, uneven, and slippery when you need to stop. This seems like a job for boots that are made for the serious bikes. There are a lot of motorcycle boots that can give your feet flawless protection. Always go for the top level of motorcycle boots because anything lower is no good. You might experience sliding down the track with a speed of 100 mph and the bike going on top of you, being run over by other bikes on the track, and other misfortunes. Having good boots will protect you from getting injured when you experience these circumstances.

At the very least, you will need rugged combat boots that provides a good grip for your feet, tight support for your ankles, and feet protection that will keep them from being crushed during an impact. There are nice ones that give ankle support that comes with dedicated internal webbing keeps your feet from having injuries with a steel shank that is in the sole.

If you like to ride fast, you will need a certain motorcycle boot. The sport boots are made to give good articulation and a good feel without compromising proper protection. It is the dirt boots that are made to provide limited ankle articulation and give a comfortable platform that you can use for hours. There is also the touring boots that give comfort even if the weather is bad while giving you a decent level of protection. Boots that are dedicated to giving protection will also work better with your motorcycle pants, and works together to add control, weather protection, and comfort.

5. Motorcycle Pants

Hopefully, you don’t have the habit of riding in shorts because they will not save your knees from an accident. Majority of people do not enjoy wearing motorcycle pants. It is because for quite some time, you were only given limited options. You had to choose between leather pants or ones that are made of ballistic nylon that looked silly. They do not look normal at all. Some people think that wearing jeans are enough, but there is no truth in that. Jeans get shredded when you slide on the pavement a couple of feet. If you think about it, jeans are made of cotton, which is a very weak material.

The good thing is that manufacturers are beginning to design jeans that have Kevlar Panels on main places. There are some that even directly weave the Kevlar into the cotton’s material, and armor added to impact the zones. The Kevlar jeans don’t offer as much protection as the leather pants, but they are way better compared to denim jeans. This only means that it is not necessary for you to look like you are going to dive in the sea just to ride a motorcycle.

Choosing the right gear for motorcycle riding is really important and you don’t want to regret your experience just because you did not have protection on. There are a lot of products you can choose from if you need motorcycle gear. Always go for the best ones because protection should never be compromised and spending a few more bucks on a good gear can save you from getting injured or losing your memory. A good motorcycle gear is an investment that you will never regret making.

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