What You Need To Know About Ice Car Racing

Racing has been one of the most exciting and dangerous sports known to man due to very high speeds at which race car drivers go. In a sport where faster is better, it has had its fair share of accidents and mishaps. It is a sport that suits the adventurous and wild-at-heart which is why not many people are willing to try it. Just when you think this sport couldn’t get any more dangerous, people have transitioned from racing at the tracks to racing on ice.

For those who are not familiar with ice car racing, imagine a race car video game on ice. That feeling of anxiety, danger, and adrenaline rush sum up just about how this sport is perceived by an outsider. However, for people who love the thrill of the race mixed with the slippery slopes, ice car racing couldn’t get any better and more fun. To give you a better idea about this sport, ice car racing is a form of auto racing. Like other forms of auto racing, ice car racing also makes use of any motorized vehicles such as cars, snowmobiles, and motorcycles. The difference primarily lies on where the race takes place which is on any piece of frozen entity such as lakes, rivers, or land.

Now, I know what you are probably thinking. How can people race around with 4,000 pound cars on ice? You may think this sport is crazy and impossible to do, but it really isn’t. Although they really do expose themselves to many dangers, ice car racers spend a lot of time and effort preparing for such races. If you want to try this sport for yourself, you must prepare to know everything you can about it. The more you know, the more prepared you can be. To give you a more detailed look into the world of ice car racing, we have prepared a comprehensive guide for you.

What You Need To Know

Ice, Ice, and More Ice!

The thing that makes people more worried about ice racing than land racing is the presence of ice. It is pretty obvious that ice is a lot more slippery than ordinary tracks. Slippery tracks decrease the traction between the tires and the ground, which is why drivers are exposed to more dangers.

Ordinary race car drivers will definitely feel the difference when they transition from land to ice, especially when turning at the “apex” of ice tracks. This gets a lot worse when the racers thrust up scraps of ice which can get in the way of the driver’s visibility. In order to adjust to these, race car drivers have to really work and practice a lot. They could start by practicing on smaller areas such as ice hockey/skating rinks or artificial ice tracks. Artificial ice tracks are those that are specifically made for ice car racing. This includes local dirt track racing tracks with water sprayed on the surface and brought to below freezing temperatures. To make your training more productive, it is best if you hire a coach or trainer who could track your progress and analyze your turns and accelerations.

Like any other sports, ice racing needs determination and lots of practice. Never attempt to join an ice race without prior experience. If you do, you will not only be endangering your life, but also the lives of other participants.

It’s More Affordable than You Think

Many are not aware that ice car racing can be a lot more affordable than ordinary auto racing. This is partly because there is no professional league for this sport. There are clubs and organizations dedicated to it, and charge a relatively smaller amount of membership and session fees. Still, ice car racing is still a pretty big and costly sport, especially if you want to compete at the highest level. But it is fun and can be a good investment, especially if you are confident with your skills in driving in ice.

You also still have to have your own car, but if you’re not particular about it, you can purchase a secondhand car. Your car will most likely blend in because, in ice races, most drivers usually have old and rusty cars. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to purchase a brand new car if it’s going to get bumps and scratches, and be exposed to cold and wet environments. You only need something with a strong engine and easy handle so that you can maneuver easily on the icy road. It also pays if you purchase tires that have a good hold of the ground. Though you purchase a secondhand car, make sure that every car parts are functional to avoid accidents. Let a mechanic check it beforehand and ask whether it’s suitable for the race.

Good Tires Is Everything
ice car racing

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Tires make all the difference in ice car racing. As mentioned earlier, ice tracks decrease the traction between tires and the ground. This is why, in this sport, it is best to have tires specially made for ice tracks. There are two main types of tires in this sport: studded and non-studded. Studded tires are those that have bolts on them to give a better grip with the tracks, so they are safer and faster. They are commonly used by serious racers. You can’t directly purchase studded tires, so they have to be custom made.

Non-studded tires, on the other hand, are ordinary snow tires that are commonly used for winter. These tires can do the job if you want try the sport. The most popular non-studded tires are the Nokian Hakkapeliittas and Bridgestone Blizzaks. Purchase the tires you want from a local auto parts store. But, if you’re up to save some bucks, you can go to several online stores, too and compare prices of several tires. Then, buy ones that offer quality at affordable price.


There are many safety measures you can consider avoiding the dangers of this sport. This includes choosing a safe and sturdy place to avoid breaking the ice and falling into ice cold water. This is why this sport is mainly held in higher latitudes such as Canada, and Northern Europe and America. Ice formations in those areas are a lot more suitable for ice races. Before the race, be sure to check the landscape and evaluate yourself—whether it is something you can do. If you think you’re up for the challenge, try to map out the safest track you can use.

The most important safety measure drivers can take is by wearing the right gear. The standard racing gear includes a helmet, racing suit, and racing shoes. There are certain standards you must reach when picking these gears. To know what the standards are, you must check with the event’s rule book. Most races agree on the same standard, but some keep their own. Keep in mind that when you are choosing your racing gear, it is best to pick fire-resistant materials.

Learn the Rules

When participating in a dangerous sport like ice racing, it is necessary to follow the rules set by its officials. Whether these may be rules about your gear, membership, or the race itself, these are all important in keeping you safe. You can ask the organizers before you enter the contest. However, it is much better if you read the rule book. Usually rules for a specific contest is already posted online. But if it’s not they usually give you a handout or book. When you receive none, you can ask for it. Now, every league may have different sets of rules. This is why you must do the research to know what you should and should not do.

It also pays to know some tricks and strategies you can use during the race. Usually, you have to study the track and plan out the best way to go about it. Practice the strategies you devised and evaluate whether they will work out or not. If not, then devise another plan. If they do, then learn to master the strategy. Once you have planned it all, make sure to have backup plans. You’ll never truly know what can happen on a race track so it’s important that you be ready for all kinds of situations. A good plan may just be your ticket to get the most desired first price.

These are all the basic information that you need to know about ice racing. If you need more detailed information, please don’t hesitate to do more research for your own benefit. Prepare your mind and body for the race. That means you need to get all data you need for the race and practice based on the data you gathered. But the most important thing you must remember when you join ice racing is that you need to have a lot of fun with this unique and fun sport. If you do, it may be something you will always remember.

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