What You Need To Know About Dirt Track Racing

Dirt Track Racing is one of the adventure sports that many had come to love. It does not only satisfy the adrenaline rush that you are craving for but it is one of the most therapeutic ways to relieve stress. This race often happens in dirt tracks. Most of the time drivers are covered in dirt and mud as they race towards the finish line. There are different kinds of cars used in dirt track racing. We have the open wheel, full bodied cars (also known as stock cars), Non-production cars and the late model. Stock cars are also referred to as fendered cars because of the heavy fenders used to protect the car from damages in the race.

Dirt track racing started after World War I in the United States. It spread over the country around 1920’s and 30’s. It became a very popular sport that had many local racers hooked. It is only not popular in the United States but also in countries like Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Canada.

Many people would often crowd dirt tracks on the weekend to watch cars brawl and compete towards the finish line. You can see cars zoom in with the speed of 100mph. Many dirt track racing fans don’t mind being covered in dirt and clay rather they are more excited which of the cars participating in the race would emerge victorious.


A Cheap Family Date

Aside from the booming business, this is a way of bonding with you family members and supporting relatives who are participating in the race. Many people would often say it is a cheap way to spend time with your family and friends. Considering the race is more on the local level, more or less it is easier for you to identify who the people are participating in the race. This family date is relatively cheaper. You don’t have to spend more than 60 USD in the race. You can pay the entrance fee and buy some hotdogs along the way or you can bring your own snacks when you watch the race. Entrance fee ranges from 10 USD to 20 USD depending on the age of the person. In race tracks, alcohol is not sold openly but it is also something that should not be advice to bring when you watch dirt track racing. You can bring coolers and food with you. Alcohol is a big no considering that dirt tracks are actually a family oriented place.

Boosting Local Economic Business Centres

Dirt track racing had been booming and growing well over the past few years. Spectators grow in number in every race. In local areas, dirt tracing can be a sign of progress in their city. Often times, cars participating in the race are local business owners. There are no Budweiser trailers or De Walt team members’ running back and forth to the pit stop but rather dirt track racing is a humble race that helps promotes local business and entertainment in their area.

A Taste of Adrenaline in your System

In dirt track racing, expect a lot of action happening in the tracks. It doesn’t necessarily mean that its going to be bloody, however, races are often exciting and jam-packed with actions. A lot of people find the thrill in looking at the lurking danger in every corner of the tracks, for racers who are not familiar with the tracks; this is going to be a very exciting challenge for them as they are equipped with unfamiliarity. While other drivers, they gain adrenaline from the thought of winning. Dirt tracks are not easy to race around with. The tracks can be really dusty. Running at the speed of 100mph would most like leave dirt and dust on air as racers move at the speed of light in order to reach the finish line. The gust left from the drivers would lead not just health complication to spectators as well as the drivers. The danger powers and fuels the urge to win.

Miscalculations can lead to serious problems.

One of the things that fans also look forward is the violent swaying of cars from left to right as they continue to move at the speed of light. The over steer often times happen in tracks, drivers are often times careful with over steers. Driving in a fast speed needs  a strong mental focus, moving your car from left to right in a very fast movement will not only cause swerving but might actually turn you over. Drivers often slow down when they are in the corner of over steers their car to avoid a collision and to have a better grip on the wheel and the tracks. A collision is most likely to happen in dirt track racing, It is very important that drivers take a very good look and perfect calculations on when to turn or step on the gas and speed off.

cars race on a dirt track

Photo source: http://abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/photos/dirt-racing-kentucky-showcases-fast-filthy-32600430

Meeting the Supers

Aside from the rush and it’s economical ways to bond, one of the things that you should look forward to in dirt track racing are the cars. Yes, the cars used in dirt track racing often times vary. One of the things that spectators would look forward to is the supers or the late models. These cars often catch the attention of many spectators as they parade around the oval in preparation for the start-up. They make people think of how much money people invested in that car and how fast can it go or can it win the race. The supers and late models are often times modified to bring out a better performance in race. Supers often run on the speed of 800hp at a 9000rpm and weighs less than 2,500 pounds.

Dirt Track racing can be a very a fun way to spend your Saturday night with your family or just hang out with friends. You don’t have to spend a lot. It does not only fills your hunger for a little adrenaline rush but also enjoy the view of cars racing to sun down.

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