What to Wear When You are Repairing Your Car

Safety in car repair usually involves common sense and because of this, even the smart and cautious people become tired and go through a bad day. They need to think about it before it becomes a habit of yours. Being safe means taking precautions for yourself to avoid injuries while you are repairing the car.

This means that you have to wear protection, working wisely and appropriately handling tools, as well as equipment. You have to know what you must wear whether you are at home or in a shop. There is a list of things you need to protect yourself and they are:

Jack Stands

This is the main rule of maintaining your car because you should not work under your car and use a jack to support it. The hydraulic jacks, which are normally used, has the tendency to fail without giving any warning and this is going to trap you under a car and could cause injury. Jack stands are an important component of all garage safety gear toolkits that is going to keep your car stable and supported.

Eye Protection

The eyes need to be protected and it is one of the weakest parts of a person regarding inherent protection. Getting the eyeballs injured is a common problem when repairing a car. It is not good to see a piece of metal pulled from your eye, but it is avoiding it can be easy. Certain procedures like grinding leads to small particles of dust and metal being thrown away at very high speeds. Metal and dirt can enter your eyes, which leads to cuts and scratches.

Fire Extinguishers

It is known that combustion engines require the use of flammable liquid called gasoline. When you are working on the engine, fuel tank or fuel lines, there is always a chance of causing a fire, especially when the motor or exhaust are hot. Automotive systems have the capability of becoming flammable if there is a short circuit. Having a fire extinguisher is the main piece of gear that you should be able to reach right away. Make sure that it is a B and C rating so it can take on electrical and gasoline fires.

Your Clothing

Remember that your clothing should be comfortable and fitted to your body well. Wearing loose and baggy clothing can get inside machinery and moving parts. Some mechanics who prefer to do it themselves want to wear overalls or coat to protect their clothes.

The work clothing you have on should give you protection, but it does not mean it will keep you from moving freely. Having long hair and loose jewelry can be equally hazardous for you. They can also get caught in machinery and engine parts.

Work Boots and Gloves

Car safety includes work boots and gloves which mean that you should always wear them. The work boots should be made of leather or it could be a similar material with soles that are non-slip. Another recommendation is using a steel tipped shoe that adds feet protection. You should not think of wearing sandals, street shoes, sneakers and athletic shoes because they are not for repairing cars. Gloves give you awesome protection and they are mostly overlooked. These gloves are meant for protecting your hands from injury and disease. They will also stay clean if you use gloves.

You Should Not Panic

This is the most important gear in providing safety and this one involves being knowledgeable. If you are reluctant about your abilities in car repair, ask someone who is an expert. In case something happens while you are repairing the car, stay calm and do not panic. You first have to gauge the situation before taking any steps so that you and others around you can stay protected and away from harm.

These are the most protective gear you need to have when repairing your car. Remember that you should have all of them so that you are safety. No one wants to have an injury after repairing the car, especially if you are planning to go on a trip after fixing your car.

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