What to Put in Your RV Toolbox

Almost anything in your RV or trailer can break, snap, or crack in seconds and you do not want this to happen if you are in the middle of nowhere. The entire trick is to maintain the inner peace and not allowing a small disaster ruin your vacation so make sure you have a well-equipped RV toolbox on hand. This has mostly reasonably priced and essential items that newcomers and expert campers should have in every trip for both big and small.

There are times when we are all pre-occupied with driving to the campground, we tend to neglect some tools we should have brought with us that we might need later in the trip.

Phillips Screw driver

Whether you love to tinker, a mechanic or a technician, if you own an RV, there are times when there is an adjustment you need to make. There might be a loose screw you need to tighten or a component needs to be replaced, specifically if you are traveling in the boondocks, which is miles away from the facility. Those who will stay in their RV for quite some time should have this.

Socket Wrench

This one is made for tightening and loosening bolts, as well as machine nuts.


Standard pliers are for holding the machine nuts during installation or removal, or squeezing items combined.

Folding seesaw

This comes in handy if there is a fallen tree across the road and you can’t back it up. You need to know that this is only for emergency use. The rangers and camp hosts do not like it when you cut trees found on government property and land.


A small hacksaw will be useful if the knife won’t work. It is advisable to bring spare blades for removing the twister bolts and broken metal work.

Small drill bit set

You need to make sure that the sizes are from 1/16 to ¼ inch and use the one that works with metal and wood.

Hobby knife

This comes with a blade protector and spare blades, very sharp, and best for making every cut precise in canvas, wood, sheers, tape, paper and plastics.

Small tape measure

Pocket Knife

This is for rope and twine cutting, as well as stripping off wire insulation or use it for whittling if you are so keen on this.

Cordless drill and spare battery

This is for turning the bits of drill that make the holes. This is also ideal for lowering and raising the jacks in the trailer.

Adhesives are important

If you are in doubt, use glue to save broken things. There are a lot of special glues that you want to have in your tool box and utilize it for different purposes. Consider these:

  • Super glue for giving the repairs in the highest strength
  • Vinyl adhesives if there are tears in fabrics
  • Threadlocker used to prevent screws and bolts from vibrating

Hardware and fasteners

If your tape or glues are not enough for fixing a “heck-bag” with assorted wood inside, and machine and self-tapping screws, and small bolts in several sizes and lengths that use nuts and washers can prevent you from getting frustrated.

Bring one bundle of zip ties because these are good for putting things together while you are in the forest. You can bring a spare cabinet door to prevent toiletries from sliding across the bathroom while you are on the road.

Impact Drivers

With an impact driver, you have to put work on hold while looking for other tools because it is going to help you complete the job. They have a big amount of torque that handles anything. Regardless if you are a contractor, mechanic, carpenter and an electrician, or just prefer doing other handyman tasks, you will love the impact driver. You might not have to use it every day, but when it is needed, you will be happy that you have it. Even if buying a new impact driver could be a hard task, check out this product to help you choose.

Hand protection

While the repairs in campgrounds usually require a delicate touch, there are a lot of jobs that are too dirty for your hands. For doing these kinds of things, you need a latex or nitrite gloves, and a good pair of leather gloves. After that, you can renew yourself with wet wipes or waterless cleanser for the skin. All of these items can be bought in home improvement stores and groceries.

These are the items you need to have in your RV toolbox. If you think that there are more things you will need, do not hesitate to add more items in your toolbox. Just make sure you have all of these.

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