Common Questions about RV Surge Protectors

You can use RV surge protectors to guard your valuable electronics and other electrical equipment. If there is a surge in electricity, this can become catastrophic for the electronic devices you use and also RV electrical system if they don’t have the right protection. 

If you have a large and expensive RV, a power surge could cost you a lot more to replace the appliances, electrical systems, and equipment that got damaged. These problems can be unpredictable and that’s why you need to be aware of what RV surge power protectors are. This post will answer the questions that are commonly asked by people who have never used an RV surge protector.

What is an RV surge protector?

Electrical systems and RV appliances need a continuous level of voltage so it can function safely and effectively. Unfortunately, that does not happen all the time, like plugging into a malfunctioning RV park pedestal, getting hit by a lightning storm or power lines that down affect the electricity that enters the campground. If the voltage is too low or too high, the appliances in your RV, appliances, TVs, computers and others can be damaged.

This is where the RV surge protector comes in because it is a device that connects the power source and the RV, designed to give protection from power surges that happen because of a lightning strike, issues with the transformer or other problems related to power. The RV surge protectors are made as a portable device that is directly linked to the power source and then to the electric cord of the RV or it can also be a hard-wired device that is permanently in the RV’s electrical bay before the transfer switch.

The protection levels also vary from cheaper devices that only gives surge protection up to management systems that are full. The power of the RV can shut down if the voltage is too high or too low, faulty wiring, or connections that overheated.

Do you need an RV surge protector?

This is another question that is commonly asked, especially by campers because they have experienced power issues or a close call while it was storming. Yes, an RV surge protector is needed because they are like a gatekeeper for your electrical devices in the RV. By producing more expensive units that monitor all aspects of power and the cheaper ones that are good for preventing the majority of the destructive types of electrical issues.

As there is an increase in power requirement and campgrounds sometimes fail meet this, there is a big possibility that electrical and electronic components become damaged. This is why you always need to have an RV surge protector with you every time you go on a camping trip.

Why can’t you just use a little surge protector for your laptop and TV?

It is because the standard outlets don’t provide solid protection against surges in power and spikes. They are mostly manufactured and sold as power strips, but you have the option to buy surge protectors with only one outlet that sit leaning on the socket and give only one outlet that is protected. You also have the choice to get surge protectors for travel that are small, have fewer outlets, and you can easily put it inside a rectangular bag.

These surge protectors have a variety of methods to make this happen, but in general, it all boils down to one system that directs energy towards the safe limit that goes to a component in the protector. The job of the protector is to make sure that only the enough and safe electricity power goes through your devices.

Another thing is that there are people who get confused about strips and refer to it as “surge protector”, which is wrong. The cheap power strips do not have surge protectors and will only give additional power outlets that can be used. If you use a power strip for your TV or laptop, make sure that it comes with a surge protector, but ideally, you need a surge protector from a reputable company and not a small one.

The smaller and cheaper ones may not give the needed protection your TV and laptop need. The more expensive ones will come with a warranty to replace the electronics that are connected to the protector if they become damaged because the surge malfunctioned. Make sure that there is a warranty that says this before you buy any surge protector.

What does a surge protector protect you from anyway?

They are installed straight to the main panel and they have two purposes. The first thing they do is to protect your things that are hard-wired, like outlets, fans, and fixtures. A lot of people normally consider the risk to appliances, electronics, and technological devices that look at some of the most crucial items in a home, usually to a certain level that your computer, TV, and appliances can handle.

Aside from that, your appliances give 30% more power when there is a surge protector installed and some homeowner’s insurance give a discount if you have this installed.

Now that most of the questions about surge protectors have been answered, you are ready to purchase one. Do not be fooled by manufacturers that will try to impress you because remember that they will try to sell their product. You need to consider what you need and where you will use it so you won’t make a mistake of buying the wrong one.

You also should not go too cheap on a surge protector because it will be more expensive to replace any of your electrical appliances instead of spending on a good surge protector. You also don’t have to ask people about these questions because this post already gave the answers you have been looking for.

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