What Are the Advantages of Pre Purchase Car?

Looking forward to buy a car for your family, but since due to short on budget you are planning to get an old used car instead, and you are looking for pre purchase car inspection ideas and costing, then you have come to the write place where we are going to discuss it all!

There are lots of questions that come when you are going to spend huge sums of money on a new car, or an old one, which will be costly too, so in this section lets us give you some of the advantages of the new cars over the second hand one!

Advantages of Pre Purchase Car or Old Car

  • Though there are many possibilities when you are going for a new car, but if you have made up your mind of buying pre purchase car then here are some advantages of the car:
  • Price of the car is very low, since it is a second hand car, which is the most obvious one and thus we have kept it at number one position.
  • Depreciation of the cost of the car goes on all time, month by month certain percentage of value is decreased, but the steepest decrease is at the time when the new car is bought from the factory and about six month is spent driving it. This value is now resolved.
  • If you buy a new car for about one million dollar (for instance) you will get about eighty percent of its price after just one year, but on the other hand even if you buy an old car with half a million dollar, then you will get about fifty thousand values less, which is about five percent depreciation rate in the one year compared to about twenty percent fall in price for a new car.
  • Disadvantages of an old car are mostly the way the previous owner has used the car. He or she may not use the car efficiently which is a drawback and you might need some few car parts repairs when you get the car, but all fits in budget!

So if you are a careful driver then from the day one onwards you can take special care of your car, and make it work efficiently keeping the speed in check so that the car gives you a very good service even after ten to twenty years of time from the day of purchase.

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