How to Wax Your Car Properly

Normal car waxing is used to improve your car's appearance and prolong its paint life span. You must learn how to do it and how to buff your vehicle properly. Because obviously if you know to do that right waxing will really cost less money and that will also save you from a lot of potential loss of your nerves.


You'll really need a good electric orbital kind of buffer, and it can be bought for as cheap as $40. And, you can use some high-speed type of angle grinder. Also, buffing pads begin at around $5 each, and you'll have to buy buffing compound.

You can afford car wax, polish and microfiber types of clothes in one kit ranging from around $10 or more. Well, those orbital buffers are truly easy to use even for the completely inexperienced. But, on the other hand, deeper oxidation and scratches will demand big work on the affected spot or areas for a much longer time periods with your orbital buffer if you want to achieve almost same success as with some angle grinder.


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You must apply big amounts of those buffing compounds to all heavily scratched or weathered surface. Also, buffing truly works if you strip away really fine layers of old paint and really expose the fresh layer of paint underneath. Also, the compound can act as a nice paint stripper, so wax your vehicle immediately after your buffing.

Spread required compounds out as evenly as you can across needed area, while your buffer not moving, with a buffing pad. That will ensure that the compounds don't completely splatter onto surfaces. You must also really try to avoid to get this compound on rubber, chrome or even glass.

What else do you need to know?

Buffing must be usually done at least once or twice in a year. So, if your vehicle is carefully stored in your garage and the paint is fairly good, then use polish, and not entire compound. And, in case that you are near to the coastal areas and your vehicle is outside than your car will need more buffing, due to some higher salt content in the air because of the sea.


Now you can apply your car wax with the help of the cleaner buffer pad. You must spread it pretty evenly, and gently pulse the buffers trigger. It is not wise to keep the buffer to be constantly turned on. Ans this will really ensure that your wax doesn't cause problems with the surface.

Also, cover around one-quarter of your surface at a time-span before you remove the wax. There are some waxes that will truly require from you to read the descriptions of the product before their removal. Well, use some microfiber cloth for wax removal, and use circular and round motions easily to easily achieve.

Additional information

Wax in exact conditions that range between 50° and 85° F (12°C and 30°C), and preferably on those cooler sides. And, during hot weather, the wax can be dried immediately after you put wax on the car. So, this can really make car wax problematic to remove easily once applied. But in more cold weather, car wax is hard to constantly move around when you want to apply it.

Wax in your garage, and out of sunlight if you can. Because sunlight can really heat up your vehicle and that will leave the waxy residue that is hard to remove. And, in the case that you don't own a garage, find some spots in the tree or building shade to work, and when you finish the job than you can purchase new speakers for car to improve the music experience.


After the previously mentioned process, repeat that process across the paint surface. That's because it's mostly recommended to wax your vehicle every two or three months (you don't need to buff always if you wax), and that's quite nice skill to possess. Your vehicle will look nice, so then you can upgrade to 6x9 speaker type or think about something entirely different.

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