How to Unclog an RV Toilet

When your RV’s toilet is clogged, it happens at a time when you do not expect it. You should be prepared as early as now because having a clogged toilet while you are on a trip is never good. This is especially important if you have traveling in your RV for quite some time now because issues like this should be addressed. In this post, you will be given effective tips on how you will successfully unclog your toilet in case anything like this happens anywhere you might be. You need to be saved from the trouble so your trip is not ruined.

Here are the tips you can follow:

You need to check if the valves are fine

To some people this might be a useless step because the valves are open, but you need to ensure that none of the valves have closed and there is a sewer line that’s been hooked to both the tank and the sewer. There are tanks that have two valves and most of the time the galley has its own valve and tank. Once you are sure that all of the valves are already open, you can move on to other parts.

Know the signs of a clogged RV toilet

You will immediately know that there is a toilet problem when there is a disgusting and noxious odor because it is a sign of trouble. When the valve is not working well, this might be the root of the issue. If your sewer hose adapter is clear, you can see if something is coming from the tank. When this option is not available, listen to the tank if it is emptying. If you do not hear anything or there is minimal activity in the tank, it can either be partially or completely clogged.

De-clogging chemicals

There are several good ones that you can buy in the market and the good thing is that you can use most of them if they are septic safe. The recommended way to put chemicals into the tank is to put water only half full in the toilet. After a couple of hours, you can flush the toilet and allow it to sit inside the tank. The next thing for you to do is to drive around so that it mixes up.

Do not put anything inside when it is clogged

This is the last thing you want to do after finding out what the issue is so only sticking to recommended chemicals and methods when unclogging the toilet. If in case you have the kind of configuration that lets any gray water empty into the commode, the valves have to be closed right away. If you do not do this, what is found inside your toilet may go out of the toilet bowl and on the bathroom floor.

You can opt for the ice cube method

This is done by filling the toilet basin with only 1/3 water and then add ice before filling it up. After the ice is flushed down the toilet, you can now drive around. You can continue flushing with a lot of water to complete the unclogging of the toilet.

Cleaning the waste matter from the RV tank

You can first put the protective clothing and ask someone to help you by doing the same thing and then ask him or her to be near the valve of the black water tank. After that, place the bucket beneath the opening of the sewer tank and then open the valve. Ask your helper to open the tank of the sewer.

Now get a plumber’s snake and the push it upward until it has hit the clog. You can now start working the dowel up and then down slowly to check if there is any movement. When this occurs, you need to get out of the way and allow the mess to go out through the hose and straight into the bucket. If there is only a small amount that comes out, ask your helper to seal the sewer tank valve and then empty the bucket to a dump station or toilet in the campground. Keep on repeating the procedure until you have cleaned the waste from the tank.

Proper use of the RV toilet

Proper use is when you never put anything in the toilet that is not easily biodegradable and you can use a specific kind of toilet paper instead. This type of tissue paper is going to quickly dissolve on its own in the tank and use liquid if you have the right chemicals. Be careful of overusing it. The majority of RV owners use a certain brand of chemical to keep the toilet from clogging. You need to make sure that the tank is closed unless you empty it.

You need to make sure that there is a lot of water for flushing and you must use safe tools and liquids for cleaning. You should empty the tank on a regular basis, clean the tank regularly and rinse the hose using gray water flush when you are done using them so that the waste matter is emptied from the tank.

Use a stick

You can go and find the right stick for this and if you are in a campground that is close to the woods, you will easily find a branch of a tree. Once you have found a stick, use it to snake down through the drain of the toilet and then push the clog out so it will go inside the holding tank. After that, start running water from the toilet down and inside the holding tank. This is going to flush the pipe and get rid of anything extra that comes from the stick.

These are the tips you need to follow so that you can successfully unclog your RV’s toilet. It is never good to travel with a toilet problem because it will bring great discomfort to everyone.

Nancy McCoy

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