Top 5 The Best 4×6 Speakers Reviews

When a car has speakers, it gives everyone entertainment while they are riding the car. The speakers that are made today have more than one purpose. Aside from playing music, people can also talk on their phone via Bluetooth connection or even listen to lectures or audio books.

Looking for the perfect speakers can become overwhelming since there are a lot to be considered coming from the size, power, and watts needed. The cost of these speakers can vary from being relatively cheap to costing almost the same as the car they bought.

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Before buying 4 x 6 speakers, it is important that you know what to look for when buying them. These speakers are not made the same way, so make sure you know how to choose them.

What To Consider When Buying 4x6 Car Speakers


There is only a limit to the wattage car speakers can handle and if they have to exceed that, they will not work right. You must know how much power the stereo has to put out, and if the power system you have is lowered, you will have savings by getting speakers with lower power. You will notice that most of the speakers are being described according to their nominal input and maximum input. Hence, each pair of speakers might have a limit of 350W, but only show 40w as its nominal input.

Quality of the sound

The entire purpose of speaker systems is the production and quality of sound. When you want to improve the speakers, a couple of things that can be looked at by buyers are to determine the impact of the sound. The first consideration to be made is the coverage of the frequency. The stereo systems range within frequency ranges. The wider coverage is determined by the additional sounds speakers can reproduce. Normally the maximum frequency that speakers have is up to 20,000 Hertz, and 10 being the lowest. It is not appropriate for vehicle owners to have a whole range so that there is the good quality of sound. It is not a guarantee that very high frequencies can even be heard, and most likely they won’t be. Although a lot of musicians and sound lovers enjoy a full range.

Speaker sensitivity

This is dB rating speakers have and it is telling the buyers how the speaker is able to change power into the volume. For example, the greater the speaker’s sensitivity, the more sound it will play at a certain power. When the head unit of the stereo is working, it mostly means that it is a great idea to buy speakers that are more sensitive because the amplifier in the stock unit does not have the same effectivity as a couple of amps for certain functions.

The price of the speakers

The cost of car speakers ranges differently. Buying a simple replacement of the speakers won’t cost too much, while the high-tech ones can cost a lot more. Drivers should know their budget prior to shopping and then look for speakers that have the best features within that price. It is simple to add to the budget so that the speaker system will be capable of doing more. Keep in mind that the size of the speakers does not guarantee if the speaker will have a good sound. For instance, a 6.5” car speaker might be worse than a 6 x 9 speaker, but that would depend on several components. The same goes for the speaker’s price.

Full range

If you can buy full range speakers, you would want that because they can reproduce good sound because of the special interior features that are found in each speaker.


It is the cone-shaped feature that is found in the speaker, and the woofer is made from several kinds of materials that are able to reproduce excellent bass sounds and have the lowest notes.

Value of the car

Speakers should be bought according to how they are going to make driving more pleasurable. The speaker systems are not going to increase the car’s value. The only time when the car value may increase is if it is an old one. The greatest advantage speakers have is they make the car more desirable, which means that it does not necessarily add value to it. In the cars of today, manufacturers have realized how much good speaker systems are that make them produce vehicles with better stock speakers. Hence, changing car speakers might make the value drop.

Top 5 4x6 Speakers Review For Your Car

1. Pyle PL463BL 4- x 6” 240 Watts 3-Way Speakers


These speakers do not fatigue and Butyl Rubber Surround with a cone that is blue poly-injection and the high-temperature is the voice coil. There is a 1” high-temperature ASV as voice coil for the best sound quality, 1” neodymium film dome that is midrange and it includes grills, mounting hardware and wires.

This product ensures low distortion and is providing a varying sound stage. The cone looks awesome and allows music to reflect full power. The product dimensions are 10.3 x 7.6 x 2.9” and weigh 2.6 pounds.


  • These speakers can produce a great sound even if the car came out in 1994
  • I love to listen to classic rock music and these speakers can handle them even if I turn the volume up
  • Compared to the more expensive speakers, these give the same quality of sound
  • The sound I hear from these speakers are clear and balanced
  • Installing them did not take too much of my time


  • I find the speaker wiring to be too thin so be careful not to break them

I think that these speakers are great as long as you do not play too loud. They have a nice, clear and balanced sound that will not annoy you while driving.

2. Rockford Fosgate Punch P1462 4 x 6” Full Range Coaxial Speakers


It basket has a Flexbit design and there is an included OEM adapter plate. The dome tweeter has a built-in crossover with PEI and the full range speaker has a maximum of 70 watts that comes with the highest power handling. The polypropylene injection molded cone with butyl rubber is mineral-filled.

The Flex fit basket has a little speaker adjustment when it is being mounted. With 90 hertz – 22kHz frequency response and 90 dB sensitivity. The product dimensions are 10.8 x 7.6 x 3.9” and weigh 16 oz.


  • The bass sound is great, but the most important thing is the way the sound becomes clear across the board
  • The tweeter and mid-range really stand out among the rest because of their amazing sound
  • These speakers are very easy to install
  • When I ordered the speakers, they did not make me wait too long because it arrived on time
  • The sound is really great and crisp no matter what song I play
  • The price is amazing for the quality I got with these speakers


  • I needed to grind one of the holes which gave me a little trouble, but everything was great after that

Even if I had to do a bit of grinding, these speakers are great because I love the sound quality even if I turn the volume up.

3. Pioneer TS-A4676R 4” x 6” 3-way Speakers


These are 3-way speakers with a maximum power of 200 watts and has a multilayer mica matrix cone that is designed for the best response and reproduction of sound. The dimensions are 3.8 x 6.1 x 1.6” and the item weighs 1 pound.

Great sound and fits into most vehicles. Adds life to OEM stereo and increases sound level even in classic cars. It is made with lightweight elastic polymer for better surround sound.


  • After the break in period of 3 weeks, they are producing awesome sound
  • These speakers have exceptional mid and high ranges that you are going to love
  • Works accurately with crisp and clear sound
  • Even if they are small, do not underestimate the sound they can produce because you will be surprised
  • I had no trouble installing them
  • The instructions are easy to follow and even those who are new to installing car speakers will not find it hard


  • There is a break in of 3 weeks so you would have to wait

I love these speakers, except for the break in period, but everything about it is great. I would buy these speakers again for my other car. If you want speakers that will do more for its price, buy this one.

4. Polk Audio DB461P 4 x 6” Coaxial Plate-Style Speakers


This pair of marine certified speakers is exactly for all types of vehicles. It has a 0.75” liquid-cooled silk-polymer dome tweeter with composite material. Its maximum input power is 150 watts and equipped with a diverse balance polymer/mica cone for large sound.

. It is a durable butyl rubber surround that is able to handle the stress of heavy pressure, time and sunlight. The dimensions of the items are 6.7 x 5.9 x 3.1” and the weight of the product is 2.2 pounds.


  • It is great value for the price I paid because of the clear sound
  • The instructions that came with it are complete so you will not be misled if you have never installed speakers before
  • Even if you turn the volume high, you will still hear a very crisp sound
  • The frequency response of these speakers is perfect for going mid or high range
  • When I touched the speakers, it is obvious that they are made with sturdy construction
  • They put out real sounds that you will love, especially if you will go for a long drive
  • The price is great for the kind of sound you are getting


  • I hope they hit more ranges because I like to play loud, but it could be different for you

These speakers are ideal for anyone who loves to drive around and listen to loud music. I specifically love their frequency response because they are perfect for mid to high range.

5. Boss AUDIO BRS46 BRS 4 x 6” 50 Watts Full Range


This is a full range 4 x 6” single speaker that can handle 50 watts and a maximum of 25 watts and RMS power handling with 100 hertz to 18 kHz response to frequency and dB sensitivity. Equipped with a polypropylene woofer cone with foam. This product is sold individually and it comes with a platinum warranty of 3 years from the dealer. The dimensions of this product are 7.3 x 2 x 6” and weigh 13.8 oz.


  • Even if the price is not as expensive as others, this one packs a full punch and the quality of sound is awesome
  • The item ships fast so you are sure to enjoy it right away
  • Its installation is fast and easy because of the very detailed instructions and it’s only 1 speaker
  • I really like the bass and response for mid-rage even if I did not have to pay a lot for it
  • I went out for a long drive to test the different ranges it has, and I was not disappointed. I played with it and it delivered well


  • You might need bass blockers, but I can do without them just fine because the sound is still awesome

These speakers are great for the price because it won’t take too much from your wallet. This is one of the most surprising I bought for my car and it never failed me. If you love short or even long drives, this one is not mediocre.

These are the most sought-after speakers you can buy today because of the price and quality they all have. It does not matter if you are low on the budget because their price range is for everyone. Make sure to consider one of these and make your trips fun.

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