Top 5 Best Touch Screen Car Stereo Reviews

When a majority of people think about car stereos, they are actually pertaining to the receiver. The head unit or deck is also called the receiver, which serves as the brain and heart of the car audio system. This is the part that you are going to operate from behind the wheel. When picking a receiver, you are going to lock the audio sources available, and how your car audio system can expand.

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Remember that the car audio system becomes the main piece of the car audio system. They are made to look great and packed with useful features. This is called a radio, head unit, receiver, and the car stereo of today works in several complex functions to better enjoy the drive time. In this post, you will find the 5 best touch screen car stereos you can buy, but first, you need to know what to look for:

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Touch Screen Car Stereo

1. The Sound Quality


The built-in power and upgraded circuit design mean that aftermarket car stereos are not louder compared to the normal factory stereo, which also produces a cleaner, richer, and better sound. Better tone controls in the preamp section would mean that you are better at tuning the music.

2. The Screen Display Should Be Nice


If there is a large screen acting as the receiver’s display, it is simpler to read compared the 2 or 3 -line displays of normal car receivers. You are going to enjoy having the capability to get more information on what is being played.

There are more visible icons, split-screen feature, and additional screen real estate adds to the listening experience you will get. You can look at the road even better if you do not have to look at the display all the time or wait for the information to come up. Actually, everything you can do with the receiver is better if the touch screen is large.

3. Radio


All local audio receivers sold today will have an AM/FM radio that automatically tunes into local stations, but you might want to enhance that. Choosing a receiver that comes with a built-in HD Radio decoding is going to improve the radio’s audio quality broadcast in digital form. You are going to be able to access the digital subprograms for stations that are going to support multicasting to enhance free programming.

4. Bluetooth


Bluetooth allows you to enjoy a conversation that is hands-free by using any compatible phone you have. You can see the caller’s information right away with a large screen in your dashboard so that you can look at the road and your hands will be kept on the wheel. There are receivers that allow you to stream audio right from your phone.

5. Expandability


The auxiliary inputs, audio/video outputs, and USB connections allow you to expand the system through portable music player connections, external amplifiers, rear-seat video screens, and subwoofers to the new stereo you have. What you can do is to find a new stereo that has a USB input or Bluetooth capacity so that your favorite source of music can be added.

6. GPS


You can get a better map view compared to phones or a majority of the portable navigators can give. And if the receiver you have does not feature a built-in navigation, there is a possibility that you can add guidance. The guidance this has comes with an onboard unit or can be connected to a smartphone that can work with 3G signals.

7. Power

Aside from audio sources, the purpose of an in-dash receiver is going to deliver that audio to the car’s speakers through an internal amplifier. The amplifier’s power is given in two ways: these are RMS and peak power. The peak power is given in watts and it is the most number of power that the amplifier can produce. Unless you love to listen to music at the highest possible volume, you can disregard this one.

The Best Touch Screen Car Stereo Reviews

#1 - Jensen VX7020 2 DIN Multimedia Receiver, 6.2" Touch Screen with Bluetooth & Built-in USB Port


It can fit into double-DIN (4 inches tall) dash openings that are built-into openings and made into Bluetooth for calling hands-free and streaming audio. The maps of the US and millions of interest points. There is a built-in iPod, iPhone and control, and a remote that is fully functioning.

The app can be connected to iPhone, Blackberry and Android. There is a high-resolution touch screen TFT that is 6.2 inches. It comes with an interface for a steering wheel control so you can drive safely while listening to music.


  • It has a good sounding technology because of the seamless performance
  • The unit looks really nice and the navigation works exactly how I want it to – very precise
  • Installation was fast for me and I did not have a problem understanding the instructions that came with it
  • There is an awesome reception provided by this product and I was never disappointed since I bought it
  • The finishing is very clean and it has been hidden similar to a factory system and I love that


  • If you do not take good care of it, there is a possibility that it is going to break after a year, but that is just because it needed more care on my part

This is a stable product as long as you give the care it needs. I like the finishing of the product and I particularly love the way this one looks. I also want to complement the price because it is all worth it. The navigation of the product is great and it is very precise, which means that the directions it leads me to are correct.

#2 - Pioneer AVH-X4800BS 7" Motorized DVD Receiver


The DVD/CD receiver that comes with 14 watts RMS cea-2006/50 peak times 4 channels. This is the internal amplifier and there is a built-in Bluetooth for calling hands-free and streams audio that can support two phones simultaneously.

There are Siri eyes free that can be used with compatible devices. There is an optional adapter for iPod and iPad for watching video content. It works with SiriusXM Sx 300 tuner and can support new tune mix, weather and traffic now, and features of sports flash.


  • I like the interface because it is easy to understand and works smoothly
  • I do not have trouble synching it with my iPhone contacts using the Bluetooth
  • There are customization options like time alignment and sound levels
  • 14W RMS gives enough power for the main speaker
  • I was able to save the setup in case the car battery has been disconnected and I love this feature
  • The sound is great and clear


  • I had a few issues with the Pioneer at first, but everything is fine now. Just had to deal with that at first

I like this product because I can use it with ease. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a touch screen car stereo. The price is also reasonable for the quality you get.

#3 - Pioneer AVH-280BT In-Dash DVD Receiver with 6.2" Display and Bluetooth


It is a 6.2” touch screen that comes with a LED Backlight Display and a Bluetooth for hands-free calling, as well as audio streaming. There is a 5-band graphic equalizer. There is a clear and resistive touch screen and the back-up camera was placed so that using it becomes easier for you.

The dimensions of the product are 6.5 x 7 x 3.9” and the weight is 3.7 pounds. The display resolution is 800 x 480 pixels to give clear images.


  • When I am talking to someone on the phone, people can hear me really well and the quality of the microphone is awesome
  • The pairing of Bluetooth is fast and easy, and it automatically reconnects when needed
  • There is a mute button and it is very accessible because it is just below the volume
  • When I am playing a CD on the stereo, the sound quality is crisp and clear
  • I never had any problems with the responsiveness of the touch screen because it responds right away
  • Setting this up was not hard and it is not different from car stereos I have dealt with before
  • This is a great upgrade from my stock car stereo


  • The UI can be used properly and very intuitive, but it is not that excellent. They could improve it, but this concern is just minor for me

This is a touch screen car stereo I would recommend to anyone who is always taking calls while on the road because of the clear sound it gives.

#4 - Android Car Player,LESHP Double 2DIN Android 5.1 Car Radio Stereo 7 Inch


It has multi-function so there is a phonebook, car logo, control of the steering wheel, subwoofer and settings for EQ, which has the camera, wallpaper, and support animated wallpaper on Android. It comes with 170 degrees angle reverse camera night vision 4 and it is waterproof.

Has a built-in GPS receiver, supports Google map, Sygic, and other kinds of maps. The Bluetooth can support wireless and hands-free calls. There is a microphone, audio, video, and car DVR support. This applies to cars, trucks, mini=van, RVs, and others.


  • This one has a lot of settings for sound-enhancing and everything words well aside from the back-up camera
  • Since it has USB connections, I can play my entire music collection on the flash drive
  • The remote-control function has good reception so the car stereo produces awesome sound
  • Living in the big city makes you appreciate an awesome tuner this product has
  • Installation of this one was easy and I did not have trouble with it
  • The Bluetooth is awesome and connecting it was never a problem for me


  • The installation instructions are challenging to understand, but mounting this one the dash was easy for me anyway so it is not a big issue

This is a product that is flawless and works great. I only had a bit of a hard time understanding the instructions, but everything was pretty easy to figure out.

#5 - Pyle PLSD131BT Bluetooth 13.1-Inch Hi-Res Touch Screen Multimedia Receiver Head-Unit


This comes with a built-in Bluetooth for music streaming that can be matched with all of the Bluetooth devices you have. There is a built-in Mic for calling hands-free. The monitor resolution is 1024 x 600 pixels and touch screen control with a motorized and detachable display with USB flash and SD memory card readers. It gives you a direct connection to alternate audio/video auxiliary line output jack (320 watts).


  • The product shipped fast and packaging is very good
  • There is a great picture and sound quality with the screen is 13.3” instead of 13.1” laptop screen
  • Radio can be played even if the TV screen is not attached, and I love this feature
  • It has been hooked up professionally and Bluetooth installation is easy so it is not hard to use
  • I can easily watch from Netflix or anything that is installed on your phone according to what is projected on the screen
  • I like the way this product looks


  • I had a hard time pairing it with the Bluetooth at first, but it is all good now because it works flawlessly now

I recommend this product to anyone who wants to have a serious touch screen car stereo for good music.

These are 5 touch screen car stereos you can buy because all of them have good reviews and I personally like all of them because they all work seamlessly. With the sound quality and precise navigation, they all have, you will not regret buying any of them.

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