Best RV Roof Coating Reviews (Updated November 2023)

If you have an RV, you will do everything so that it will last a long time. An RV is your moving home when you go on vacation and visit campgrounds as you move across the country. Although, you have to take care of your RV if you want it to serve you for a long time.

As you handle the tires and engines with ease, a lot of people do not pay attention to the roof until they realize they have to. Although, the camper’s roof is an area that has to be given special attention. One way of maintaining the RV roof is to buy a good coating for it, but you first have to consider some things.

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Things To Consider When Choosing RV Roof Coating

The Roof Material

Rubber – This is the most widely used material for constructing an RV roof. Rubber roofs have two different forms: EPDM roof (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monometer) and a TPO RV roof (Thermal Poly Olefin). Every type of rubber roof is looking for a different kind of maintenance.

Fiberglass – This kind of RV is difficult to touch and it is harder to find compared to a rubber RV roof because they cost more and are heavier. This goes to show that fiberglass RV roof is low maintenance compared to rubber roofs, which some prefer more.

Aluminum – The rarest RV roof material is aluminum. There is a very low chance that you will find an aluminum roof everywhere you go. Aluminum is like fiberglass because it also adds weight, but an aluminum roof is easy to maintain.

Are There Any Leaks?

When checking for any leaks, you need to make sure that that roof is dry. Then, you might want to inspect the entire roof and look for any trouble. In certain cases, you might find it easy to see. There is a possibility that you are going to find a hole in the RV because of some debris.

There is a possibility that you might see issues that have elements which indicate where the damage is. Check for any rings on the roof because these areas indicated that water pooled when it was raining. You will see discoloration and there will be rings of dirt. In the center of these rings, you are going to see there is a leak.

So before you apply a roof coating, make sure the entire roof is dry because water will dilute the coating and it is not going to dry easily.

Why You Should Apply Roof Coating

You will see that RV roof repair that has EPDM coatings have some nice advantages. This can provide protection against ozone and UV. It also helps in dealing with ponding water issues that you might have seen on top of the RV. One of the best features is that even if it is going to rain after coat application, it can still resolve ponding water as long as it is more than 55 degrees F.

You should still attempt to make sure that you have some clear and warm weather when applying the EPDM roof coating, so it cures faster. There is heat reduction and it is a product that is energy efficient. The majority of the time, there is no need to add a primer. If the surface is clean, you can already add the coating.

This is going to save you time because you only have to put a single coat. The coating is acid and alkali substances resistant. Even if the EPDM has already been cured, you will see that it is flexible. This is an indication that it is going to hold up any condition, and this includes even freezing temperatures. You would not have to worry about any cracks appearing that will make your roof look ugly.

Top 5 RV Roof Coating Reviews

Liquid Roof RV Coating And a 1-Gallon Repair

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This is a liquid RV roof coating, liquid EPDM rubber, white, single coat, and covers 42 to 46 square feet per gallon. This is a liquid EPDM roof repaid coating and it is the only RV roof repair coating that is under the liquid EPDM RV roof coating, liquid roof, and liquid rubber EPDM rubber coating.

You can already enjoy the advantages of a rubber roof. This liquid roof forms a pure and seamless chemically-cured membrane that is solid-looking and attractive like the factory installed sheet rubber. You can either install a new rubber or make repairs.


  • Easy to apply and rolls in smoothly
  • I brushed the edges and roof protrusions, and this product works like a magnet and has great grip on the surface
  • It works how it is supposed to and after it is fully cured, it shows a very nice rubber layer and I think it will be good for another 5 years
  • Application takes only 3 hours which is not too long


  • It has a very strong smell while it is being cured

This is a roof coating that you can use even if you are not an expert and expect that it will last for a minimum of 5 years. It is one of the best coatings out there compared to other products like it.

Heng’s Rubber Roof Coating – 1 Gallon

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This product is designed to be used for RV rubber roofs used for seams and tears to seal off vents, air conditioners, and others. Has RV resistance and expands and contracts when applied on roofs. This coat is not affected by cracking and can handle the impact, non-toxic and non-polluting.

The coating is available in 1-gallon size. The product dimensions are 6.5 x 11.9 x 7.5 inches and there is a warranty. It is a product that can also work well on a roof that has been previously coated and make sure that all oils, dirt and grease is removed before the product is applied.


  • Stops several leaks even if the trailer you own is old and it can be brought to rehab
  • You do not have to use expensive tools to apply it on your RV’s roof
  • The coating works well and it covers everything you need it to
  • You can easily apply it and make your roof looking brand new
  • The application is very straightforward so even a beginner can do it with ease


  • I can see a water residue that comes off any time water is flowing

This is a coating that will not give you a hard time when you apply it on the roof. It will not consume too much of your time. Your roof would look like new even if there was the first coating already.

Dicor RPCRC1 White EPDM Rubber Coating

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It is made only for RV rubber roof, it is a conveniently packaged acrylic coating and ready for application. You can apply it easily and can cover 125 square feet for every 1 gallon. It requires two coats and the roof coating does not have any toxic or harmful petroleum in it.

The product can distillate harsh or harmful ingredients that can lead to damages. The product’s dimensions are 1.2 x 1.1 x 1.1 inches and weigh 12.5 pounds. The warranty is available from their customer service.


  • I was able to install it easily even if my time was limited because I had to do some errands
  • The item works according to what is indicated so you will not be disappointed and become satisfied
  • Curing the coating does not take very long and you will see that the roof looks new once again after you applied and allowed it to cure
  • The instructions are on point and it is going to guide you every step of the way so you should not worry if it is your first time to apply a coating for your RV roof


  • It seems to peel off easily, but I think it will last for years. This is only a small issue for me and I would still buy 1 again in the future

If you are quite on a budget, this is the best purchase you can make to maintain the RV roof coating and make it look new again.

KST KS0063300-20 Kool Seal Elastomeric Finish Coat, White, 7 year, 5 gallons

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It does not matter what temperature it is because this RV roof coating is still going to cling onto your roof and your roof will be protected against moisture. The coating is mild and resistant when the coating is already cured and it is environmentally friendly.

If it is very noisy outside, this coating helps in absorbing sound. It protects buildings for many years and it reflects about 90% of the sun’s rays. The coating forms a rubber blanket to provide protection. The coating expands and easily contracts to avoid cracking.


  • The product will work well if you use it properly but do not worry because the instructions are easy to follow and you will not be confused even if it is your first time
  • The coating is going to last for years and you will discover that it does a great job, especially if you just applied it
  • My roof looks really brand new after I have applied the coating and I will buy another one in the future
  • It was able to stop leaks in my roof and I can live inside my RV without having to worry about water dripping on my head
  • The coating makes your roof look new even if it was quite challenging to apply


  • You should know how to apply it properly. Otherwise it will become bumpy, but the instructions are easy to follow so chances of making a mistake is very slim

I think that before you buy this product, you should have prior knowledge about application if you worry about doing it wrongly. However, the coating looks perfect after you have successfully applied it.

Liquid Roof RV Repair Liquid EPDM Coatings


It is the only liquid EPDM to be manufactured in the world and it has a success story of 25 years. There is no need for a primer and you only have to apply it once. The product application can be done on your own and the coverage is 42 square feet for every gallon.

You will able to save thousands if you use this RV roof coating for maintenance because it will always look new, especially right after you have applied it. The liquid roof coatings are products of aftermarket that are meant for extending roof life. It prevents leaks or gives a heat reflective or aesthetic roof coatings that work on roof surfaces. If your roof has 3rd part coatings, you have to put ProFlex Primer first that you can buy from EPDM coatings.


  • Item ships really fast and I did not have to wait very long before it arrived on my doorstep
  • Your roof is protected against UV rays and it is a roof coating that will last for more than 10 years
  • All you need to do is follow the instructions and you will do great in applying it
  • The product works according to how it is advertised so you will not be disappointed
  • The drying time is 5 hours, which is not as long as others
  • The finish came out looking smooth and very bright so you are sure that your roof will look new again


  • It dries too quickly so you need to work fast to avoid wasting any coating


If you have applied a roof coating before, then this product is for you because you need to work fast. Although you should not worry because the instructions are very clear and you will not be confused.

These are the best RV roof coatings available today and if you choose 1 one of the mentioned products, you will be a happy RV camper. All of them will seal leaks properly and never experience dripping water in your RV again.

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