Top 5 The Best Car Lift for Home Garage Reviews

It does not matter if you love doing things on your own in the garage or shop, you need to know how to pick the best car lift for home garage. Before we give you a list of 5 products you can choose from, you should know what to look for when you are ready to buy. There are a lot of car lifts being sold today, but being aware of the vital factors you need to look for when choosing one is very important.

It will also help you avoid confusion and stay away from sub-standard ones. Even if there are a lot of manufacturers that claim to be the best, getting the reviews of people who have actually used the product is more helpful. You do not want your money to go to waste, which is why you need this guide.

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What to Consider Before Buying The Car Lift for Your Home Garage


There are car lifts that are only for storage and others can be used for car maintenance. You need to know why you are purchasing an auto lift so that your options are narrowed down. If you are thinking of maximizing the storage space, there are post lifts that are the best option for this. You can check out the products listed here and see if one of them will suit you.

Knowing what the lift is for will help you determine the kind of product you are looking for.

Size of the garage and height of ceiling

Find out if the lift you will buy can fit inside the home garage. There are free standing four-post lifts that vary according to size so make sure that what you are going to choose will fit in the space. Check out the specifications of the product before buying. Look at the overall length, overall width, and height. There is also the portable lift that can be moved out immediately if you are not using it.

The lift material

There are lifts that have the outer part of the legs made of steel, but when you look inside, it is made of plastic. This is mostly done to lower the cost compared to having all-steel parts. The issue is that the plastic might not be strong enough to hold up the weight of the vehicle and the usual wear and tear that can happen while lifting. This might need a replacement sooner instead of having the car lift longer before you need to replace it. List down the material that was used to make the lift and invest buying a car lift will all-steel parts for more strength and durability.


It is an investment when buying a car lift, but having the extra storage space or being able to work on your car makes the cost worth it. Find out what kind of car lift is needed at first and then search for prices to know which ones are affordable for you. It is important to read about the product first to find out if it is worth buying for the price it has.

Speed while rising

You can have a very fast lift if you are concerned about the speed. What you are looking for will depend on the kind of free standing four post lift if you want that. For instance, there is a lift that can rises in 2 minutes, while another product only takes 70 seconds to rise. It will really depend on your preference and what you need.

Welds or bends

The car lift’s plates can be bent on the shaft that is lifting the car, but this kind of bending does not have the same strength as the actual weld. The weight of your car can make the plate sag in the middle even if it is only bent over the shaft. This means that you need to invest in a car lift that has actually welded plates to the shaft for more strength and durability. Make sure that you will check this feature out because it is an important consideration.

Top 5 Car Lift for Your Home Garage Reviews

1. BendPak Portable Mid-Rise Scissor Lift - 6,000lb. Capacity, Model# MD-6XP


This one is good for fixing light-duty trucks and even cars. There is a portable service lift as a tow handle so that it can easily move the lift from one bay to the next. It is powered using a 1-phase 110-220V electric motor that has a smooth and functional lifting power.

It only takes 45 seconds for this to rise up and it will lower to only 4 ¾ inches which make the unit fit under a lot of vehicles. The platform size is 60 ¼ x 39 ¼ x 39 ½ inches.


  • It can handle 5000 lbs. With wide Ford Flex without experiencing any trouble
  • Has great stability and safer to use compared to floor jacks and stands
  • Very simple to use and it is an effective option to lift a car
  • Setting up was easy and came in early. Did not make me wait a long time after I called them up
  • This is made of thicker steel and good welding hydraulics


  • The only limitation I found with this product is the garage’s height

Bendpak MD-6XP scissor lift - Setting up and first use


This is a lift that has not failed me ever since and it is made of steel, which makes it very durable and strong. I recommend this product to anyone who is looking for the perfect portable lift for their car.

2. TRIUMPH NSS-8 8000Lbs 4 Post Storage Service Lift


The overall height of this product is 84”, the length is 175”, width is 93” and the length on the runway is 165”

It is a lift that is perfect for storage or can be used for service as well. When you order this lift, it automatically comes with several things like the caster kit, 3 trays for dripping, and jack trays. The caster kit lets you easily move the auto lift around, jack trays allow the usage of floor or bottle jack so you can lift one end of the vehicle. Lastly, the drip trays are for keeping fluid from going to the vehicle’s bottom.


  • Once I received the product, I can immediately tell that it is a good deal
  • There are difficult portions that have already been assembled and the cables area already threaded
  • The product definitely works great and they ship fast too
  • I can say that the advertisement does not lie because it’s even better when you start using it


  • It did not come with instructions which makes it a bit challenging to setup, but it works great after that

I think that this is a great deal to have and the quality is worth double the price. If you are looking for a good one with a reasonable price, this is perfect for you.

3. Dannmar MaxJax Portable 6,000-lbs. capacity Portable 2-Post Lift


When you order this product, it is free shipping that includes the lift gate and delivery fee in your residence. There is a portable under car access, which is a 2-post lift for home or shop owners. You can shift from stow to go in under 15 minutes, with easy storage and set-up.

This is a product that has two lifts in one, which comes with the adapter you can utilize as a motorcycle and ATV lift. An iron gear flow divider is a cast iron that is the foundation of the MaxJax that provides exactly a balanced lifting. The dimensions of the product are 78 x 25 x 24” and the weight is 880 lbs.


  • You can easily move it if need to store it and if you need space making it really easy to use
  • If detailing cars is your hobby, this lift is perfect for what you need
  • The lift is working perfectly and it is much better compared to jack stands and rolling on the floor
  • The design of the lift is stable and well-made so I know that it will be with me for a long time
  • It arrived as expected and everything was complete when I got it
  • The instructions are very detailed and easy to follow
  • The perfect product for someone with a limited ceiling height


  • Their customer support needs to be more responsive because I had some questions that were not answered right away

I recommend this to anyone who does not have a big ceiling space and its strength is an advantage that I will enjoy for years to come. Since it does not weigh too much, you can move it around easily.

4. TRIUMPH NTO-10A 10000Lbs Two Post Clear Floor Lift


The lifting weight capacity is up to 10,000 lbs. with an overall height of 145”, and a total width of 133”. There is a lock release that comes from a single point for quicker use of the lift. More features are found in the NTO 10A, and with a more reasonable price compared to other lifts being sold.

You will find that the swim arm handles are for easier and faster positioning of the arms. The rubber door guards have 3 pieces so that it is fully-protected against any damage. The arms have 3 stages that will make you reach a variety of vehicles.


  • I am happy about buying this product because I was able to use it right away without any hassle
  • It shipped fast and their customer service is excellent
  • Even if it did not come with an instruction book, I was able to put it together correctly


  • There was a missing hardware from the bracket bent, but they were quick to respond to send me a replacement. I do not have other complaints after this because it works great

It is a lift that can be used for a long time because of its quality and durability. I recommend this to anyone even if it is your first buying it. Setting it up is easy even without the instructions.

5. TRIUMPH NT-9 9000Lbs Two Post Floor Plate Lift

Best For The Money


The lifting capacity of the product is 9000 lbs., the overall height is 107” and the width is 128” It has 3 stages front arms that can reach different types of vehicles. The floor plate can cover cables and hose can fit under the ceiling.

The lift already comes with power unit, motor and floor hardware perfect for mounting. The lifting capacity is 9000 lbs. and the shipping is free in the lower 48 of the United States. The product dimensions are 107 x 128 x 109” and the lifting height is 72”


  • The price is lower compared to others in the market and it shipped fast
  • It has minor powder coat and I did not have any problems communicating with the seller
  • I have been using it for more than a year and I have not encountered any problem making me very happy with it
  • I think that the price I paid for is great for what I got


  • There were no assembly instructions, but setting up was very simple so it is not a really big issue for me

I was worried at first because the price is lower than most, but I ended up loving the product even more in the long run.

Buying the perfect car lift for your home garage is important because it is an important investment that you will make for your car and yourself.

Nancy McCoy

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