Choosing The Best 6×9 Speakers For Your Car

When it comes to finding the best 6x9 speakers for your car, there are two considerations that need to be made and these are looking and listening. With a lot of brands available to choose from, how does one decide among them? When you begin to look for 6x9 car speakers, this is the best buying guide you can rely on.

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There are 5 of them that will be reviewed here so that you will not be misguided and know exactly what you need. When you are reading the specifications written about each, make sure you choose the one that matches your system. You first need to know what to look for when buying 6 x 9 speakers.

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best 6x9 Speakers For Your Car

The look and design

Not everyone is going to consider the aesthetic factors of the product, buy you should look at the way it looks and its design. A lot of speaker manufacturers consider the design to dictate the price. If the design of the speaker is good, the price is higher. You also need to check out if it is 3-way, 4-way or 5-way.


It is meant for measuring the amount of sound a speaker is yielding from how much power is placed on it. If the car speaker is low-powered, like majority of what the factories have installed, speakers that are rated high in terms of sensitivity is going to best match for you. If your system is high-powered, similar to the ones from aftermarket stereo or amplifier, then buy speakers that are less sensitive. The ones with good power will give you excellent sound quality.


There are a lot of 6x9 speakers being sold that you should be aware of in order to pick the right one. Some brands that belong to top of the line series are made by well-known brands. The objective is that you will have a lot of options, so make sure to choose only the best one that will suit your needs.

Although, it is not necessary to only buy from one brand when choosing different stereo components even the car speakers. One good thing about getting the same brand makes it easy for you to install them. Another advantage of getting from the same brand when buying car components is that the combination is going to give you a better quality of sound.

The material

This is to consider the kind of material the speakers are made of. There are speakers made of titanium, Kevlar, and aluminum. Some are made of polypropylene cones, with UV-treated ribbed sound and steady voice coils made only to make speakers look good and attractive.

The power-handling

By considering this, you will know how many watts a speaker is capable of. If the power system is low, the speakers don’t have to take in a lot of power. While this happens, a system that comes with powerful external amps will need speakers that have a power-handling close amp output. Keep in mind that the main spec in power-handling has the maximum-RMS of power-handling instead of the peak power-handling.

The ratings of the RMS actually measure the amount of power the speaker can take continuously, not only for a limited time. If the system’s rating has a rating from 2 to 50 watts RMS, it will be a good match for low-powered stereo compared to a system rated at 10-80 watts RMS.

The product warranty

This is another thing you must look at because it is going to give an assurance that you will be refunded in case the item is defective. Make sure that the warranty is more than a year to avoid additional expenses for repair and check-ups.

However, you must look at the design and quality of the material. There is a chance that the 6 x 9 car speakers will be broken soon is least likely to happen.

The Best 6x9 Car Speakers Reviews In The Market For 2017

1. Rockford Fosgate R169X3 Prime 6 x 9 Inch 3-Way Full-Range Coaxial Speaker Review


The speaker has a cone made of vacuum polypropylene, rubber, and silk dome pole Piezo tweeter, middle range and basket that’s been mounted on it. With integrated tweezer crossover, hardware and grills for mounting are already included. The dimensions are 16.5 x 11.5 x 5” and the weight is 6.6 pounds. The warranty of the item is available in a PDF file found on the site.


  • The sound is amazing because even my friend who is partially deaf say that the sound is impressive
  • For the price I paid, it has very good performance and them what they are supposed to do
  • The speakers arrived at my doorstep without any form of damage and everything is complete
  • The lining of the rubber speaker is tough and assures me that it can handle a lot of bass and OEM paper
  • The box had a lot of wire connections that are already in their right places
  • These perform impressively with close to nothing distortion and an awesome bass range
  • Installation was not a problem for me – very easy


  • The bass is not as strong as I want it to be

I can say that the sound is very impressive even if it lacks a little on the bass. Overall, it is still a good choice, especially for the price I paid for.

2. JBL GTO938 6 x 9-Inch 3-Way Loudspeaker Review


The peak of the pair is 600 watts which are 300 watts in each speaker RMS: 200 Watts for each pair / 100 watts for every frequency and response is 45-21,000 Hertz and 2 ohms sensitivity with 94 dB. The speaker includes the top technology of JBL and + 1 woofer cone has a bigger surface area compared to what is in other models that are sized the same.

There are My-Ti tweeters that offer more power handling, lesser distortion and more efficiency. These speakers can be mounted in any brand of head unit. The dimensions are 10 x 9 x 10” and the weight is 4.4 pounds.


  • Produces a perfect and clear sound
  • These speakers are packed with a lot of bass without amps and a good replacement for front car speakers
  • Fits perfectly in almost any car
  • These are priced great and I can say that it is a good deal for the quality of the sound you get
  • When I ordered them, they shipped really fast and without any damage
  • Gives me a well-rounded sound when I listen to music in my car anytime


  • The only thing I don’t like about these speakers is that the highs are not that great, but sound is very crisp and clear

I love the versatility of these speakers because they can be used in any vehicle and the price is good for the quality I got.

3. Pioneer TS-A6986R A-Series 6" X 9" 600W 4-Way Speakers Review


The 4-way speakers are great for everything you need that come with a maximum of 600 watts and nominal is 100 watts. There are a soft-dome tweeter and wave guide for a better sound. The product dimensions are 14.4 x 11.2 x 5.5” and the item weight is 2 pounds.

The speakers have improved bass and several ranges, with high-power handling and an updated cosmetic design. These speakers are perfect for replacing factory installed ones to improve the sound quality.


  • I can say that these speakers are definitely a lot better than the factory installed ones
  • The price is great, especially for the quality of the sound it produces because I am not complaining
  • The sound is very accurate and if they are paired with a balanced system, the results are great
  • The bass has more punch and I love the sound they produce, especially after the break-in period
  • I don’t plan to break my eardrums with a great system, so it is perfect for my needs
  • There are nice crisp and highs and this is exactly what I paid for
  • They produce sound without any distortion


  • The only thing I don’t like about these speakers is that it takes time for them to break in. It took me about 3 weeks, but after that, the sound is flawless

The price I paid for these speakers is not bad and the sound quality is something I am not complaining about. Another product you should consider.

4. Polk Audio DB691 6-by-9-Inch 3-Way Speakers (Pair, Silver) Review


These 6 x 9” 3-way speakers are equipped with polymer and mica cone that has a rubber surround. The maximum available power is 125 watts RMS, with 4 ohms, and efficiency of 93 dB. It is equipped with an inch of silk-polymer.

There is a dome tweeter composite and also a neodymium magnet. The speakers are durable rubber surround that can withstand extreme temperatures, time and sunlight. The dimensions are 8 x 14.5 x 8” and the weight is 5 pounds.


  • These are the only speakers that have removable covers so they can be painted to match my preference
  • The volume can be cranked up without any form of distortion and can be installed in the car or bike
  • Compared to the infinity, these have 4 ohms
  • I would like to buy another set of these for my 2nd car
  • The price is awesome for the quality I get
  • They can hold up excellent elements and if you like to play loud music, these are you
  • The old speakers I had were producing sound 10 times less that this
  • Items ships fast and came right away without any damage. It was easy installation for me as well


  • The amps can get hot sometimes, but not always

If you love to play loud music, these are ideal for you. You can install these in your motorcycle as well and other vehicles without any problems. The price is also very good for this product

5. Hertz Audio HCX 690 (HCX690) Hi-Energy 6"x9" 3-Way Coaxial Speakers Review


These speakers have power-handling and the peak is 260 W with a continuous W 130 impedance. 4 frequency response Hz 32 by 23k sensitivity dB SPL 94 woofer. The product dimensions are 20.2 x 12.7 x 6.4” and the weight is 12.8 pounds. The warranty information is available in a PDF file. Speakers for the loud music lover.


  • These speakers can handle high amps without overdoing it
  • The sounds produced are clear and powerful
  • If you love loud music, you don’t have to look anywhere else because these speakers are what you need
  • Installing them was not hard even if they are a bit heavy, but that is okay
  • I am not complaining about the price I paid for because I did not go wrong with these
  • Even they can be really loud, the sound did not show any form of distortion
  • Speakers are awesome quality so do not work about the weight


  • I find them a little on the heavy side, but that is understandable because of the loudness it gives

These speakers are for serious music tripping because they are really loud, but your ear drums will not break because the sound is clear and crisp. The speakers are really a big upgrade compared to the factory installed ones. I recommend this product to those who seriously love loud music.

After reading the top 5 6x9 speakers out there, you are now ready to decide. And believe me, you will not be disheartened if you choose any of them. It does not matter what car you own because they are all compatible with any model or brand. You will love the speakers when going on long drives, relaxing in your car and simply for entertainment. They are all not overpriced and ships fast without any trouble. Installation is not a big problem since they can easily be mounted on your car. These are the best in the market and you will not regret any of them.

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