Top 10 Rules You Need To Know About Racing

Have you ever been in awe of the car racing stunts in the Fast and the Furious? Have you ever wanted to try them yourself? Well, maybe racing is the perfect job for you. Race car driving is one of the most exhilarating experiences a person can have, as attested by many professional racers. Imagine yourself driving at optimum speeds, leaving your cares and troubles behind you, and just feeling in control of the wheel. This is one of the best reasons why many people turn to car racing, whether for fun or for sport.

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If you’ve seen car races on TV or in person, you would see exactly why this sport is so popular. There is nothing like the excitement that fills the crowd when drivers compete to surpass each others’ speeds and outwit each others’ tactics. So if you want to be a race car driver yourself, you must be willing to do everything in your power to hone the necessary skills, be in the right mindset, and get the essential gear to start your training. Lucky for you, we have the answers you are looking for. Here are the top 10 rules you need to know about race car training:

Rule#1: Dedicate Yourself

The incredible experience of car racing is definitely one that suits people who like adventure and of course, fast cars. Some people may think that this sport is all about expensive cars and driving fast. However, contrary to what many people think, racing is actually a dangerous and difficult sport that needs a lot of dedication and commitment to be good at it. Professional race car drivers have worked their butts off to get to where they are today, especially in this very competitive sport.

One important thing that can help you become a great racer is by learning how to drive early on in your life. Kids usually start out through go-karts. Many professionals have also said that this is necessary to improve your driving skills. There is nothing like time and experience to hone you for your future career in racing. Of course, it must also be noted that regular driving is different from racing, but the basics are essentially there.

When it comes to actual training for this sport, it is said that many Formula 1 racers start training by the age of 14. This is probably because Formula 1 is the most prestigious class of auto racing, and only has 26 slots in the world. Now, this could be different for some people, especially since most teenagers haven’t figured out what they want to do with their lives at that age. However, if you do start training later in your life, there are also other outlets for racing apart from Formula 1. It all really depends on your skills.

You can also enroll yourself in a professional racing school such as Skip Barber Racing School. Here, you can surround yourself with people who can teach you all the ins and outs of the industry. You can also participate in the school’s races to get yourself out there.

Rule#2: Know Everything You Can About Race Cars

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People who want to get into racing must first and foremost have the right tools, and they should start with a good race car. There is no denying that race cars are beautiful and luxurious, but they are also extremely expensive. If you are really determined to do this, you must be willing to spend a lot of money on one. Now, don’t get too scared because more often than not, if you have the right skills, you will have sponsors to help shoulder the expenses of racing, including your car.

Now, if you already have a car that you can train on, you must not only learn how to drive it, but you must also understand how it works. You should understand the inside and outside of your race car. Knowing even the basics such as troubleshooting minor auto problems can help a lot when you’re in the industry. The more you understand your car, the more you can strategize on how to maximize it while racing.

Rule#3: Wear the Right Gear

During training, it’s okay if you stick to the essentials of racing gear. You don’t need to purchase all the high-quality gear in the market just yet. The basic gear include: a helmet, racing gloves, a racing suit, and racing shoes.

Rule#4: Know the Game

It is important to know the ins and outs of racing. This includes the moves and rules that drivers abide by. One of the moves is the one-move rule which involves two drivers battling a straight. Here, a driver is allowed to make a move in one direction. The size and speed of this move depends on the driver. A trick that drivers use to bend the one-move rule is by doing a second move when turning a corner. This can be argued as part of the driver’s racing line. Another move is called the switch-back move, which is a trick in overtaking a defensive driver in the inside line of the apex. The overtaking driver can accelerate at the outside line of the apex which makes his exit faster than the defensive driver’s. The defensive driver can prevent being overtaken by slowing down at the apex to block the overtaking driver’s path.

One rule is that when drivers are racing alongside each other, each driver must respect the other driver’s space. This avoids incidents such as collisions.

Next rule states that drivers are not allowed to make sudden changes in direction when near or at the breaking zone. A rule against break-testing, which is where a driver brakes earlier than normal to slowdown the car behind him, is not explicitly stated, but is frowned upon.

Rule#5: Safety First

All sports come with their own hazards, and racing is definitely one that comes with a lot. Exposing yourself to extremely fast driving speeds is a really dangerous thing, so you must always take the necessary precautions. You can wear extra safety gear, add additional safety features to your race car, or even strategize on how to drive fast without hurting yourself.

Rule#6: Apply What You Have Learned

After learning everything you can about the ins and outs of racing, you must practice them yourself at your own pace. It is important to continuously push yourself to ensure that your level of training is always improving. This is the only way to make it to the big leagues. Remember: auto racing is a very small and competitive industry.

Rule#7: Play Your Cards Right

In the sport of auto racing, you must realize that being a skilled racer is not enough to keep yourself in the tracks. You must also know how to deal with the people in the industry, and to network your way around them. First, you must always have a business card to make yourself known to the relevant people in the industry. Second, you must know the business well. You should know how to market yourself to help build your reputation among sponsors and the higher-ups. It is always present yourself well to sponsors because racing is undoubtedly an expensive sport.

Rule#8: Be the Entire Package

Once you make it to the pros, you will realize how fast your career can improve with the right moves. However, it can also be that fast for your career to drop if you make a mistake. With this, you should always be thinking hard about your career moves. Always plan the next stage of your career in order to get to where you want to be. You should keep in mind that auto racing is sport also driven by reputation. You should know how to create your brand and gain a following. You can do this through sponsorships, social media, interviews, etc.

Rule#9: Start Small

Like most people who have had success, you must also learn to slowly work your way up to your goals. Don’t expect for opportunities to be handed to you right after training or racing school. You can start by competing in small races. The more you practice, the more you will understand your strengths and weaknesses as a racer. This can prepare you to improve yourself for the big leagues. Think of it as more training for your future career.

Rule#10: Do Something Different

Today, there are so many skilled aspiring racers that it can be hard to set yourself apart from them. Know yourself as a driver and use this to make yourself stand out. You could even make your own signature move in racing to make people remember you. Whatever it is you do, make sure it is something that you are comfortable in doing.

These are just some of the rules you can take note of when training to be a race car driver. Remember than knowledge is important to prepare yourself for this industry. Who knows, maybe one day you could be the next race car driver to make history?

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