Best RV Cover Reviews (Update November 2023)

If you have an RV, there is a possibility that you really do not use it every day and there are times when you need to store the vehicle because you are not going to drive it soon enough. When you are storing your RV, regardless if it is in the driveway or storage facility in your home, you should always have an RV cover. If it is left uncovered, there are forces of nature that may cause damage which might lead to expensive repairs and wear and tear.

The aesthetics can also be damaged and that is why you need to buy a cover for it. Before you buy anything, it is important to find out what you must look for when buying an RV cover. There are certain factors that are crucial and must be followed to avoid buying the wrong one. RVs are not a cheap investment which is why you need to provide the protection it requires to save you from costly damages.

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What you must consider when buying an RV cover

1. The type

This is going to help you narrow down the choices of the RV because there are several types of RV and the cover needed for class A motorhomes are not the same as the one for campers, trucks, and other models. To provide protection for the vehicle, you should only consider covers that will suit your RV’s style.

2. The sizing

One of the most important things to recall when picking the correct size of the RV covers for the trailer is the size. You can measure the RV on your own because it is not always advisable to rely on the model number and what the manufacturer specs are saying. The correct measurement may shift from the spec and it can be measured bumper to bumper using the tape you have at home.

Another consideration about the sizing is the semi-customized cover that has different ranges in sizes like 30-33. If you have the maximum size that was recommended, it is advised to add a size up. You can always use straps tighten the cover, but if it is too small, you will not be able to use it entirely.

3. The material


The covers for RV storage can be made using different materials and treated using several products so they become stronger and their weather resistance increases. You will see that there is polypropylene, woven, unwoven, polyester, waterproof, and a lot more. In addition to this, manufacturers most of the time use their lingo for different technologies so they can come up with the necessary composites and this can make things confusing.

The main thing here is to have the correct material properties in an RV cover that are strong enough for the weather and easy enough to hold. In order to have this, look for fabrics that are lightweight and breathable on the sides and waterproof fabric on top which has a heavier weight. This gives the balance of weather-proofing, material weight, and ventilation so the RV stays dry and has good protection.

4. Heat resistance


You need to buy an RV cover that can provide complete protection for your RV against UV rays and the summer’s extreme heat. If you want protection for a short span of time, you can go for the slip-on dust covers, but they do not last long and will become shreds after a while. This cover is not able to handle extreme temperatures so the one-ply sided or three-ply covers for the top say they can protect the RV against any climate, but they cannot really handle extreme heat.

Make sure that when you buy an RV cover, it can survive under the sun’s rays because you do not want to replace the cover too early. This might cost more for you because you would have to buy an RV cover more often than needed. You RV needs the best type of protection which is why you need to make sure that the cover has been tried and tested.

RV Cover Reviews

1. Camco 45760 6'-8' ULTRAGuard Pop-Up Camper Cover


This cover is the ideal to be used when you are in a snowy region where it is cold and slippery. The SFS top panel beads water have 3 layers when it is touched so you are assured that it has great snow and rainfall resistance. The sides are incorporated with tough polypropylene material so it is adjustable great straps. The cover is for 6’ – 8’ pop-up type campers that has a measurement of 46 x 87” and the vented flaps will decrease the moisture and wind lofting inside. The dimensions of the cover are 19 x 11.3x 13” and it is 8 pounds.


  • My favorite thing about this RV cover are the zippers because they are heavy duty
  • It can withstand the cruel weather during the winter and I can say that the RV is well-protected
  • The cover does not have any damage or tears even after the winter so I know that my purchase was worth it
  • The cover will last more than 2 years even if you leave it on the RV even under extreme weather
  • It snugs on my RV just fine and I can say that it is nicely made and putting it on was no trouble for me
  • I can get in and out of the RV without having to remove the cover because of the zippers
  • The cover arrived on time and exactly how it is supposed to be according to the advertisement


  • It is a little large for most RVs but the design is excellent and I have no other complains about it


This cover can be bought for Class A, B, and C campers as long as it fits the size and it is specially made durable for tough weather conditions so you are assured of protection. When you buy this cover, you can use it numerous times and expect that it will last for years. The good thing about it is that if you decide to change your camper, no matter what class it is, the cover will be useful to you. This is why the size is quite large but it is adjustable so you won’t have a problem reusing it for other campers or buy more than one.

2. ADCO 52206 Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed Class A RV Cover


The length is 34’1 – 37” (37 x 106 x 120”) which is made for protecting all motorhomes that are Class A with the designer series of ADCO SFS RV cover (AquaShed). This cover is meant for climates with moderate intensity that have a lot of moisture in the air. There is 3 layers SFS AquaShed panel on the top and it was designed with 3 layers of polypropylene sides that have a modern ADCO design. The product dimensions are 24.7 x 24.7 x 19.9” and the weight is 19.9 pounds.


  • Even if it indicated that it is meant for climates with moderate intensity, this RV cover was able to survive through the winter so it is actually a lot more resistant
  • It has more straps than other RV covers and the ventilation is able to hold the RV cover in place even if it is windy
  • A hurricane came and I was shocked that the cover did not come of at all so I can say that it stays well in place
  • The cover looks great and it does give protection the RV needs to last against the harsh forces of nature
  • The tie downs can be adjusted so it fits well on your RV


  • Everything was not included when I received the delivery, but they sent the rest right away in no time

This is one of the toughest RV covers available today and if you live in an area where hurricane is common, you can rely on this one.

3. Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro 3 Deluxe Class B RV Cover


This is a class B Motorhome Cover that can fit 20’ – 23’ long and the maximum is 117” that comes from the ground all the way to the roof. The RV Accessories can be adjusted at the front and back tension. There are panels and stretchable hem corners for a custom fit and the vent system is mixed with a quick drying PolyPRO so wind strength is reduced when it hits the cover. The 3-ply cover gets rid of the snow, dirt, rain, scratches, and nicks to give protection for any season. The rope attachment system has a toss bag to help lessen under the RV crawling. The product dimensions are 276 x 85 x 96” and the weight is 14 pounds.


  • I like the design of this cover because it looks great and keeps the rain and snow out
  • When I was installing the cover, I did not have a hard time and I was able to do it quickly
  • Since it is light weight, putting it on and off is really simple and there are zippers that allow access to the RV without having to remove the cover
  • When I read the description online and compared it to what I got, they are the same
  • It survived the winter just fine so I am sure that it will be good for other seasons as well


  • It’s a little bit long for my RV, but I was able to make it fit like a glove so I am able to use it properly now

I recommend this product to anyone because it can survive through any season.

4. Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPRO 3 Deluxe Class C RV Cover


This is a Class C Motorhome cover that can easily fit into 29’ – 32’ long and a maximum of 122” coming from the ground all the way to the roof. The tensions at the front and rear are adjustable because of the adjustable panels and the material is a mixture of quick-drying PolyPro 1 for less moisture and wind stress.

The RV cover comes with access panels for the RV doors and where the engine is. There is a cover warranty of 3 years. Cover and ladder caps are already covered under warranty. The product dimensions are 399.8 x 105 x 108” and the weight is 29 pounds.


  • I am happy with this product especially the top part because it reflects the heat and the sun properly
  • I have been using this cover for more than a year now and I can say that it is certainly durable
  • They offer free delivery and the product came on time which is perfect because I did not have to worry about storing my RV soon
  • The tie downs are made of nylon so they are easier to manage compared to ropes so that’s another thing I love about it
  • The design looks great on my vehicle so I can say that it is worth buying


  • They need to change the zippers to more durable ones because I think they will not last long, but the rest of the cover is perfect

You should buy this cover if you need one for a Class C motorhome because you will not go wrong.

5. ADCO 52245 Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed Travel Trailer RV Cover


This cover will provide protection for travel trailers that have the ADCO Designer series and it is an SFS AquaShed RV Cover. You can use for climates that are moderate and high moisture. There are 3 layers SFS AquaShed panel at the top and 3 layers design with polypropylene sides that have a modern design. This cover lessens the early aging of RVs and helps in keeping a good resale value. The product dimensions are 25 x 1 x 1” and the weight is 25 pounds.


  • This cover seems to have durable material and I think it will last long even during winter
  • The shipping was quick and it arrived at my doorstep 2 days after I ordered it online
  • It is a cover that fits my camper perfectly and I did not have to do any minor adjustments
  • Putting it on and off the camper is easy and installation was quick
  • The design of the cover looks sharp, beautiful, classy and durable
  • The cover is exactly like what you see in the advertisement and even the measurements are not a lie


  • There was a small tear after 2 winters so they need to add extra durability to the material

This is a cover that is perfect for your travel trailer and I recommend it to anyone who wants to have a cover that is easy to install and will look great on the vehicle.

6. ADCO 52255 Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed 5th Wheel RV Cover


The length of this one is 31’1” – 34’ (414 x 108 x 126”) which is perfect for guarding your 5th wheel against harmful elements of nature and the 3-layer AquaShed panel on the top has beads water contact. There are 2 tones with polypropylene sides to guarantee breathability while it removes any mold or mildew from the cover. There is maximum resistance against any type of rainfall and level of humidity. The product dimensions are 23.9 x 23.3 x 18.9” and the weight is 18.9 pounds.


  • It can survive the winter no matter how bad it is because I have seen cover do just that
  • I admire how this cover looks because it is classy and very nice
  • The cover can repel water so I never have a problem with water entering the trailer
  • I like the zippers because I can access the RV even if I do not take the whole cover off
  • There are a lot of strap anchor points so they are easy to tie down and keep the cover in its place


  • The material is soft but I wish it were thicker

It is a good one for what you pay for and will not disappoint.

7. Classic Accessories 74403 Polypropylene Tent Trailer Cover


It is a light but strong PolyPro 1 RV Cover for the perfect protection and it is very strong. The PolyPro fabric has only 1 layer that is able to repel water and gives protection against dirt or scratches. The tight fit is because of the stretchable bottom corners. It decreases the buildup of mold and mildew. The tie down rope and storage bag already comes with the product. The dimensions are 9.5 x 9.5 x 9.5” and the weight is 7 pounds.


  • Great cover to keep your RV clean
  • The price is reasonable and you get a good protection for the trailer
  • The storage bag allows me to store it easily


  • They need to make it more waterproof because a small amount of water entered my trailer

It is overall a great cover to have and I would buy this again if needed.

Remember to follow the tips given in this post and choose from the products listed above so you will have the best RV cover. All of them have been tried and tested to give the best all-weather protection for your RV.

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