RV Toy Hauler: A Complete Guide You Need to Know

Upon reading this post, you will be provided with essential facts regarding RV toy hauler along with top options you can choose from. Since there are vast options available today, it could be challenging to purchase one without being knowledgeable about what you are precisely looking for. So, read throughout this post and learn more!


Have you ever thought how great it is to own an RV toy hauler? Well, you should know that owning one could lead to great benefits. However, we cannot also deny the fact that buying one isn’t as easy as buying your favorite food. Preferably, there are important considerations to bear in mind.

You shouldn’t take things for granted once out for shopping the best toy hauler. It is best that you should consider the crucial factors before paying for a particular pick. Continue reading for you be guided accordingly!

Product Comparison Table

For a hint of the top products available today, consider this table:

What is a Toy Hauler?

Toy hauler is an RV with a dedicated garage space intended for carrying outdoor recreation toys such as canoes, dirt bikes, kayaks, ATVs and mountain bikes. It is an excellent choice to eliminate the need for an extra trailer or rack and make packing for an RV trip a lot more efficient.


Can you imagine how fantastic it is to own a toy hauler?

Besides, toy haulers come in all sizes and shapes which include Class C and Class A motorhomes, compact travel trailers and spacious fifth wheels.

In most cases, they will feature a central living area, a kitchen and a bed along with a garage space that converts into a sitting room having fold-down couches. Some larger models include a fixed living room along with additional storage space behind the door. On the other hand, the smaller ones could consider a flip-down bed in the garage than the couches.

And the back part of the toy hauler will open up serving as the ramp for loading the equipment or on some models it could be raised up to create an open-air porch.

Unique Features of a Toy Hauler

Here are some of the critical features of a toy hauler:


Knowing that the cargo which is found in a toy hauler is intended for off-road, it must also be built to deal with bumpy road, remote camping, and washes. The ground clearance is as well a big plus to keep from scraping and bottoming out the ground.

The cabinets must be built more durable in order to withstand the bumps, and the axles and chassis should be rated a lot higher to deal with the possible thousands of pounds of cargo it might be carrying. 


Indeed, weight is a key matter if you will consider the gear inside this RV which could exceed several thousand pounds. With that, there is a need to consider not only the dry weight of the trailer but also the numbers of toys that owners will take along to tow the trailer a lot safer. Plus, the creature comforts which have been added to the trailer like the queen beds, refrigerator, a microwave and more. 

Taller and Wider Dimensions

A toy hauler is also referred to as a Cargo Trailer, and there is a need to have a lot of open space. This will push the maximum width allowed on most public roads at eight by 6 inches, and the ceilings of 8’ taller are very common. Most people who don’t have toys would consider the open feeling over the closed-in travel trailer.

Collapsible Furniture

Couches, rear beds, and tables in the rear would either fold up against the wall or will disappear into the ceiling to create more cargo space for the toys. The larger models might have double bunk beds in the rear on the electrical-powered chain-driven track system that pushes both beds into the elevated ceiling. 


Those campers who want to take their toys away from the paved roads usually don’t have the luxury of the full hookups, so there is a need to pack in all the water needed for the entire vacation. With that, toy haulers must provide larger freshwater tanks on board. There are also built-in generators to offer power for microwaves, air conditioners and some other appliances. 

Who Uses a Toy Hauler?

Are you wondering if a toy hauler is a right choice for you? Who do you think should use this kind of unit? Take a look below and determine whether you belong to those who can best use a toy hauler:

Outdoor Recreation Lovers

If you love to ride the trails on the ATV or you want to fish on a quiet lake in the canoe, you might need a toy hauler for your trip. Having a kitchen and bed, you can set up a camp closer to the destination and could spend more time enjoying outdoor activities.


A toy hauler will indeed help those motorcyclists to take their beloved bikes with them on all the adventures. Imagine zipping away from the campsite in order to explore the surrounding area with the wind at your face.


Motorsports Enthusiasts

If you are into competing in motorsports, a toy hauler will provide a mobile base of operations for your necessities. You can pack, store and transport the equipment conveniently and you will have a space to wash up, refresh and cook a meal after the competition.


Those tailgaters could make the ultimate party headquarters with this unit which features an open-air patio. The garage will offer ample room to pack all the game day essentials such as monster grill and the homemade props. The patio would give extra space to celebrate with the team at the stadium.

You will definitely need a toy hauler if you belong to the above-mentioned categories.

Reasons Why Buying A Toy Hauler Is A Great Investment

Consider the following reasons why purchasing a toy hauler is indeed a wise investment:


You shouldn’t worry about having to separately tow or secure the toys if you have a toy hauler. You just load the dirt bike, ATV or other toys in the garage space, tie them down for security and hit the road. This will protect them from flying rocks, dirt, or rain as you travel and a very convenient option for you. 


Toy haulers offer more than enough space to be utilized as a portable workspace, art studio or playroom. It could be used in creating and showcasing work if you enjoy woodworking and creating beautiful paintings.


If you have toy haulers, there is a need not to worry about having space which will meet your needs. If you are looking for space to relax, planning to take your hobbies on the road, or you only plan to make the RV a multi-use unit, toy haulers will be a great option to consider.


This is considered as one of the biggest advantages of having a toy hauler wherein you will get extra space for sleeping and storage. Based on the floor plan, you can purchase many boast lofts in the garage, half bathrooms and washer dryer prep.

Benefits and Drawbacks


Since I have always mentioned that you are going to reap great benefits out of having a toy hauler, some of these benefits are as follow:


Above all, toy haulers are incredibly versatile. Once you need a spacious and comfortable RV for a family camping trip, you can always count on it. If you are a professional who is in need of some utility space for gear and tools and comfortable lodging, a toy hauler is an excellent choice.

The RV will be equally well-suited once heading to mountains to hit the snow on the snowmobile like how it would ride to the beach to hit the dunes on the quad. Because they could be towed with various kinds of hitches, you actually don’t need to worry about buying a new tow vehicle or a hitch assembly.

Utilize the bay for More Than Just Hauling

The bay of a toy hauler isn’t just about carrying dirt bikes and quads. Since there is an extra hauling space, it could be useful for many reasons. Those people having specialist careers which require them to travel with many tools could use the bay as the storage of the gear. 

There are some models with a rear ramp door that could be propped up in order to make an outdoor patio. Those expert hunters or fishers could use the extra area in storing gear and hauling back game. 

And once you are in an RV park having narrow lots, this would offer prime outdoor seating without needing to encroach on the space of your neighbor. 

Excellent Option for Serious Power Sports Enthusiasts

Another main advantage of a toy hauler is that it renders a unique rear cargo bay ideal for hauling power sports vehicles. Well, this feature will make toy haulers perfect for professional motocross as well as ATV riders.

However, it is as well great for hunters who are using ATV to cover more ground or for those who use snowmobiles who want to spend some extra time out on the riding trails. You cannot only pack the toy at the back, but you will also get an easy to clean and heated garage to work on them once you need some repairs.

Made for Wide Variety of Prices

Indeed, toy haulers are a perfect choice for a wide variety of budgets. Many manufacturers are making RVs at different price levels. There are some that are a lot larger and more equipped with multiple beds as well as a space for numerous power sports vehicles.


Some other models offer more spartan and are ideal for a person or two who want to spend a lot of time on the road. Only find the best model and manufacturer for your needs.

Available in Fifth Wheels and Travel Trailers

Most manufacturers would make both travel trailer and fifth wheel models. The fifth wheel models could only be towed by flatbed or pickup trucks which are equipped with a fifth wheel hitch. And this could be an advantage once you already have one of the trucks since fifth wheels are a lot more stable once towing.

On the other hand, bumper pull trailers could be towed with numbers of vehicles such as SUVs, pickups, vans and more.

Those are the benefits out of having your RV toy hauler.


Good to know that there are vast benefits when you have a toy hauler. Nevertheless, you should also be wary about the cons or disadvantages of having one.

We all know that toy haulers are quite large, and this would mean that they are a bit limited as far as where they could go. In fact, they might not be suitable for camping off the beaten path. But, so long as you would be sticking to well-marked roads and you are staying in campgrounds, there would be no problem at all.

Also, because they are large, they might as well need for you to have a reliable truck to tow with. Besides, the large size of this unit does nothing good for the gas mileage. But the mileage should not be any worse once you were to tow another bumper pull or fifth-wheel.

Again, as discussed earlier, toy haulers render a significant amount of open space which is perfect for large items and making room for extra people too. But, the garage section of the trailer tends to lack insulation that you might find in some other RVs, so this means they could get a bit hot or new in such extreme temp. 

In general, there are only a few drawbacks when it comes to having a toy hauler compared to wide numbers of benefits that you can experience. So, I think, purchasing the best one is a wise choice!

What Fits in a Toy Hauler?

Toy hauler RV offers the chance of traveling with outdoor toys. But the key to accurately know what could fit into the said unit is though having the correct measurements of both the toy hauler and the cargo at the same time understanding how to load everything in to maximize the storage space. 

Garage Size

Of course, the first thing that we should consider is the size of the garage. Typically, the interior width is 7.5 to 8’ wide and it will not vary much from a certain rig to another. The one that might vary is the length of the garage. Most toy haulers will come with garages which range in length from 7 to 18’. However, most are in between 10 to 14 feet in length.

Once you know the size of the cargo that you plan to haul, you have to choose the length of the new toy hauler accordingly. Or once you already own a unit, you can simply use the length of the garage to determine the types of toys that you could fit inside.

So, here are the most common toys which are being loaded into toy haulers along with their corresponding measurements:

Side by Sides

These are considered to be the biggest toys we might encounter in a toy hauler on a consistent basis. They could vary in length in most cases based on how many seats they have. For a smaller one, 2-seat side by side is usually going to be around 10’ long and might weigh almost 1300 pounds. 

And the larger ones could be around 12.5’ long and 1275 pounds. However, most models are about 5’ wide and 6.5’ tall.


ATVs are famous as recreation toys, and they might come in different sizes. The kid-sized ATVs would measure around 5’ long, 3’ tall and 3’ wide. And these also weigh at about 250 pounds. Those bigger utility ATVs might be around 8’ long, 3.5’ tall and 4’ wide. And they could weight at about 820 pounds.


Dune Buggies

These are popular around the Great Lakes region or in the ocean wherein dunes are almost everywhere to play on. The small and one-seat dune buggies are at about 3.5’ tall, 2.5’ wide and 4.5’ long. They would usually weigh about 175 pounds.

The larger options which hold more passengers could be as big as 6.5’ tall, 6.5’ wide and 14’ long which weighs approximately 1500 pounds.


Indeed, toy haulers are ideal once planning to carry snowmobiles if the temperature has dropped and the snow begins to fly. A youth-sized and small snowmobile is around 2.5’ tall, 3’ wide and 6’ long. It could weigh approximately 150 pounds.


However, the full-sized ones are about 500 pounds and 4.25’ tall, 4’ wide and 11.5’ long.

Motorized Bikes

You can definitely use toy haulers in transporting motorcycles and dirt bikes. Dirt bikes for kids could be as small as 3’ wide and 5.5’ long at the handlebars and 3.25’ tall. The usual weight could be around 160 pounds.

Motorcycles could be a bit larger particularly those with sidecar. They could measure 8.25’ wide, 8.75’ long and 5’ tall. The big motorcycles can weigh a whopping 900 pounds too.

Be guided by the measurements of the toys that could fit inside a toy hauler. You will indeed be amazed at the fact that you can almost take everything with you!

Things to Consider When Buying One

Once in the market to buy a toy hauler, you might be too excited to pick the right one that will meet your needs and standards as well. Whether you are looking for one since it renders plenty of space or you want one that will allow you to bring your toys as you go on a vacation, you can always have options to choose from.

So, once buying the said unit, it is essential to consider specific factors which play a crucial role in how the RV will function for you. Some of these factors are the following:

Garage Size

Most garage sizes would range between small and large. They are being measured by length in feet. Once you have many toys, then you also want a large garage. Nevertheless, once you are planning on using the garage in order to store a dirt bike or two, then a small garage will do.

There is a need to look for units which don’t have wheel wells that might take up space. 


Most of the garages will also offer sleeping space in terms of accommodating kids or guests. Once planning to invite guests, you might want to ensure that the toy hauler has a bed in the garage and a loft once possible.

This loft will provide an extra space without having to consume floor space and will offer privacy to kids and guests.


One of the advantages of having your toy hauler is that you could have a lot of options. Most RVs would only come with a bathroom, but the toy haulers could sometimes offer you the chance to have added a half bathroom in the garage.

Once you got only half a family, you could need an extra bathroom. On the other hand, large groups would appreciate the rendered extra shower, so they won’t have to wait in line. And as a bonus, this additional bathroom will keep the dirt inside the RV.

Indeed, choosing the right product for your needs take both time and consideration. You have to think about how you really plan to use the toy hauler and the things that you want to do. It will help in ensuring that you are making the right decision for your needs.

Top 10 Toy Haulers: Reviewed!

Of course, aside from giving you essential information regarding RV toy hauler, it is best that I should also offer you some options of the unit that you can choose from. For details and reviews, continue reading below!

1. Keystone Raptor – Best Luxury, Comfortable Interior Product for the Value


Why do we recommend the Keystone Raptor? Simply because there are lots of adventures you need to explore in this great world, and this best fifth wheel toy hauler will help you achieve it. A sophisticated interior, numerous slides, and multiple sleeping options and areas – name it – and this hauler would never disappoint you!

This model doesn't only contain all of the contemporary conveniences, but also additional accessories such as the IN-Command system to help control different RV functions, LED-infused countertops and lounging furniture with massage and heat. It features double welded aluminum built and is equipped with rear LED lights, big tinted windows, and G-rated durable radial tires.

However, there are some parts or furniture that may not function properly.


  • Comes in 12-floor plans
  • Has comfortable carpeted bedroom for added style and warmth
  • Includes hardwood cabinetry for a functional and elegant look 
  • Features 35,000 BTU furnace for a lot of air and hot water
  • The recessed shower allows for a cozy comfort and space conservation
  • Includes an onboard fuel station so you can power your toys


  • Some furniture or parts do not function properly

2. Coachmen RV Freedom Express Blast – Best Quality Product for Hauling Four Wheelers and Mini-Bikes


Another best toy hauler on the list, the Freedom Express Blast by Coachmen RV is really a good investment any adventurers may want to consider.

Whether it is hauling four wheelers or some mini-bikes, this toy hauler is relatively easy to tow and can haul by most SUVs. Currently, it is available in two convenient floor plans – each seat tech tested and green certified. With the hauler's smooth fiberglass exterior skin, hinge mounted spring assist ramp door system, aluminum framed vacuum-bonded laminated sidewalls, and the enclosed and heated underbelly, years of enjoyment are highly guaranteed

If you're planning to buy Freedom Express Blast, you need to prepare yourself for some work. For instance, some systems do not properly work as expected.


  • Well-built
  • Comes in two floorplans
  • Seal Tech
  • Green certified
  • Ideal for hauling 4-wheelers and mini bikes


  • Some "hidden" work

3. Lance Camper Lance TH 2612 – Best Durable Product for Massive Space


The Lance TH 2612 boasts 12' cargo space, which is huge enough for any 'toys' – be that hunting gear, race bikes, and others – there's still room left over for your riding gears!

Although still new in the market, this toy hauler has been continuously gaining more popularity due to the many amazing features you'll surely don't want to overlook. The standard features contain 40-gallon fuel tank, 100-gallon water tank, designer interior decorations, microwave, rear awnings with LED lighting, electric side, and blue LED accent lighting, among others. Other options include 4K Onan generator, solar panel, ramp door patio railing system, roof rack, automatic tracking satellite dish, and central vacuum.

But, you may find some parts of the toy hauler are not properly installed that could give you a bit headache.


  • Well-built with top-quality materials
  • Stylish interior design
  • Big space
  • Highly comfortable
  • Features cool options like keyless entry and generator
  • Great for transporting race bikes, hunting gear, surfboards, etc.


  • Chances of bathroom fan leaking
  • Some parts are improperly installed

4. Keystone Fuzion – Best Product Reliable for Any Road Trip


Another best 5th wheel toy hauler we have, the Keystone Fuzion is something you wouldn't want to miss having one for your next outdoor tour. A wide-open floor plan, roomy master suite, and multiple slides - this hauler is sure to bring your adventure experience to the higher level.

With a fifth wheel toy hauler like Keystone Fuzion, you have excellent options for your whole family and set of friends. LED TV for the movie enthusiasts, loft beds, and queen size bed that are extremely comfortable, as well as stainless steel cooking appliances and robust surface countertops are just some of the incredible features you'll find in this hauler to ensure you will enjoy every bit of your outdoor travel.

On the bad side, you may encounter some leaking and locking issues.


  • Comes in 14 floor plans with a lot of options
  • Has surrounding LED security lights for a brightened evening
  • Various sky windows to enjoy the great view and surrounding both indoors and outdoors
  • Ducted heating for a comfortable night
  • Features a residential cabinet hardware for a more functional and elegant look


  • Some leaking and locking issues

5. Jayco Seismic – Best Lightweight Product for Maximum Comfort and Value


If you're in the market for a high-quality best toy hauler that can give you utmost comfort and the real value of the money, then I suggest you need the Jayco Seismic.

You can enjoy deluxe living as long as you want because this model is full of real house comforts such as expansive living areas with high-end fixtures. Imagine watching your favorite film or playing your all-time favorite game on the 50-inch LED living room or kicking back on a sofa with heat and massage. 

The Jayco Seismic, however, has some complaints with the breakage of a few appliances.


  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Delivers extreme value and comfort
  • Space for up to eight people
  • Durable garage floor


  • Some issues with the appliances

6. Dutchmen RV Voltage – Best Innovative Product for Most Value and Best Features

Probably one of the most advanced toy haulers out there with the most value and features, the Dutchmen RV Voltage has a garage length that may vary from 10'-18'.

The hauler's convertible area makes it a sought-after model in the market, with the space essential for transporting any outdoor toys as well as for entertaining, sitting, and sleeping. You will be provided with various options if you want to spend more time outdoors, like an optional patio deck where you can comfortably sit, enjoy sharing of ideas, watch movies, play games, or grill under the stars. Up to eight people can sleep here.

But at some point, you may potentially deal with some leak issues.


  • Enough space for 8 people
  • The floorplan comes with 3 slides
  • Convertible garage area
  • Has a 96-gallon gray water capacity, 48-gallon black water capacity, and 160-gallon fresh water tank
  • Spend more time outdoors


  • A few leak problems

7. Heartland Cyclone – Best Livability Product for A Luxurious and Adventurous Vacation


Heads up trippers who love luxurious and adventurous vacation, make your entire ride a lot comfortable and fun with Heartland Cyclone! It comes with various slide outs for extra space so that you can enjoy an indoor meal and so much more!

Also one of the best fifth wheel toy haulers available in the market, the Heartland Cyclone features a welded tubular aluminum built, one-piece walk-on EPDM roof, correct track alignment system, and 12-inch beam powder coated steel frame, to name a few. Your 'toys' are fully secured since the hauler offers ultralight ramp door and steel D-ring tie downs.

With all the excellent features, I found this model poor in workmanship and quality control. 


  • Available in four floor plans
  • The double entry doors allow for added privacy and easy access
  • Has a large master suite with more room
  • Makes your shower more enjoyable with shower skylight
  • Features a full entertainment system with 2 televisions
  • Has a tankless steel furnishings for easy clean up every after cooking


  • Poor quality control
  • Poor workmanship

8. Keystone RV Outback – Best Lightweight Product for Versatility


This toy hauler travel trailer boasts a versatile and unique front cargo area along with side loading ramp for carrying quads, motorcycles, and golf carts. What's more, the space might be used for pets, as a bunk room for little ones, or storing huge items such as paddle board.

Take your RVing to the next level with this incredible best toy hauler! It is available in 12 floorplans you can choose from – with huge and compact models to assure you will perfectly find the camper suited to your budgetary needs as well as to your family's needs. From the powder coated l-beam, tapered trusses, and leaf spring leveling suspension system to the heated enclosed underbelly, you will definitely enjoy this model for many years to come.

Though, you may get disappointment from the fit and finish of this model.


  • Available in 12 floorplans 
  • Large rear bedroom
  • Easy to tow and lightweight package 
  • Spacious space that could also be used for pets and storing other items
  • Ideal for hauling golf carts, motorcycles, and quarts


  • Quite a horrible fit and finish of the RV trailer

9. KZ-RV Venom – Best Quality Product for Off-Road Toys


If you are looking for the best 5th wheel toy hauler with a great combination of modern feature rich haulers and traditional RV sensibilities, the KZ-RV Venom is definitely the right pick! 

Its comfortable and wide design will enable you to travel in sophistication, plus the efficient ventilation system, improved sound system, and ETRAK tie-down system will make you crave for no more! Its myRV system gives you the chance to control setting and monitor the status of the RV. With the 40-gallon fuel station with electric pump, you're sure to enjoy the long weekend with your whole family.

On the negative side, however, the KZ-RV Venom has some units that do not work as they supposed to be.


  • 8'5-inch wide body built
  • Comfortable design
  • Made from the 6-sided aluminum frame
  • Superflex roof membrane
  • 40-gallon fuel station with electric pump for a long ride


  • Some units do not work properly

10. Forest River XLR Thunderbolt – Best Value Product for Travelers and Outdoor Enthusiasts 


Travelers and outdoor enthusiasts will surely love having Forest River Thunderbolt in their next escapade due to its tremendous brilliant features. It is comfortable, roomy, and meets any hauling needs. 

This line of premium quality toy hauler includes cargo areas with loads of spaces and zero gravity loading ramp door for transporting any outdoor toys like ATVs and snowmobiles. It is perfectly designed for those with active lifestyles with comfort and luxury in mind. Add more adventure and fun to your next family camping with this fifth wheel trailer!

The downside, however, is that you may encounter issues with some units.


  • Luxurious and quality materials
  • Offers a lot of space
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Has the feel and look of a custom home
  • A perfect buddy for outdoor buffs and travelers
  • Great for hauling dirt bikes, bicycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, and other outdoor toys


  • A few issues with the unit

Final Verdict

With the best toy hauler, your overall comfort in any adventure won't be compromised anymore! A toy hauler RV ensures your whole trip is as comfortable as possible that nothing can provide. Of course, anyone wants a memorable vacation with your families or friends, so turn it into reality!

All of these toy hauler brands deserve a notable applause from construction to reliability to performance. But for me, the Keystone Raptor RV toy hauler stands out among other products because of some of the excellent features it boasts that other toy haulers lack.

First of all, the Keystone Raptor doesn't weight too much, and it can handle the trailer's weight fully loaded. The storage area is vast enough for whatever you are hauling. It is as if you're living in your own house - from sleeping to using the bathroom to cooking!

Did you enjoy reading our reviews of the best RV toy hauler! What's your most favorite so far? Or, do you have other best models you can highly recommend? Ask whatever it is in your mind or share us your thoughts by leaving a comment below! Share it also with your family or friend whom you think will badly need a premium quality toy hauler for his/her next adventure!

Happy hauling everyone!

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