Jeanette’s RV Park

9/14 : When we drove through Cameron 5 days following Hurricane Laura, we were devastated at the destruction and the impact it had on our community and the families. The sites were absolutely breath-taking. Arriving at the RV Park, our initial thought was we knew there was a risk when we started our first business adventure, and the risk won and it’s time to move on. After taking a couple weeks to focus on the damage in Lake Charles on ourselves, families, and jobs, we decided to head back down to Cameron. For the last few days we spoke with other RV parks and Kiewit workers who motivated us to begin the cleaning/rebuilding process. Now, after just a few days, the park is clean of debris, water lines are fixed and working, and the rock has been turned over and smoothed out. We are able to accept any workers who are wanting to come back and willing to bring their own generators. We are being told power may not be restored in Cameron for a few months and it’s our full intentions to have the electrical side of the park ready for that time.

  • Dial Up Internet
  • Cable TV
  • Pet Friendly
  • 121 Dewey St, Cameron, LA 70631
  • +1 337-405-9995