RV Must Haves for Outdoor Cooking

It does not matter what kind of RV camping you do because everyone has something they should always have with them. These essential stuff that people like to bring in their RV trip could be tools, chairs, blocks, kitchen items, coolers, water jugs, and other items they need to make the trip worthwhile and fun. There are RV sellers that have starter kits in the RVs they sell and sometimes they are in a 5-gallon bucket.

The starter kit has a portable hose, regulator for water pressure, 1 RV toilet paper, and a new supply of chemicals that act against black water odor. There is also a waste tank for draining, coupling, and an electric power cord reducer between 30 amp to 10 amp. All of the important items are planned so that you can easily adapt to RV living lifestyle.

Here are the stuff you need to have with you when living in an RV outdoors:

Waste Management

If it is your first time to empty the waste tanks, you are going to discover that the free sewer hose is short. Actually, you are going to maneuver the RV on top of the dump site’s opening. You can buy a coupling to extend the hose when you buy the clamps, hose, and coupling. You can keep the original hose to use when there is an emergency. You can go and buy a longer hose with higher quality that is going to be good for you even after a few years.

Meet Smoker

The RV grill chefs that do not have a big space for storing a grilling equipment need to have a portable meat smoker. Make sure that it is a kind of device that can grill, smoke, bake, roast, boil and fry. There are units that measure 14 x 14 x 14”, has a weight of 10 pounds and needs only 7 or 8 briquettes if you need to up the temperature.

Ice Maker

Any RV needs to have an ice maker, especially if it is summer because it is very hot. The RV freezers are not reliable for ice making, and the ice trays they have are not enough. The water that comes from the faucet in an RV is tepid and can become hot when it is placed under the sun. if you have a portable ice maker, you will have fresh ice in about 5 to 10 minutes. Your drinks will be more refreshing.

Entertainment Stuff

The antenna of your TV is going to give you entertainment for a few occasions. An on-site TV cable is included in a lot of resorts without asking you to pay extra. In order to use this, you will need a coaxial cable. The length of this cable is about 25 feet and it is enough to make a connection.

If you are not going to install satellite TV, make sure to bring DVDs and movies so you won’t get bored during camping.

Walkie Talkies (Two-Way Radios)

The two-way radios are good handy RV tools. They can help with parking, if the venue is large, and they can add fun to the trip. If there is no mobile service in the area where you are in, having a two-way radio will let you talk to people even if they are beyond shouting distance. This is essential for cooking as well because they can be used to call people in when it is time to eat.

Shark Vacuum

Discovering a good vacuum is something that a lot of people struggle with, but a Shark Vacuum will not cost you too much and it works great. It is better than a handheld, cordless vacuum and it does keep the carpet clean. You will be very happy with a Shark Vacuum because, aside from its power, it is versatile and lightweight. The size is great for RV use and it gets the dirt and pet hair out. If there is food stuck in the carpet, you can use this.

Food Storage for RVs

The closet space has to be used to its maximum potential. The hangers used for plastic clothes do not stay steady while you are driving. The clothes that are covered in felt will have the garments clinging on to them, keeping everything neat and clean while you are traveling. The containers for plastic storage are for small things like makeup and toiletries. Your socks and underwear are not going to occupy as much space if you do this. Actually, majority of the clothing can be packed in military style. You can fold and roll them up, then place them in plastic storage boxes.

Monitoring System for Tire Pressure

The blowouts in tires can lead to a lot of dollars of damage in RVs, and it can cause you an accident. The pressure in tire monitoring systems are a necessity for stopping any blowouts. A lot of blowouts that come from low tire pressure cause an overheat in tires and it makes them fail. This monitoring system is going to alarm you about the air pressure and temperature in tires.

Sensitive information protection

In case a disaster occurs, you need to have your important information stored so they are ready to go with you anytime. There are RVers like folks who take extended trips use a USB thumb drive that is encrypted, like a waterproof version available with an encryption that is military grade.

Step Stool

You need a folding step stool when you need something that is out of reach. These stools can be used for reaching the high cabinets, cleaning the RV, and other tasks. These are easy to store and are not too heavy to bring. If you stored food on the top shelf, use the step stool for that.

Trash Bags

You need this for segregating the trash, especially if you need to throw away food because they can be smelly.

Follow these tips and enjoy outdoor cooking just like if you are at home.

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