How to Pick the Best RV Leveling Blocks? Here’s A Guide You Need to Consider

After reading this post, you will definitely find the best RV leveling blocks that you might be looking for almost a long time. Read on to find out more!


So, you’ve owned an RV? If yes, you also know the fact that you need RV leveling blocks to level it once not in use. Of course, if you have no idea about this, it’s time that you go get the best one now.


However, finding the right set of RV leveling blocks is such a time-consuming and long process. So, read our RV leveling blocks buying guide to help you choose the perfect product for your travels. Let's go and explore the different factors and options available!

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What are RV Leveling Blocks?

For those who own an RV, you surely know the importance of RV leveling blocks to level your RV when in use. Both small trailers and travel trailers use this tools, especially if they don't have hydraulic jacks. Although few spots are seamlessly level, you still need some leveling blocks to level your rig every time you are parking.


Some may think that leveling blocks and stabilizers are the same, but they're actually NOT! There's a unique difference. Stabilizers are not ideal for leveling the rig; otherwise potential damage to you as well as to your frame may likely occur (through twisting the stabilizer as you lift your RV's corner).

Types of RV: Wooden or Plastic?

There are various types of RV leveling blocks available, including wooden, plastic, and rubber. We will give more emphasis on plastic and wooden aa they are the most popular materials today. Both have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages.

Wooden Leveling Blocks

What makes wooden blocks an excellent choice is that they're strong and easy to set up. Simply get some of them and toss into your rig - voila! This is especially popular among campers. 



Cheap. Most of the wooden blocks you can find in the market are reasonably priced. Take Lynx Levelers for instance. But, never underestimate the quality of these blocks - you'll be surprised!

While you may be tempted to go for wood leveling blocks, there are few things you need to know that may or may not affect your buying decision.

Rotting and bugs. Over time, wood blocks tend to get deformed, regardless of how seamless their measure is at the start. Particularly the plywood, they tend to hold water, separate, and swell. Also, wood carries bugs, which may eventually lead to breakage and decay. 

Heavy. Another drawback, woods are heavy. This means, you need to carry a whole pile of them per your leveling needs.

Stacking boards. You'll usually have a hard time raising your RV up to 4-5 inches on stacked boards. The pain is more visible if you are pushing uphill.

Plastic Leveling Blocks

Easy to pack and lightweight - these ensemble plastic leveling blocks. You can simply stow them with no hassles at all. However, the quality of plastic blocks differs from one manufacturer to another, so it is crucial to check every type and read some helpful reviews.



Light and easily stackable. Since these blocks are light, carrying them with you during your camps or tours is a no-brainer. Storing it in your bag is relatively easy, too. They can snap together to build ramps.

Though, plastic blocks can disappoint you at some point.

May tend to bend, crack, or break easily. Unless they are made of high-quality materials, plastic blocks are a good alternative.

Large array of quality. This depends on the brand. As have mentioned, companies have their own materials used for making these blocks, so always check and ask your potential dealer. 

How to Manually Level RV?

The only equipment you need are your leveling blocks.

Here's how to get started:


Turn off the engine of your vehicle and set the parking brake. You should be two or three feet from the area you want to park your vehicle for the day or night.


Step outside. Assess the ground. Decide which side you think is needed to lift. Determine the number of blocks you will need.


Put up the blocks against the tires of your car.


Start your car's engine and release your brake. Lift the blocks gently. 


Examine the situation. Is the vehicle perfectly level?


Turn the engine off. You are now all set!

Or, watch the video below:

 Note: As possible, ask help from someone to make the whole process a lot easier.

Benefits of Leveling

There are lots of benefits!

First thing first, the comfort. Who wants to be inside an un-level rig? No one, right? Imagine this: The doors of your appliances fly open and some of your stuffs inside the cupboards or refrigerator drop out.

What a total mess! Another horrible risk is when you're in bed with your hand sitting at an angle or lower than your legs. Such an uncomfortable situation without proper leveling.

Your appliance, such as your refrigerator, is another key reason why you need RV leveling blocks. All RV refrigerators must be level to ensure their smooth, efficient operation throughout. It is much more important to invest in leveling blocks than to damage your refrigerator, because this results in higher cost.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best RV Leveling Blocks

Of course, there are factors that you should consider as you go out and shop for the best leveling blocks. These factors are as follow:

Type of Leveling Blocks

Wood and plastic are a good investment, but both have their own benefits and drawbacks. Decide according to your own preference.


This depends on the size of your appliances or vehicle tires.



Of course, you want a product that is light enough to carry, and plastic blocks are a good option. However, you may also consider the wooden blocks as some of them are not very heavy.


Can your leveling blocks hold hefty or large tires and/or appliances?



Wooden blocks are cheaper than plastic sets, which is ideal for those tight on budget. 

Reviews of the Best RV Leveling Blocks

Still undecided which among RV leveling blocks Walmart or RV leveling blocks Amazon to buy? Worry not! Dispose of your old wood scraps! Our reviews of the best RV leveling blocks are sure to impress your preferences and wallet. So, stay tune!

1.  Tri-Lynx 00015 Lynx Levelers

Via Amazon

What makes Tri-Lynx 00015 on top of our list is that is it lightweight yet made of high-quality materials. Not to mention the cost is quite low. It can level any type of vehicles in an easy and safe manner.

Available in 10 pack, the Tri-Lynx 00015 is a modular-designed leveler block that organize to fit almost all leveling functions. It can even withstand heavy weight. You can use them under dual and single wheels, under jacks and tandem axles.

Though, it may develop cracks and eventually fail (if not taken immediate solutions) on rocky surface because of their honeycomb structure.



Lightweight, strong and heavy-duty

Easy to set up

Fit all leveling functions


Can hold up to 40,000 lbs.

Can be used as a support base for any other stabilizing tools

Up to 10-year warranty

Can start to fail and crack 

2.  RAPID JACK, Andersen Hitches 3620, Easy RV or Trailer Leveling Jack

Via Amazon

Another camper blocks that are made in the USA, the Andersen Leveler 3620 features a one-size-fits-all and unique design. Being lightweight and resilient are an added advantage!

The product's design takes much of the guesswork and stress of stabilizing vehicles. These serve as an RV leveling block dual wheels solution, and even those multi-axle trailers. With this camper blocks, you only require to place the wedge behind or in front of your vehicle's wheels.

These RV leveling blocks, however, may not suit everyone's wallet as it is quite pricey.



USA-made and lightweight

Very simple design

Easy to set up and store

Can withstand up to 30,000 lbs.

Resists oil, dirt and grease

Can also be used as a jack post block, pad block, and jack wheeler holder

3-year limited warranty


3.  Camco 44573 Yellow Tri-Leveler

Via Amazon

If you're in the market for a leveling block that won't make a hole in your wallet, then the Camco 44573 is the right product for you. It may be cheaper, but rest assured it is built to last.

This leveler raises the RV up to 3 to 7/8 inches on all types of tires for a more balance position. It helps both tanks and appliances to run in an efficient manner. What makes Camco 44573 one of the sought-after RV leveling blocks in the market is its durability and built-in handle to offer maximum portability.

The downfall, so far, for having this product is that the landing pads where the vehicle's tires supposed to rest are small.



Resilient, lightweight resin

Has a built-in handle

Includes 3 different height options

Features non-slip surface

Holds up to 3,500 lbs.


Quite small landing pads

4.  Camco FasTen 4x2 Leveling Block for Dual Tires

Via Amazon

Another excellent product by Camco, the FasTen 4x2 Leveling Block is durable and lightweight too. This means, carrying it during any of your tour is very convenient.

Its patent-pending design helps in optimizing the weight and strength. You can easily pull up the carrying handle to twist down, carry for securing the blocks together. With this product, have a peace of mind that your dollars are saved because it can last longer even when exposed to sunlight - thanks to the UV stabilized resin.

The Camco FasTen is such a great best friend for RV leveling, but the quality is not so secured compared to other models. A sudden damage or crack may easily occur especially when not maintained properly.



Durable and strong construction


Includes secure T-handling carrying system

Offers a simple and safe leveling

Can be used with double wheels, single wheels, stabilizer jacks, tongue jacks, hydraulic jacks, tandem axles, and 5th wheel jacks

May easily get damaged

5.  BUNKERWALL BW4201 Leveler Ramps and Chock Blocks

Via Amazon

Bunkerwall is again the talk of the town because of its quality RV leveling block - the BW4201 Leveler Ramps and Chock Blocks. This set combines only the best: custom designed chocks and easy to use leveling ramps.

When park on a rough surface, the Bunkerwall BW 4201 can keep and stabilize your motorhome, caravan, travel trailer, or RV become level. Its huge size makes leveling a bit easier and faster. A nylon carrying bag is included to prevent the blocks from dirt or potential damage.

The Bunkerwall BW 4201 has a share of disadvantage, too. For those with strict budget, you may not consider getting this brand as it is a bit pricey.



Strong construction

Ample size

The leveling ramps are easy to use and easy to pack up

The custom designed chocks ensure a secure fit

Included nylon carry bag

Quite inexpensive

Final Verdict

Each product proves to be a good investment. But if you would ask me, my highest vote goes to Tri-Lynx 00015 Lynx Levelers. Aside from having a high customer rating, lynx leveling blocks are lightweight, hence, bringing them with you on trips is easier.

Durability and cost are another factor. With just a little investment, you can take advantage of a high-quality RV leveling blocks that your friends will get envious of! So, who wouldn’t want to choose this one?

Indeed, finding an RV leveling blocks is a lot easier with our buying guide and reviews. Liked our reviews of the best RV leveling blocks? Share it with your friends who badly need these quality items! Drop us a comment below.

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