Right Mindset For A Winner Racer

It is said that being a winner isn’t all about the talent, but it also requires the right attitude. Being into the world of car racing isn’t a joke, not just simply to win the game. Unlike any other sports, car racing is an extreme one that means between life and death. In spite of its risk, still many racers engage in such sport. The only thing that they have in mind is to win in every race. This isn’t only for prestige but also for self-satisfaction.

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Before you engage in car racing it is best to ensure that you’re in a proper mindset. This way you can make the necessary preparation not only for your car but also for yourself. If you want to win every race that you join, then you should consider these lessons listed below that will give you the right mindset:

Lessons on How to Win the Race

1. Surround yourself with other winners

It is said that “cream always rises to the top”. This is applicable to racers who want to be winners. To obtain the right mindset of a winner you should go along with those people who have been winners as well. Having a team of top-class engineers and designers will lead you in the winning direction.  It’s good to work along with winners and best people so that you can have the chance to have at hand the best resources.

Such personality of a winner racer is also associated to being a good leader. Winning the race isn’t all about driving the best cars. It also involves proper time management, a team the works hard equally and the right sponsorship. There’s a need to organize different things to optimize your career.

2. Be the best you can be

To win in every race, you should be the best that you can be. You shouldn’t only have the best car, but you should also work hard for your craft. You should understand your strengths so that you can conscientiously apply it in maximizing your potential.

3. Make your own rules and innovate

Michael Schumacher is the most celebrated Formula 1 driver for winning championship records, pole positions, fastest laps and race victories in just a single season. Being in the race track for many years, he had improved his laser-like determination and single-minded focus. To be a winner requires doing something different. Otherwise, doing the same thing over and over again won’t help in improving your skills. With this, it makes sense to make your own rule and innovate.  If you want to crack the winning ways of other people who have been winners, then you should start doing the things that they do in a different way.

4. Continue to adapt

To be a winner you need to continually adapt to changes. In this particular sport, there are always technical innovations specifically on the set of rules. Winning drivers or racers are those who can quickly adapt to changes as compared from those who do not. You need to learn how to manage the changes so that you won’t struggle at the end of the day. It’s also important to understand the difference between a talented competitor and a winner. Obviously, the winner has the intellectual capability and big-picture perspective in order to adapt the performance suitable to the environment.

Top drivers have the fighting spirit to adapt the changes suitable to any circumstances that may arise. Such ability can be obtained by working along with a group of talented rivals.

5. Understand failure in a positive aspect

Choosing to look back will keep on complaining about everything, thus to be a winner you shouldn’t look back but rather look forward. If you want to get into the track race, you should consider failure as the way towards success. There’s nothing wrong with failing as it shows that you’re trying hard enough to maximize your potentials. As long as you understand your limits and determined to learn new things you will surely win every race.

Likewise, you need also to embrace risk at the same time recognize it as the key towards competitive advantage. It can also help to learn from other’s success especially those who are legends in the car racing world. Every time that you fail to win the race you should look forward and think of strategies on how you can win your next race.

6. Get inspired from other’s success

People who are into car racing were focused on maximizing their performance from getting inspiration from other’s success. Learning the challenges that other winners have gone through can motivate amateur racers. That’s why if you think that your best isn’t enough to win a race, then you should look for some success stories of those people in the same industry as you are.

Aside from knowing the right mindset of a racing winner, it’s also essential to consider some important pointers to prepare before the race.

7. Think about the car

Obviously, the first thing that every car racer should do in preparing for the race is to ensure that the car is in good and optimum racing condition.  Experts recommend not to focus too much on the car, but many race drivers are making adjustments in their car’s setup such as doing some repairs, tweaking the chassis and changing oil. This way you can ensure that there’s nothing to worry about your car’s equipment during the actual day of the race. Keeping your car in good running condition you’ll have peace of mind that your car will get you on the track.

8. Visualize your winnings

Another thing that can help in the preparation for the race is proper visualization. Veteran drivers recommend two things, first is to pay attention about the condition of the track. This will give idea about the right type of tire that should be used during the race. The second thing to visualize the race, which means to imagine the line that you want to track such as the best corner to enter and where to exit smoothly.

The visualization technique will help in increasing both the preparation and focus of a driver. In fact, winners in different major events are employing this technique while preparing for the event and it turned out to be effective.

9. Break it down 

Being ready for the race doesn’t guarantee that everything is in the right place. As mentioned earlier, the mindset of the driver plays significant role in winning the race. You need to try the track and run some laps so that you’ll be familiar on how you can manipulate the track to your advantage. Likewise, you should also identify the fastest line of the track and that is also the shortest line that can be covered in just a short amount of time.

fast race line

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Though you want to win the race, never forget your safety. Thus, using the brakes properly is of utmost importance. This way, you can avoid losing control or spinning out. Using the brake improperly will take you off the fastest line and give chance to other drivers to pass inside. It’s also important to look ahead so that you will see the hazards and have better idea to pass over your competitors.

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