Why Racing Accidents Happen And How To Avoid Them

Car racing is a sport famous all over the world. Many people fancy doing this because of the rush and excitement. However, this kind of sports is very risky and can cause many accidents, even deaths. It does not matter whether you are a professional or not, if you don’t do the necessary precautions, you’re exposing yourself to danger. If you are lucky, you can get away with bruises and injuries.

Why Racing Accidents Happen

racing car accidents

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  • There is a default in the equipment. Default on the equipment is common in car racing, especially when everybody is in a rush. It may include engine failure, tire blowout, steering failure, having problems with brakes and much more. Drivers should be able to prepare for these kinds of failures and learn how to handle them. One mistake will lead to a grave accident; not only towards themselves but to other racers as well.
  • The road track is too dangerous. Many race cars get crashes on a curve. While there is no slowing down in racing, it’s essential that you have full control of your car’s speed. If you don’t, you will be putting your life in danger.  Some racers think of speeding up as the only way to win. However, you can not reach the finish line if you encounter an accident meters away from it.
  • There is a low maintenance race car. Many accidents are caused by low maintenance of the car. The race crew is as important as the racer himself. They are the ones responsible for keeping the car in top shape. Like other people, members of the crew are prone to human error and may overlook some parts. That’s why there’s a need to check and recheck so as to make sure that the race car is secure.

The quality of the car parts is also essential. A race team that is keen on winning will ensure that the car parts they purchase are all in high quality. It’s better if you purchase expensive parts than having cheap, low-quality ones. Remember that you can never put a price on safety.

  • The driver has an attitude. Race car drivers should be aware of the risk they have to face when racing. They should know the several possibilities of what will happen to them when they are on the race track. However, many drivers are hard headed and so full of themselves. Even though they know that their car can’t make it, they still want to race and aim for the win. Yes, it shows a positive attitude when you keep your eyes on the goal and strive hard, but it becomes something negative if you neglect your safety for the sake of winning. Drivers should listen to the crew and trust their judgment in cases when the car is deemed unfit to finish the race. Sometimes, a racer’s pride can become his downfall.  

How to Prevent Race Car Accidents

Race car accidents can be prevented. In order to prevent these accidents, race car drivers and the crew must follow safety precautions. Here are some tips to prevent race car accidents from happening:

car accident

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  • Before racing, make sure that you are sure of your skills. You can’t drive a race car without any license and without the skill of driving it. Enroll in a prestigious and high performance driving school. Basic driving skills are not enough to get you the opportunity to join a race. You must also learn to know different strategies in driving on a race track. You can learn how to maneuver the car when you feel that it is experiencing some problems.
  • The driver should be close to the wheel. The race car driver should be close to the wheel to avoid fatigue on the arms. It is also a way to maintain the control of the steering wheel. Moreover, with your arms in a good distance from the wheel, you can comfortably maneuver the car towards your desired direction.
  • The driver should know the behavior of the car. The racer should know the car’s behavior when it is turning, accelerating and stopping. You should know the stopping distance of your car for you to easily make your calculations and not bump with other racers on the race track. You should learn the limits of your tires and breaks for you to identify the right time to replace them. In other words, you must know every specs and move of your car. That way, you can be in tune with it. Being in tune with the race car you have makes it easier for you to handle it. Thus, when you feel that you’re in a dangerous position, you can easily manipulate the car to avoid the grave situation.
  • The car must be in good shape. The crew should check if the car is in good shape before they will race it. They should check if the engine is okay. Check if the tires are brand new. Check the water of the radiator to avoid overheating. They should check everything. If they do not, then it is more prone to accidents, leading yo the death of the race car or even the death of other people. Generally, your car must be in good condition to avoid blow up tires, engine failure and much more. If your race car is in good shape, you can easily stop or accelerate whenever there is a need to.
  • The race car driver also should be in good shape. The driver can’t race if he or she is sick, stressed, drunk or high on drugs. All of them will only end to a disastrous result. Being in tiptop condition during a race is something basic. How else can you perform well and win if are not? It’s better if you have practiced a lot on a similar track, familiarized yourself with it, and strategize your moves. You can also do simulations of what you should do when you are trapped in a dangerous situation.
  • Don’t freeze on accidents. The racer should have an active mind, especially during dangerous situations. Since you can’t fully predict what other drivers will do, it’s advisable that you stay aware. If the driver in front of you breaks, you should know how to avoid him. Put your eyes on where it should be. Your hands will react to it and you can avoid the accident. Give your full attention on the race and react on situation immediately. There is no time for you to gawk and wait for things to just happen.
  • If you are stuck in a problem, you should know how to solve it. You should know what are the possible problems you will face on the race track and devise plans on how to face them. That way, you could respond directly to the problem. It’s better if you have a backup plan for everything. However, if you don’t, a good strategy is all it takes.
  • Keep your eyes on the road. Some race car drivers tend to get distracted by the cars beside them. Because of this, they can’t focus on the cars in front of them. This is a common mistake. You should keep your eyes on the road so that if there will be an accident, you can easily avoid it.

While the suggestions mentioned above does not ensure you 100% safety when you go out towards the race track, they can at least minimize the risks you’re taking.

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