Pittsburgh Automotive Floor Jack Review

Imagine having the perfect low-profile vehicle? We’re talking about the kind of vehicle that hugs the ground. The kind of vehicle that nobody can hide underneath.

This may be a great vehicle, but trying to find a jack that will fit underneath, has been almost impossible. Well almost.

If you need a very low-profile floor jack, lower than almost any other floor jack available on the market, the Pittsburgh Floor Jack may be exactly what you are looking for.

About The Product

The Pittsburgh Floor Jack is a very heavy duty automotive Jack, with a very-low profile. This allows it to reach underneath low-profile vehicles, that many other jacks are simply not capable of doing.

The Pittsburgh Floor Jack Under The Car

With a maximum lift range just shy of 20 inches, the Pittsburgh 3 – Ton Floor Jack, will be suitable for most vehicles.

Weighing in at 79 pounds, this jack is very solidly built.

The Pittsburgh Floor Jack, is capable of lifting up to 3 tons and with the rapid pump, quick lift, allows this to be done quickly and easily.

Features And Benefits 

Key features that make the Pittsburgh Floor Jack stand out from the competition:

  • Three-ton capacity
  • Heavy duty
  • Rapid pump quick lift
  • Lift range: Just less than 3 inches to a maximum of 19 ¾ inches
  • Weight: 79 pounds

What We Like

We have to say that the Pittsburgh Floor Jack has a remarkably low profile, making it ideal when other jacks just won’t fit.

At a solid 79 pounds, the Pittsburgh Floor Jack is definitely a heavy-duty jack, that will not get easily damaged.

The Pittsburgh Floor Jack

Source: walmart.com

Reviewers favorably commented on how quickly the Pittsburgh Floor Jack raised and lowered the vehicle. We believe that this is an important feature, that cannot be underrated. After all, our time was the one thing we cannot get back.

What We Don't Like

With the Pittsburgh Floor Jack, some reviewers found that the release valve to lower the jack was a bit sensitive. There were not many reviewers who made this comment, so it is hard to know whether this is really an issue. Indeed, many reviewers found it easy to use, so it is possible that this is just personal opinion.

Before using the Pittsburgh Floor Jack for the first time, it is recommended to inspect, air bleed and fill with oil, if necessary. It would be nice knowing that the jack could be used straight away without any initial checking. Given that the Pittsburgh Floor Jack is a complex tool, we would recommend that these things be checked before first use, even if the manufacturer hadn’t advised it.


The Pittsburgh Floor Jack has to be one of the lowest profile floor jacks on the market. If you do not have much space to work with, then you may seriously want to consider this jack.

Given its ability to lift up to 3 tons, and its good heavy-duty construction, the Pittsburgh Floor Jack has to be one of the best floor jacks for lifting a wide range of vehicles. Capable of reaching nigh on 20 inches of lift, the Pittsburgh Floor Jack is ideal for trucks, SUVs and other heavy vehicles.

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