Our Review Process

Our review process was designed to be cost-and manpower-efficient during this early stage in our existence. We are a small team looking to provide our users with the best possible information so they can make an educated decision.

It is as follows:

  • Decide upon a gear category (e.g. floor jacks)
  • Conduct hours of meticulous research using every good resource available (e.g. videos, articles, existing reviews, expert opinions, manufacturers websites)
  • Supplement the research with any hands-on experience we have with the products
  • Select the top five products for the chosen category
  • Write in-depth articles explaining our choices and including buying advice
  • Update the articles as new products come out or as we gain more hands-on experience with our picks

We follow this review process for the majority of the articles on the site. We are not swayed by the size or previous status of any company or product offered. Our only goal is to offer honest, thoughtful information to you our readers.