Reviews of the Best Jeep Speaker: Which is the Best to Purchase?

Wondering which 2022 jeep speakers are right for your vehicle? Let this guide help you! From knowing the real essence of upgrading your speakers to assessing features that must be taken into account before making a purchase to knowing proper ways of installing jeep speakers to the best options you can choose from - we've got you covered!


One of the exciting and impressive vehicles on the road, Jeep Wrangler offers a whole host of capabilities and dynamic design. You may be tempted to buy one as a gift for yourself, but wait! How much do you know about this fantastic vehicle? What are the key features to look out before purchasing?

Most people who have a classy vehicle like jeep wrangler wants to have great qualities in every aspect – and the sound system is no exception to that. Perhaps, you want stuff done to your preference, and so you will seek to change your audio system in order to bring the “awesome” effect.

Indeed, jeep speakers are what provides your music with a precise way to reach your ears. You can have amazing and hard-hitting subwoofers; however, if you can barely make out what the vocals are, you are left in an awkward spot and satisfaction goes out the window.

Worry not! We'll tell you everything right here in our Jeep Speakers Buying Guide. So, keep on reading.

Product Comparison Table

Perhaps you are not sure on which speakers to pick, or how to set up them, but it is all so simple. But first, have a look at my table of comparison to see which jeep speakers would significantly suit the best for you.

*Find out more about these products through their reviews below. 

Jeep Wrangler Overview

Before we proceed to review some of the best options when it comes to jeep speakers, let us first talk a bit about wrangler.
Jeep Wrangler is a famous 2- or 4-door off-road vehicle designed by reputable manufacturers in Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA. This company also produces many other biggest brands like Ram, Dodge, Fiat, and Chrysler. What makes it a must-have for many car enthusiasts is its best exterior and interior design, as well as better specs. 

It allows you to tune yourself into satellite radio or connects your iPhone thru Bluetooth as you want. But, it's primary goal is to get you to different places that a standard SUV or crossover cannot do. Those who are planning to conquer the most exhausting terrain of nature can heavily depend on this vehicle.

As far as technology goes, Jeep Wrangler is believed to be behind the times. But, it is still one of the favourite do-anything and go-anywhere vehicles that anyone can afford. From hard core Rubicon to stripped-out sports model, there's an ideal jeep for all of your off-road trips.

Besides, various upgrades are sure to impress your vehicle needs or preferences and budget. Take a Cold Weather package (includes all-weather floor mats, heated seats, and remote start), and new optional fog lights and LED headlights for instance.
Considered as the master of off-roading, respected by everyone.

Benefits of Upgrading Jeep Wrangler Speakers

Why upgrade your jeep speakers? How can improved speakers enhance your riding experience?
Many drivers have factory speakers inside the cars, but only a few recognise the potential enhancements to sound quality they might be getting with audio upgrades. With an upgraded unit, a more balanced and stronger sound will be achieved. Together with the upgrading of head units, you get upgraded sub as well which gives a broad 'bump' to the audio system. 

Better sound quality

Car audio companies are always in the process of experiment and push the envelope to produce better sounding jeep speakers. You will hear its vast difference from a factory-installed original

Improved and long-lasting performance

Speakers - especially the brand names - are made from innovative materials that are resistant to humidity and extreme temperature. These materials are hard-wearing and feature better-quality sonic performance. Hence, you will enjoy crisper, cleaner highs and tighter, deeper lows. 

Other benefits of an upgraded head unit include:

  • Better display and interface
  • Improved clarity
  • Beautiful to look at; and
  • State-of-the-art connectivity features

So for those who love listening to their favourite music while on the road, do yourself small favour by upgrading your jeep wrangler speakers. Whether the project is small or large, better speakers will make a huge difference you can enjoy hearing.

Types of Jeep Speakers Available

A jeep speaker basically has two broad categories:

Full-range speakers

Also known as coaxial speakers, full-range speakers are the most common type of car stereo and are usually included along with a vehicle. They contain a tweeter and a woofer for the lows. Some models offer extra drivers such as super tweeter and midrange.

This design reduces the space required for installation. It can handle the whole array of the frequency spectrum. Since their sound drivers are very close to each other, you may deal with some frequency interference.
Typically, full-range speakers are found inside the car audio systems. They come in many different configurations. They are denoted by some drivers (2-way, 3-way, 4-way, etc.). 

  • 2-way speakers – the most popular type speaker which is generally made of 4 inches to 6.5 inches woofer with an integrated passive crossover and a 1-inch tweeter. They contain a tweeter dedicated to the high frequencies and a woofer that handles frequencies.
  • 3-way speaker – referred as triaxial speakers. It consists of a woofer, a tweeter, and a mid-range, which is accountable for managing middle frequencies.
  • 4-way speakers – contains a woofer, tweeter, mid-range and an added driver (called super tweeter). This is a small driver dedicated to reproducing ultra-high-frequency.

Component Speakers

Component speakers are also called separates. It makes use of a better speaker design to provide drivers and listeners with the best possible sound. A traditional component system consists of separate woofers, external crossovers, and tweeters - all of which are installed individually.

However, they work smoothly with one another. So, expect more significant depth, more "live" and more realistic sound all day long. Component systems are originally made of high-quality materials than full-range speakers, which give detailed sound and unique dynamics.

Here, the number of drivers differs. Some high-end separates include additional drivers known as the mid-range. It alleviates the woofers from managing mid frequencies - which means most exceptional sound quality. This unit can be upgraded by adding subwoofers and super tweeters. 

These different types of Jeep Wrangler speakers offer style, comfort, and safety. Going with an improved model is highly recommended if you want a jeep with added convenience features and interior space. 

Features to Look Out Before Buying Jeep Speakers

You have the money and a wide variety of speakers to select from. But, it is indeed intricate getting the right model. To help you out, we've gathered some important details you need to pay attention to so that costly mistakes would be prevented.


Speaker Materials

The design and materials used to build the speaker are highly crucial as it determines the resilience and sound quality of the unit. 

Types of speakers

As have mentioned, Jeep Wrangler speakers come in full-range (or coaxial) speakers and component speakers. Both have advantage and disadvantage. Decide according to your preference. 


By knowing the size of the speaker you want to install in your vehicle, looking for the right unit may seem a quite easy task. Heavy and bulk speakers are said to be an ideal option compared to smaller and lighter ones as they are more powerful and offer a better quality of sound. But, there are also small speakers that give a crisp, clear sound.

Sound quality

Probably one of the most significant issues that buyers deal with when purchasing a jeep speaker. Remember that sound quality is your personal decision. We all have different tastes, after all. What sounds extraordinary to you may just be average to someone else.
In order to identify the sound of your preferred speaker, pay attention to the frequency range. An extensive range means better sound. 

Speaker Cabinet

Choose a dense speaker, such as those that are made of wood. As possible, do not opt for light material because it affects the highs because of the vibrations that the speaker emits.
This doesn't necessarily mean that the speakers need to have a wooden cabinet. They must have a cabinet made of solid material. 


The sensitivity of a speaker specifies its loudness in a room space or non-echoing space. Some companies indicate the sensitivity measured in a non-reverberant place, while others conduct the measurement process in a standard room environment.

If the sensitivity rating is higher, expect your speaker to produce a loud sound. An average speaker has around 87db-88db sensitivity. A 90 dB sensitivity rating is considered brilliant.
If you have a low-powered stereo with a lower power handling capability or has fifteen watts RMS for all channels, it is better to get a speaker with a sensitivity rating of more than 90 dB. If you have a high power system with a power handling capability of over sixteen watts, choose a speaker with a low sensitivity rating. 

Power Handling

It is indicated in Watts (W) and specifies the amount of power a speaker can stand without causing damage. To help you determine the power handling level, consider the maximum RMS.

Woofer Materials

Woofers emit lows in your audio system, so choose the materials carefully before making a final decision. It is recommended to go for reliable material, like polypropylene.

Tweeter Materials

Choose metals or other firm metals to achieve intense and snappy highs. But if you prefer bright and smooth highs more, consider textile blender or other soft materials.

Covering Materials

Do not overlook the material surrounding the woofer as it makes an allowance for the woofer cone's free movement and creates an enticing sound. Make sure the covering materials you want to buy can withstand intense temperature, humidity and other extreme conditions. Those made of rubber can provide you with the utmost service and experience.

Make sure that you consider these factors as you plan to shop for the best jeep speaker perfect to address your audio system needs. I am rest assured that you will definitely find the right one you are looking for!

How to Install Jeep Speakers

The installation process can be done with your own hands. Here's how to start.
Things you need:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Wire cutter
  • Electric drill
  • Crimping tool
  • Allen wrench
  • Socket wrench
  • Hobby knife
  • File
  • Electrical tape
  • Torx driver
  • Panel popper tool

Step 1

Disconnect the battery of your Jeep Wrangler. This is to avoid any damage to your vehicle's electronic or possible risk of injury from electric shock.

Step 2

Remove the speaker grilles or panels. Use a flat head screwdriver or another tool appropriate for this job. 

Step 3

Take the factory speaker off. Take care not to tear the factory speaker when taking it out. 

Step 4

Connect the new speaker to the electrical system of your car. Directly plug the wiring harness of the speaker in the wiring harness of your vehicle.

Step 5

Test the newly installed speaker. This will help you save time for fixing any issue.

Step 6

Secure your new speaker in its seat in the dash or door. As possible, refer to the instructions given with the speaker.
Or, watch the video below:


Q: Why should I consider buying Jeep Wrangler?

A: Jeep Wranglers are a sturdy vehicle that boasts many different uses either on or off the road.

Q: Can I use my Jeep Wrangler in the snow?

A: Yes, as long as it has the right set of good tires.

Q: How much is the standard cost of a new Jeep Wrangler?

A: The price of new Jeep Wranglers may range from $22,000-$35,000.

Q: Why does my jeep speakers do not work?

A: It could be due to a bad speaker, the radio is out of fine-tuning, or the speaker is not plugged.

Q: What are the benefits of owning component speakers for my vehicle?

A: A powered set of component speakers give you better imaging as well as a much more dynamic and detailed sound than other traditional speakers.

Jeep Speakers: Top Options You Can Choose From

In order to enhance your experience, I conduct a review to determine which products and brands make high-quality speakers, which produce clear highs, mids, and lows. Jeep speakers which are not out of reach for you in terms of cost, and can be purchased with no hassle at all.

From countless products available on the market, I narrowed it down to 7 best jeep speakers for vehicles you can get. Every pair might differ in what you get when it comes to features; however, one thing they have in similar is they generate an excellent and superb audible experience.
Now that you’ve already seen each of those speakers compared, I am sure you can select the best jeep speaker brand for yourself. 


Jeep Wrangler Jk Kicker Speaker Upgrade – Editor’s Pick

A jeep is a vehicle of sophistication and class. That might not be enough to provide the ultimate feeling every time driving your car. Setting up jeep wrangler speaker bar could be the solution to your dissatisfaction. You’re spoilt for the option because these speakers are available in several designs. They’re designed in a way such that they will always free of dust for as long as you utilize them.
Its durability is carried about by the quality material utilized to create them. How much you employ them, it never seems to get worn out. Its wire connections have been made neatly, and they’re insulated as well to avoid them from getting substandard.
Additionally, its design is straightforward, and therefore you can easily have it as a replacement for the factory speakers you have. Jeep Jk speaker upgrade’s design has a cup holder that makes it as convenient for you like the chance of your drink spilling is nil unless you’re thoughtless enough. The only sad thing about this product is that its speaker doesn’t fit into all the models of the brand which limits the users. 



  • Quality sound
  • Easy to install
  • A perfect replacement for jeep wrangler subwoofers that has a stereo that is of level base
  • Speakers don’t fit into every model of the Jeep Wrangler thus limiting the customers


Polk Audio DB651 6.5-Inch Coaxial Speakers - 2 pairs (4 speakers)

Polk Audio DB651 6.5-Inch Coaxial Speakers - 2 pairs (4 speakers)

The Polk Audio DB651 is just what all driver wants. Since this item is one of the best jeep speakers brand, you can surely trust this jeep audio system. Its excellent quality audio signal, vocal, and frequency range will make you like it with it every time you play music.
If you’re the kind of person who wants to listen to loud music as well as high frequencies, this is the ideal jeep wrangler kicker speaker upgrade for you. Nevertheless, it is a great jeep speaker for high and mid rates, while you won’t appreciate the low frequency as much. Although you will see a difference in the audio quality, you will still like the jeep audio system.
If you are planning to install the jeep speakers into the door of your car, you won’t have any issues with that. Even if the high frequencies are somewhat significant, low frequencies are not. The bass of Polk Audio DB651 isn’t that great so bear that in mind. The same with all Polk DB Series speakers, the DB651 are created with the level of craftsmanship and high-quality materials matched. In addition to that, the included multi-role mounting brackets will make for simple drop-in installation in any vehicle on the road. 



  • Great high frequency range
  • Fit easily in any door’s car
  • Needs less power
  • Not suitable if you prefer coaxial speakers
  • Low audio quality on low frequency


Rockford Fosgate R1675X2 Prime Full Range 2-Way Coaxial Speaker - Set of 2 - Budget Pick

The Rockford Fosgate is perfect for changing your factory speakers due to its high quality. In case you didn’t know yet, this speaker claims a lot of features like coming with an integrated tweeter for enhanced sound quality. This has a silk-dome attached flush tweeter to fine-tune, which sound much better. Also, it’s the most affordable item in this review.
Aside from that, its vacuum polypropylene cone, which the Rockford Fosgate comes with is nothing matched to what you’ll find in your standard speakers. For an enhanced quality of the sound system, this jeep speaker is bounded by rubber. It’s worth telling that this product comes with mounting hardware and grilles for simpler installation to your jeep wrangler speaker size.
This speaker provides the best quality sound in its full range. Some of its features include integrated tweeter crossover, it features a vacuum come made out of polypropylene. Make sure that you know how to properly maintain your car speakers to prevent wear and tear.



  • Very affordable and powerful
  • Comes with its mounting grilles and hardware
  • Durable
  • Generates high-quality sound
  • Too big bass


Polk Audio DB6501 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component System (Pair, Silver) – Upgrade Pick

The Polk Audio Db6501 features a two-way Butterworth outboard crossover and a vented housing. In case you didn’t know yet, Polk Audio speaker series is known for its performance and quality. It offers an electric tweeter protection recruit. Further, woofers are polymer composite cone, along with rubber surrounding.
Certainly, this makes it feasible to generate some wonderful audio without vibration and noise. You will find the 6.5 inches component system features with tweeters, crossovers, and woofers. On the contrary, its tweeters are silk dome and 25-millimeter liquid-cooled as well neodymium magnet for a complete high frequency.
This kind of speaker fit ideally into the OEM locations and offer precise and crisps sound reproduction while keeping the interior appearance of your Jeep. The supplied mounting brackets allow the speaker to fit both 6 ¾-inch and 6 1/2-inch openings, making sure a smooth and easy installation procedure in everything from imports to domestics like BMWs, Audis, VWs and several European imports.
The external crossovers send the tweeters and speakers the frequency they are best equipped to handle that leads to efficient, yet precise sound, which will surely amaze you. Its housings on the other part allow you to hide every wiring for a professional and clean look. The item comes with a manual, so it’s simple to use and install. Nevertheless, some do think these speakers lack bass. But, you will find tips on how to upgrade it.



  • Easy to install and use
  • Features an adaptor ring
  • Detailed high frequency
  • Lack bass


Kenwood KFC-4675C Two-Way Speaker System – The Best Pick for Easy Installation

This jeep speaker by Kenwood can manage 60 watts of MAX power and 20 watts of RMS power. It features a PEI balanced dome and injection PP cone. Apart from that, the steel black basket lessens noise cancellation to aid you to acquire superb sound. These jeep wrangler replacement speakers make for an ideal option whenever upgrading from your factory speakers.
On the other hand, the bad thing about this item is that it didn’t provide a speaker template, which denotes that if you’re utilizing these jeep speakers in a custom installation wherein a hole should be cut, you are going to waste a lot of time identifying how to properly cut the line. Plus, this speaker doesn’t come with a grille.
It’s so easy to install and speakers fit in space for my side panels. However, you’ll need to purchase a conversion pigtail to attach terminals to the vehicle harness. The pigtail is quite shorter than the original, but it’s not an issue since you can pull the harness out to link the speaker. 



  • Direct fit
  • Excellent sound
  • Sound is crisp
  • Don’t provide speaker  template
  • Speakers don’t come with grille


Polk DB652 UltraMarine Dynamic Balance Coaxial Speakers – The Best Pick for Durability

You are aware that Polk is a respected speaker brand throughout America. With a massive collection of speakers, the title is surely deserving. Polk DB6502 is a two-way speaker having 180 watts peak and 60 Watts power handling. This includes a 6 ½ inch mica/composite mineral filled cone woofer and ¾ inch polymer/silk composite dome tweeter.
Furthermore, dynamic balance driver technology has been utilized. These follow a two-way crossover network for a sound delivery. Polk has also applied laser imaging to transport natural audio. The mounting hardware of the speaker is designed from stainless steel. It utilizes adapter rings to properly fit into 2 standard sized openings.
One of the amazing reasons for choosing this speaker is that they are simple to use in any jeep regardless of the model. This item follows the conventional co-axial style. Moreover, the tweeter is put before the woofer. Nevertheless, the mounting does not affect the sound quality of the woofer. The design can emit clear sound from the default location.



  • High sensitivity rating
  • Great sound
  • Excellent quality
  • Unbalanced audio performance


Kenwood KFC-X463C Excelon 4x6" 2-Way Speaker System – The Most Reliable Pick

Kenwood KFC-X463C Excelon incorporates advanced materials and technical know-how to offer your music the fill and crisp sound it deserves. This full-range speaker boasts a diamond-array pattern, which boosts the strong point of the carbon-polypropylene for enhanced lower distortion and dynamic response. Further, its butyl rubber surround repels weathering, offering enhanced, reliable support, which keeps your music in performance, no matter what.
For 63.95 dollar 2-way speakers, these pairs sound good in both bass and vocals levels. There is no crazy bass compared to costlier speakers; however, a much better improvement. Both speakers have the capability to generate 100 Watts peak input power. It’s recommended for individual who always wants to listen to music.
Additionally, it works flawlessly in several sorts of vehicles. This brand is known for generating excellent sound quality. With this speaker set, your money isn’t a concern since it’s accessible for the purpose of crisp sound. It keeps its appearance and designs for long and looks very appealing.



  • Great speaker for the cost
  • Can be operated at high volumes devoid of being distorted
  • Easy to install
  • Wears off easily

The Winner

After reviewing all these jeep speakers, which wouldn’t dissatisfy you if you had them as a spare of the factory music system of the jeep wrangler, I made out pick. I suggest that you choose the Jeep Wrangler JK Kicker Speaker Upgrade. It’s accessible in pairs, and therefore 2 pairs will serve you if you wish to change all the 4 speakers.


Further, these speakers will not dismay you in any way as they will generate an attractive bass sound. Its quality will surely make you feel that the cash you’ve spends on its value. Still, I would recommend you to try out all these amazing speakers I’ve reviewed, understand their features and make the best choice.
Make sure to check out this step-by-step process on how to install your jeep speakers:

Do you find my review helpful? Share your comments or thoughts below. Or feel free to share this post with others. Happy reading!

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