Jeep Fenders: Reviews of the Best Options to Choose From

Whether it is giving a jazz look to your jeep or you have damaged the Jeep Wrangler fender flares while on a double-crossing trail, chances are there are many jeep fenders for sale in the market. Though, it leaves us confused. This is where our jeep fenders buying guide and reviews come to the rescue!


Are you one of those people who keeps on complaining that your jeep requires a facelift? Keep yourself happy by installing jeep fenders. After all, it’s vital to have a ride, which won’t make your dates wish to bolt. Therefore, dress your jeep with wrangler fenders and still comment respect with your four wheeling buddy.


Jeep Wrangler TJ fender flares are such a good upgrade. It replaces the plastic fender flares and stock fenders of the jeep with sturdier and stronger ones. Aside from offering a better look, Jeep Wrangler fender flares add strength, durability and the tire clearance needed for minimizing tire rub.

Table of Comparison

As the tire of your jeep gets broader and bigger, your jeep fender flares will seem to shrink. This can be a huge concern if you live in a state, which is very picky about how tires stick out from the fenders of the vehicle.

More massive fender flares are the answer. They will keep gravel and mud off your valuable paint, and prevent you from getting pulled over! Here, I rundown the products I’m going to review. Check out their prices and rating.

*Read more details of these products below.

What is Jeep Fender?

The Jeep TJ tube fenders and fender flares may not be a very important part of the jeep, but they can really change the look of your vehicle and offers room for bigger tires. Fenders are a jeep component that outlines the wheel well. Their functions include protecting your car against any road wastes like rocks, mud, sands, and liquids.


Aside from giving you the benefit of styling your Jeep Wrangler for a distinctive edition look, fender flares keep your vehicle in conformity with Vehicle Equipment Laws. This reduces the possibilities of police fines. By purchasing fenders, you're protecting your hard-earned investment while being abided by the tire coverage laws. 

Jeep fenders are constructed from solid materials and can be easily damaged if they encountered off-road obstructions or road surfaces. Some are available in various cut-outs, widths, and pockets, as well as come as a textured black colour or black matte, take Jeep Grand Cherokee for instance. From bold and big to low profile, there's a room for your jeep fender needs.
Knowing the product you are planning to buy is important as this would help you find the right product that matches what you are looking for. So, this information about Jeep fender could indeed help a lot!

How to Install Jeep Fenders?

Installing Jeep Wrangler fender flare is just easy - no need to hire a professional to do the job on your own. Unless, of course, you have the right set of tools and basic knowledge. 

Just a few basic tips

  • Before starting, make sure to read everything. Losing everything you've planned is the last thing you want to happen. Read the installation guide carefully before beginning.
  • Double check the fender flares. Before you begin the actual installation, you must try the material through holding it in the place. Ensure it fits precisely into your jeep. 
  • Get the right set of tools. Is it possible to install the fenders without having to adjust the body of your vehicle? If not, do you have the right tools to conduct the job?
    As the rule of thumb, do not attempt to carry out the task if you don't have the know-how to do so, and if you don't have tools at hand. It is best to hire someone who is expert in the field. This will not only avoid costly mistakes but ensure an impressive project throughout -making other jeep owners envy. 
  • Get the right set of tools. Is it possible to install the fenders without having to adjust the body of your vehicle? If not, do you have the right tools to conduct the job?
    As the rule of thumb, do not attempt to carry out the task if you don't have the know-how to do so, and if you don't have tools at hand. It is best to hire someone who is expert in the field. This will not only avoid costly mistakes but ensure an impressive project throughout -making other jeep owners envy. 
  • Be cautious for the tape. You'll find many fender flares with a double-sided automotive tape. It helps in holding the fender in right position. Make sure to install the tape according to what has been instructed to you by the manufacturer, or as indicated by the manual. Expose only its second side during the installation.

Take note of these basic tips first before you get going. Now, you're ready to tackle the job with your own bare hands!

What you need

  • Socket or regular wrench
  • Marker or white out
  • Self-tapping screws or nuts and bolts

Here's how to get started


Park your jeep on an even surface.



Extract factory fender flares (if any). Check the wheel's inside and find the bolts that lock the fender flares to the jeep fenders. You'll need a socket or a regular wrench for doing this.


Cut off the fender's inner lip, leaving only a small plastic around the holes.



Fit it up in the place.


Mark the holes with a whiteout or a marker. If the holes are close to the edge, you may merely drill one hole.



Secure the fender with self-tapping screws or nuts and bolts. The zip tie is also a recommendation, as it is sturdy and can hold the frames firmly.


Trim around the edge piece for a balanced and good-looking flare. 


Make the zip ties tighter.

You're all done! Things are a lot easier if you will be guided by the steps rendered above.
Or, you can watch the video below for installing rear and front fender flares: 

Some notes concerning installation

Most Jeep Wrangler fender flares only require a simple, no-drill application. A particular number of applications and part numbers may need additional installation time or drilling. It is always recommended to check the notes or description given by your manufacturer, or reassess the installation documents to make sure the fenders need drilling or if it's a no-drill installation.


Some of the fender flares come as rear or front seats, or as a front and back sets or a full set. In order to verify you are getting the correct set, have a look at the item information.
Congratulations on a successful fender flare installation! Now, you're very much ready to show them off the new look of your Jeep Wrangler. Take proper care of them with the use of cleaning products for more extended use. 

Benefits of Installing Jeep Fenders

The benefits of installing jeep fenders TJ are tremendous, which entice more outdoor adventurers to invest in. Some of them are:

  • Improves the look and function of the jeep
  • Great for off-roading tours
  • Available in different styles and colours that match any rigs
  • Hides body damage or rust around the wheel
  • Replaces broken fender flares that came with the jeep
  • Offers extra protection for your Jeep from all road debris being thrown into the air
  • Keeps your vehicle compliant with your state's local laws

If you would want to reap these benefits, then installing fenders on your jeep is indeed a wise choice. 

Things to Consider When Buying Jeep Fenders

Each fender is custom fit since they are an extension of the jeep. Regardless of the model you have, your fenders are correctly built to complement well with the shapes of your vehicle's fender lines. This is highly essential, after all, you don't want any form of a gap between your Jeep Wrangler and the fender.
Below are some features you may want to be aware of when looking for the right jeep fenders.

Start with the Jeep


Make sure the fender flares you're about to buy fits seamlessly in your vehicle. Even a high-end fender is not a good idea if it doesn't fit well to the jeep.


Most manufacturers offer fender flares in sets of four: Street Style, Extended Style, OE Style and Pocket/Bolt Style. The Street or OE style is ideal if you want to hide a little amount of fender damage or dust. The Extended or Pocket/Bolt style is a good for bigger tires as it gives a rugged and robust look. 



Most fenders are built from sheet metal steel (a more protective material), while others are constructed from carbon fibre, plastic and fibreglass (lightweight, rustproof and easy to repair). 


Make sure the brand of the fenders you're planning to purchase is well-respected, have impressive satisfaction ratings, and is supported by a company that gives value to its products and clients. TrueEdge fender flares, Bushwacker fender flares, Jeep JK metalcloak fenders and Smittybilt XRC fender flares are some of the famous, respected brands available.
When planning to buy a set of accredited Jeep Wrangler painted fender flare that makes use of advanced technologies, make sure the dealers are worth the visit and resources. Though online shopping is good, be mindful of possible costly mistakes. Read the reviews about a company to see if it has been approved and recommended by many buyers.



​For those planning to buy jeep fenders to meet tire coverage law requirements or to cover damage, it is advisable to keep an eye on the tire and height coverage measurements. It measures how far out the fenders will stick out from the jeep. When we say fender height, it is about how far up the fender will cover.
This measurement is crucial if you want to hide body damage like rust. The tire coverage measurement, on the other hand, proves to be essential for a jeep with bigger tires or those who want to invest in bigger tires later. It measures how far out the fender will obtrude from the vehicle.
You will surely want enough coverage to legally conform to the laws in your state about tire coverage. Always consult with a potential dealer before making a final purchase.



Probably the most important consideration when making a purchase, think of the price that you can afford to pay. Some jeep fenders can be purchased for one hundred dollars. For people who are on a tight budget, there are still lots of choices for you.


Can the fender flare be done in just a couple of hours? Or, you will need professional help to make the installation process successful? Many stores offer fender flares that are easy, quick to install - you will only need a few hours to finish.
They will not require the use of custom holes drill. But, it is always an assurance to check the specifications of the manufacturer regarding the installation process. This way, you would not find yourself incapable of showing your new accessory.
Make sure to bear in mind these factors before you go out and shop for the best fenders. With these, you’ll positively be guided properly. 


Q: Are fenders suitable for a 4x4 jeep?

A: Definitely, yes. Mainly because the fenders provide drivers with maximum protection from various types of clutter that is being thrown in the air by the tires. These are ideal for those who love the adventure of off-roading.
Extra safety is also offered by these fender flares as they help in allocating impact to the entire vehicle in the event of an accident. Therefore, chances of getting hurt are reduced. 

Q: What are the official requirements for jeep fenders?

A: The official requirements for a jeep fender is entirely reliant on your state. But, most states implement a formal specification that jeep fenders should cover at least the full tire tread.

Q: Why should I buy Jeep Wrangler pocket/bolt style fender flares?

A: This style of Jeep fender flare is equipped with enhancements like a matte finish, UV protection, Dura-flex material and flexibility in severe cold temperatures.

Q: How does a flat fender flare benefit my vehicle?

A: It gives your jeep a better look and instant boost, besides working as a shield from dust and dirt from the road. 

Q: How to fix my faded jeep fenders?

A: Owning a Jeep Wrangler for a couple of years means tending to deal with faded fenders. At first, it boasts an excellent shiny black. Then after a year or two, the colour and structure will slowly fade to a crappy dull grey. 

Good thing, there are products you can buy to bring back the life of your fender flares. The process is just easy. You can read here to guide you. But if you prefer a new one, replacing your old fender is a suggested idea.

Q: How do I clean the fenders after installation?

A: To start, wash down the fenders with water and mild soap. Do not use chemicals or wax which are not environmentally-friendly. As possible, keep the fenders clean and maintained on a weekly basis.

Q: How to maintain the jeep fender flares?

A: Jeep fenders tend to lose their perfect finish and shine over time. But, you can paint it or use paint conditioner to keep the fenders in good quality. 

Be guided by these FAQs in order to be enlightened with regards to matters about jeep fenders. 

Reviews of the Best Jeep Fenders: Which One to Choose?

Sturdy automotive grade wrangler fender flares look amazing on the way to dinner and secure pain from rocks every time you are charging. Your jeep develops tough wranglers with sufficient guts off-road and enough class to hit the road.


Make the most of both worlds by merely adding durability and class with jeep fenders, and with my review, you’ll undoubtedly discover impressive features that will allow you to choose the one that fits you.
With flares available from different brands you are sure to find the ideal look for your jeep! 


Rough Country - 1195 - Front Steel Inner Fenders – Editor’s Pick

First on my list is the Rough Country – 1195 – Front Steel Inner Fenders, which features protection from debris, mud, and dust. These jeep JK metalcloak fenders will allow you regain safety in your engine bay and protect it from the elements with the help of its innovative front inner fender liners.
I am a fan of these jeep fenders for sale – Rough Country looks stunning and is purely bolt it. I really like the concept that it’s easier than ever to keep to mud, dust and other debris away from your jeep with its installation. After getting rid of the factory fenders to acquire more clearance, change the stock liners with these fender liners for enhanced protection of the body panels and engine bay. 

One thing that I really like about this jeep fender is that they are corrosion-resistant powder coated for longer life and it mounts firmly to the body to remove vibration and rattling noise. There are tips on how you can remove scratches from a fender flare.



  • Durable
  • 3-piece construction
  • Easy to install
  •  Requires minor grinding and drilling


Opar Jeep Wrangler Front & Rear Fender Flares – Runner Up/Alternative Pick

If you are an off-road enthusiast, then these jeep wrangler fender flares are the perfect option for you. The design of the rear and front fender flares provides additional optimal tire clearance and durability. In case you didn’t know yet, these are made of steel for the rock-solid ruggedness wrangler lovers like you want.
Further, its black and powder coating denotes these could be installed right when you take out of the box. Its modernized design boosts tire clearance and offers maximum suspension articulation. This is the best jeep fenders that provide longevity, design, and utility.
If you are concern about the construction, the kit is composed of all the hardware you will require to set-up, as well as the bolt-on installation procedure is so easy. I was stunned when I find it so easy to handle. However, you might see that some holes might not line up precisely on some modified models. This might need a little drilling on your part.



  • Easy installation
  • Bolted easily
  • Great value for the money
  •  Requires a few drilling


Smittybilt 76875 XRC – Budget Pick

These Smittybilt XRC fender flares have an amazingly easy bolt-on installation. An enhanced tire clearance adds an aggressive appearance to your jeep wrangler with the steel rear fenders. With one of the most reasonable jeep wrangler fender flares on my review of the best jeep fenders, the Smittybilt fender flare is a great item.
Their XRC Tube fenders require cutting your current fenders and then bolt the new fender on top of what is left. It comes with a powder coated tube fenders so that you can run it right out of the box devoid of painting. One thing you need to be wary of is that there are several reports, which the powder coating doesn’t hold up very well.
You must be informed that it also requires drilling to extend the bolt holes. Moreover, the two of the lowermost bolt holes aren’t utilized on these flares, and it has padded pre-installed right on its flares. On the other hand, the second from the bottommost front-size holes of the bolt on every side would require you to consider drilling right from the cabin’s inside to acquire access to the pack in the interior to connect the supplied bolts. 



  • Relocates hood latch
  • Includes stainless steel hardware
  • Well-built
  •  No template provided in instructions
  •  Complaints of bad powder coating
  •  Turn signals aren’t included


​Bushwacker Jeep Flat Style Fender Flare – Upgrade Pick

If you are trying to cover the big tires of your jeep wrangler, Bushwacker fender flares are your ideal option. They have been around for several years, and a lot of people have heard of them. The only reason why not everyone runs them is that of the high price – you cannot always drop over $500 on just a set of fenders. This is the main reason why I chose it as my Upgrade Pick – the jeep flares are significant; however, it is close to the cost of metal flares.
Apart from that, I would want to point out that the turn signal of these jeep wrangler painted fender flares is magnificent. It is an excellent quality LED, which operates well – other firms offer you an affordable turn signal, which only does not fit the cost.
One more thing, the installation isn’t complicated as well, but you really need to follow the provided directions. The jeep flares stay on well because they are bolted to the body of the jeep, devoid of drilling holes.
You’ll need to trip the inner fender first though, and I need to utilize a drill bit in order to open some holes in the fender. To conclude, this is made in the USA, which is great.
Check out this easy tutorial on how to install Bushwacker’s Flat Fender Flares at:



  • No drill install
  • Excellent LED turn signal
  • Durable flares
  •  Costly for plastic fender flares


Paramount Restyling Black Front Steel Fender – Toughest Fender Pick

Produced from strong 5/32’ and 2’x120’ tubing, these jeep wrangler TJ fender flares safeguards your jeep from off and on-road debris. It enhances tire clearance, and its tire coverage extends from 5’-8.5’. Did you know that Paramount Automotive’s Steel Front Fender is designed to secure your wrangler through the roughest terrain?
Aside from that, with the help of its rugged construction and precision engineering, you can guarantee that you will receive total protection. However, the only flaw I can point out about this product is that it needs more installation than labelled.
The provided instructions are the same of Smittybilt XRC but not entirely. The instructions try to tell you to make the template; however, one of the steps is repeated. 



  • Wide coverage range
  • Strong protection
  • Precision engineering
  •  It took a little longer to install
  •  Requires more cutting


​EAG Steel Fender Flares – Perfect Fit Pick

A lot of people are not aware that U Drive is one of those trusted by more than a thousand customers. The company have been selling their products on Amazon. Some of the sought after features of EAG fenders is that these are an ideal option for an off-road lover who wants an added optimal care clearance and durability.
Apart from that, these fenders are made of hundred percent steel for the rock-solid ruggedness need of a jeep lover like you. That being said, you can rest assured that this item is sturdy enough to protect your Jeep from mud, rock and other elements. Furthermore, if you’re curious if you can utilize factor fender liners with those, the answer is yes. You can cut along the groove, which is right inside its fender OEM line.
I also like the fact that it can be painted. However, the only concern I have with this product is that they are not moulded to the body of the jeep, so it’s hard to bolt it on without a lot of force. Still, these are very durable that made it hard but they’re high quality.



  • Made of metal
  • Easy to install
  • Can be painted
  •  Not molded to the jeep body
  •  Doesn’t have side marker lights


​U-Drive Auto New 4 PCS Textured Steel Flat Fender – Modern Look Pick

If you want to give your Jeep a new and refreshing look, at the same time, add protection to it, then this jeep fender is the ideal product for you. The wide of the rear is approximately 5/23 inches, and the wide of the front fender flares is around 8.18 inches.
What I really like about this item is its fabulous fit. The U-Drive Auto New jeep fenders looked great on my jeep and exceeded my expectations for this cost range. Nevertheless, I suggest as soon as you have the kit prior, install the pickup 8.8 grade m8 bolts.
Doing this will save you a lot of headaches. Additionally, the fenders don’t come with the tool to set up the rear crimp nuts, so it was quite hassled. Unfortunately, a lot of buyer of this item claims that they received a scratched and damaged piece, but the good thing is the manufacturer took care of it immediately. 



  • Easy to paint
  • Comes with instructions
  • Powder coating finish
  • Lines up perfectly
  •  Came with scratches but the seller managed to fix it

Final Verdict

Jeep fenders can really change the way your jeep looks, and they can offer you room for bigger tires too! Some are even accessible in different widths to provide you with complete tire coverage to help keep your wrangler street legal.


But for me, my pick would be the Rough Country - 1195 - Front Steel Inner Fenders. It is not just my favourite, but for me, it’s the best on my list. It’s durable, made of high-quality materials and reasonable too.
All these jeep fenders flares are fantastic, high quality, attractive and they do extend outward that aids protect others from dust, debris being thrown up by the tires. The most vital thing to search for when buying for a new set of fender flares is compatibility and durability. You like a set, which will effortlessly fit into the pre-drilled mounting holes of your Wrangler. 

Do you find my review informative and useful? Help me share the word by sharing it with others! Join our conversation now by writing your comments below! We will be happy to read and entertain your thoughts! Enjoy your reading folks!

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