Reviews of the Best Jeep Corner Guards – Which is The Best to Pick?

Are you planning to buy a corner guard for your jeep this time? Well, worry no more! This guide and review of the best jeep corner guard will help you throughout the buying process.


One of the challenges that Jeep Wrangler owners stumble upon while off-roading is destroying the corners of their vehicle by chance encounters with trail hazards like boulders and trails. Thanks to jeep corner guards, chances of protecting your jeep for a bit longer are increased.


Your jeep is indeed made to perform, making it an essential off-road vehicle everyone wishes to drive. Mainly, having an automobile is something you must be proud of; however, maintaining it like the way it provides you excellent driving experience is vital too. The performance and life of the jeep would depend on how to take care of it. Jeep corner guard helps you in storing the excellent features of your vehicle.

Don't let your jeep's corners get scratched and scraped. A jeep corner guard is a protection you need. But, still unsure which product to choose? Our jeep corner buying guide and reviews could be of utmost assistance for a satisfying acquisition. So, stay tuned!

Table of Comparison

Jeep corner guards are built and designed to complement the strictest standards of your OEM Jeep parts, so they’re not just meant to embellish your vehicle but to reinforce its driving skills too.

Jeep corner guards are built and designed to complement the strictest standards of your OEM Jeep parts, so they’re not just meant to embellish your vehicle but to reinforce its driving skills too.

*For more details of these products, continue reading below.

What is Corner Guard?

Jeep Wrangler was first released in 1980. Since then, it has been the popular vehicle choice for those who prefer outdoor adventures. Whether it is taking your family on an off-road tour, go fishing in a closed area or exploring the surroundings, the Jeep Wrangler will always be your best friend.

With fashionable style and eye-catching looks combined with ruggedness and utility, this type of vehicle keeps a high spot on the off-road marketplaces. Whether you have an incredibly coveted Wrangler Unlimited or a first-generation Jeep Wrangler, rest assured to make the most every minute of your ride.


Though your jeep can withstand any challenges, you should make sure the required protection level of each vehicle's parts, especially those that easily risk the damage. Vehicle impact is an invariable issue for jeep owners - and corner guards offer protection to areas that require it most.

With these corner protections, you can have fun, secured ride all day long while maintaining the identifiable look of your jeep that you love. Different jeep models and styles are available to suit any preference and budget. There are moulded, lightweight plastic corner pieces that protect jeep from small dents and scratches.

Thick, heavier duty armours can hold up to the higher amount of abuse. Some have been constructed to integrate traditional LED tail lights.

How to Install Jeep Corner Guard?

Fortunately, you don't have to spend more bucks hiring an expert to install your jeep's corner guards. With basic knowledge and proper tools, you're all set.

What you need:

  • Paint
  • Alcohol
  • Ball peen hammers
  • Center drill (or a smaller pilot drill or a center punch)
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Silicon sealant

Be sure to prepare these things first before you proceed to install the corner guards on your vehicle.

And here's how to get started:

 1. Paint both the panels of your corner guards. Match the paint colour to your jeep's colour. But if you want to paint it similar to the shade of your jeep, and then do a complete install of the fender flares and both panels.

 2. Strip off the fender flares and hardware of the vehicle's both sides. Afterward, rigorously clean the side panels - alcohol will do.

 3. From the original hardware, flatten the holes with the use of 2 ball peen hammers.

 4. Drill the tub. Arrange the first panel that holds on the panel with clamps and carpet coated blocks. Then, mark the first two holes. Now, drill both locations with a centre drill (a smaller pilot drill or centre punch is a good alternative if you don't have a centre drill).

 5. Ensure to make the nut-certs tighter to avoid spinning later on.

 6. Apply a clear silicone sealant around each surface to seal the corner guard to your jeep. Make sure to coat every opening around the tail light holes.

 7. Reinstall the hardware or corner guards. Make sure the panels will fit perfectly.

 8. Mask off the fender and secure the fender flare to its proper place.

 9. Attach the flares to stainless steel hardware.

10. Finish up. Now, you're ready to go!

Quite simple the process may seem, you should assure correct installation to avoid further mistakes or costly problems. Be sure to follow these steps to install this part correctly, leading to excellent protection as well.

For a more detailed process for installing rear jeep corner guard, kindly watch the video below:

Why Consider Corner Guards?

How comforting it is to know that a set of protection keeps you totally safe when you're on the trail on your jeep. But how safe solely depends on the level of trim you bought. It is always best to upgrade your jeep with protection tools so that severe damage on the trail can be prevented.


While the Jeep Wranglers are heavy-duty, it is still a great idea to strengthen a number of the areas that are exposed. A jeep corner guide can help protect the body and some of the mechanical parts of your jeep, which saves you from costly repairs, deep scrapes, smashed differentials and gouges.

There are many materials you can choose from for your corner armour, including:

Aluminum - weighs less than steel, making it a popular choice for many Jeep Wrangler owners. Aside from having the ability to avoid rust, aluminium has better handling and fuel economy as well. It is very light than steel - which is an added benefit. This enables you to keep the weight of your jeep down to avoid adverse effects on the fuel economy or handling.

Steel - ideal for those who primarily use their jeep off-road. Steel materials are lower in cost and superior in strength. Another benefit of this material is the ability to become quickly fixed. The downfall, however, is that it is easier to get rust and the added weight can quickly add.

Plastic - a more affordable option. Particularly for drivers who want a corner guard, they can take off someday without holes; a plastic material is better. Also if you want light corner protection against scratches, plastic should be highly considered.

Indeed, the use of corner guards is reaching the peak of its popularity knowing that they have this ability to protect every vehicle from unwanted scratches. And in the long term, they could preserve the quality of your jeep. So, have one now!

Things to Consider When Buying Jeep Corner Guards

Shopping for a jeep corner guide is not a normal incidence. However, drivers who find themselves in such a situation can follow some easy steps for stress-free searching. By conducting a little research, you can have your jeep back on the road in no time.


Probably one of the critical features that many people consider, the label of the corner guard you're planning to buy can define your investment. As we know, famous brands offer high-quality products, although expensive. However, there are also some not-so-quite popular manufacturers who provide quality products at competitive prices.

The fundamental solution is to do your research as possible. Visit a local store or browse online for different deals. Compare and make a careful decision.

If you know someone who already bought a corner armour for his jeep, make a referral to make your search less hassle and time-consuming. This will indeed help a lot!

Color and Size

Color is less critical since jeep corner guards can easily repaint. When it comes to size, make sure it is fitted to your jeep to avoid potential risks.

You may also consider the styling, reliability, safety, technology, capacity, comfort and conveniences for a corner guard. Your preference will play a lot in choosing the colour and size of the corner guards you would buy.


As have mentioned, corner guards for jeep are made of aluminium, steel, and plastic. There are also gears that are made of rubber. Each has their advantage and disadvantage.

Choose one which you think will work well with your vehicle and its parts. Many stylish designs are available to improve the overall look of your jeep while maintaining a safe ride off-road. Of course, make sure to choose the one made with the firm and durable material.


This dramatically affects our buying decision as well. The challenge here is knowing just how price sensitive your target product is. It limits our ability to choose a specific product.

Good thing, some companies offer corner guards that are both inexpensive and high-quality. Consider the budget you have, always!


Another essential factor, warranty helps you save money in case the gear is starting to give you a problem. Most companies offer more than five months of the warranty period, while some may take up to one year. Ask your potential seller to make things clear before making a final purchase.

This is indeed an important factor that shouldn’t be ignored by those who are looking for corner guards.


Aside from finding a car part that fits correctly, there may also accessories available that improve the performance and look of the corner guard. Of course, who wouldn’t want extra accessories once purchasing a particular product? I assumed we all want to buy a product along with some great accessories too!

If you want to buy the best corner guards, then it is essential that you consider these factors. Of course, aside from considering these factors, be sure to know your preferences too. Be guided as you shop for corner guards as there are vast options out there!

Where to Find Corner Guards

Often, looking for places or people that sell jeep corner guards is half the battle of finding a new one, and determining where to look may be hard especially for first-time buyers. You will be faced with two choices (depending on your budget). You may consider used corner guard or a new one.


Buying used gear is a cost-effective option, though you may take a little researching and some trips to a junkyard near your area. Whereas when purchasing a new one, several benefits are presented.

Looking for vehicle parts through the internet is a popular alternative, particularly those with tight schedules. Buyers can spread out their research both locally and globally. This means higher opportunities to deal with well-known brands.

The location and condition of the corner armours determine the overall cost of online acquisition. You may consider consulting with your friends or family or merely scouring the net for a list of top quality corner guards.


To learn more about corner guards, consider these FAQs below:

Q: Why do I need to worry about protecting my jeep's corner guards?

A: The main reason is the kit's vulnerability to damage. It is likely to get damaged when off-roading, partly due to the physics of off-roading.

Another reason is the repair cost. Because of the Jeep Wrangler is constructed, you are required to replace the whole body of the corner guard when it is damaged.

Q: How do the corner guards mount to the jeep's body?

A: The installation process is relatively straightforward. You will need tools such as nutserts with rubber seals to avoid corrosion. Since some kits come with a little installation tool, you can replace the nutserts with simple hand tools. With nutserts, install the corners without fighting with washed and nuts on the backside in which they could not be easily reachable.

Q: What is the installation time?

A: For average home installers, it will take you two to three hours finishing the installation process.

Q: What kind of finish is on the jeep corner guards?

A: Most corner guards for jeep are finished with durable texture powder coat. In case the corners experience a bit of scratch, touch it up with paint (the colour varies according to your preference).

Q: How much do these car parts cover?

A: Many corner guards are attractive, professionally built to go from the flare's front all around the rig's corner to the tailgate.

Q: Do they allow for the flares to mount?

A: Yes, corner guards have a similar mounting system.

Q: Two-door and four-door corner - are there any difference?

A: Yes, there's a physical disparity. The four-door corner guard is more or less 3/4 inches narrower than the two-door. But when it comes to installation and functional viewpoint, there's no difference at all.

Reviews of the Best Jeep Corner Guards

A jeep corner guard is generally made of aluminium and steel. These are made of high-class materials, so they are confident to offer the best safety while driving off-road.

Furthermore, they are excellently finished too, offering your jeep the best warrior-like appearance without losing its touch of sophistication and modernity. So, if you can’t wait to know the products to purchase, I made a rundown of the best jeep corners guards for you to choose from.

Paramount Restyling 51-0043 Black Corner Guard (Jeep Wrangler YJ) – Editor’s Pick

Via Amazon

The Paramount Restyling 51-0043 Black Corner Guard is the first jeep corner guard on my list. These jeep YJ rear corner guards are produced from durable 5/32” steel. This product is fitted and formed to factor specifications and safeguards your jeep from off and on-road debris.

Comes with a black satin finish, this product also comes on both sides and all hardware to mount them. If you're curious if the hole suitable for factory flares, there’s no need to worry because no drilling will be needed. A lot of reviewers explained that they are delighted purchasing the item. Having 5-star rating, you can check it yourself how this item performs.

There’s no need to worry if you have a 1997 to 2006 jeep, there are tips to install a barricade corner guard.


  • Durable
  • Made of high quality
  • Great fit


  • Don’t provide black bolts to complement with the body armor

Smittybilt 76876 Jeep Wrangler XRC Rear Corner Guards - Runner Up/Alternative Pick

via Amazon

Add security and excellent look on your jeep wrangler with the Smittybilt 76876 Jeep Wrangler XRC Rear Corner Guards. This product is my Runner Up because of its incredible features. Allow me to distinguish each of them.

First, the Smittybilt 76876 is designed from 3/16-inch hand crafted and cold roll steel to guarantee a perfect and flawless fit each time. Second, it provides three-inch flare extension, and it includes stainless steel hardware as well. If you wish to purchase this item, you will be presented with a fuel filler and factory tail lights.

Moreover, these jeep YJ body armours don’t have a cut out for the gas cap on the edge. Instead, you will find the cut out for the gas cap on the back part. I purchased mine, and each of the proper cut-outs where they needed to be is a good fit.

Available in a black powder coat finished, the Smittybilt 76876 can be utilized with rocker sliders. The only disadvantage that I can point out in this product is that, compared to Paramount Restyling, this jeep corner guard requires drilling.


  • Easy to install
  • Attractive black powder coat finish
  • Nice fit


  • 3.5” bolt should have been 4”
  • Requires drilling

Jeep Cj7 or Yj Wrangler 3 Pc Diamond Plate Rear Corner Guards - Budget Pick

via Amazon

For my third product review of the best jeep corner guards, the Jeep Cj7 or Yj Wrangler “Black” 3 Pc Diamond Plate Rear Corner Guards is my Budget Pick. Why? That’s because it only cost a bit from your budget, which makes it the most affordable and cheap item on the list. However, its price isn’t the only great thing about this Jeep YJ body armour. 

Handmade in the United States, this Jeep YJ body armour exclusively fits only to 1987 to 1995 YJ. These corners are coated with a Herculiner bed liner, which makes it the only polyurethane as well as rubber granule bed liner available. Aside from that, you won’t find any cut-outs in this product making it great for those people who wish to modify the rear of their jeeps.

On the other hand, its panels are made of aluminium so they are simple to slice with a jigsaw together with a bi-metal blade such as 18 or 20 tpi. The manufacturer also offers aluminium rivets. I tried to find negative comments and reviews about this product, but there’s none.


  • Rivets are available
  • Reasonable
  • Easy to cut


Smittybilt 76882 Jeep Wrangler XRC Armor Rear Corner Guards - Upgrade Pick

via Amazon

This item protects your jeep corners for maximum wheel travelling ground clearance. Each of these sections is created to complete bolt unit with stainless steel fasteners and no modification needed. Further, the inner liner will maintain mud snow and any debris out of your wheel and engine compartment. If you want a unique look and body protection, this item is what you need.

Smittybilt corner guards are durable and can endure the force put out by those heavy-duty winches. This makes the front bumper the ideal area to put a recovery winch with a roller fairlead to your car. They are designed to have high ground clearance because of the high degree approach angles and raised corners.

After using it for several days with those flares on, I am happy with them. These jeep JK rear corner guards do everything I thought they would do more. The look of my vehicle is undoubtedly enhanced with a personalized, more aggressive aesthetic. Apart from that, I love the way such flares look on my jeep.


  • Great price
  • Easy to set up
  • Great fitment


Smittybilt 76882 XRC Textured Black Armor Rear Corner Guards, Pair

via Amazon

This Smittybilt XRC Armor fender flares fall at the sturdiest end of the fender spectrum, together with massive DOM steel construction providing them with the durability and rigour to endure any paces you like to put them through, both on the road or off.

In case you didn’t know yet, these are coated with scratch proof, durable and rust resistance black texture powder coat paint that safeguards from corrosive substances, moisture, weather and brake dust. The good thing about this item is that it adds substantial protection to the rear wheel wheels of a jeep and look sturdy.

When it comes to construction, the high clearance of the flares offers enough space for big custom tires, notably when joined with front fenders, which provide sufficient removal as well. Moreover, they make room for tires, which render the Wrangler enhanced safety, stability, and performance on demanding rough and terrain ground like dry stream beds and broken rock.


  • Fast and easy to install
  • Great bang for money
  • Package and instructions are clear


  • Lowest factory hole wasn’t covered

Paramount Restyling 51-0043 Black Corner Guard – Strong Protection Pick

via Amazon

Next on my list of the best jeep corner guards is the Off-Road Black Corner Guard from Paramount. You will find many features in this product, and these include: it stops dents and tears in the thin factory sheet metal, it also has triple-layer chrome rivets, produced from durable 1/8-inch steel sheet and provides 2-stage powder coating process with the use of epoxy pre-coating as well as high-grade textured black powder finish.

The remarkable thing about this Jeep TJ aluminium corner guards is that the thin sheet steel, which Jeep bodies are produced from is just slightly thicker than a beer can and it will dent right away. Further, a sharp rock can ignite an opening a sardine can as you pass by. You can also put a stop to that by just installing a variety of corner guards from this brand from thick 1/8-inch plate steel, which will make tree stumps stumble and rocks cry.

With the help of rugged construction and precision engineering, you can be sure that you’ll have total protection with this Jeep TJ rear corner guards. The only flaw I can complain about this item is that it’s only available and can be shipped to the US.


  • Installation hardware covered
  • Manufactured from robust 5/32-inch steel
  • Boost tire clearance


  • Available to US only.
  • Not illegible for international delivery.

Rugged Ridge 11651.01 Black Diamond Plate Body Armor Kit, Rear Quarter Panel, Pair for 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JKU, 4 Door

via Amazon

Lastly, if you wish to get the off-road appearance with your jeep, there’s no other name to choose. Every armour piece of Rugged Ridge 11651.01 Diamond Cornet is designed for diamond plate in black considering UV treated thermoplastic intended for the most terrible, coolest looking renovation for your vehicle.

Apart from that, every Body Armor connects to your jeep is protected by screws or for easy installation, you can opt to affix by using 3M tape. One thing that I really like about this Jeep TJ plastic corner guards is that you can personalize the appearance of your vehicle the way you like it.

It’s worth mentioning that lining up the corners as well as around tailgate hinges is very complicated and delicate. If one part sticks while you’re trying to line up, you can be in distress. You need some dry runs with your 3M tape backing in place. I would recommend someone or a partner to help you.


  • Available in individual items
  • Looks great
  • UV treated thermoplastic


  • Setting up is tricky

Final Verdict

There you have it, my review of the best jeep corner guards you can find on the market today. But for me, the winner would be the Paramount Restyling 51-0108 Black Corner Guard. For many years, Paramount Restyling has been in the industry supplying off-roaders with the accessories they require for their Jeeps. This corner guard can handle the most extreme and roughest terrain conditions. They are made to last and durable too. 

In essence, it’s smart decision to utilize a custom corner guard for your jeep. When searching for one, Paramount Restyling 51-0108 must be your choice.

A jeep corner guard is a wonderful accessory, which could add up to the adventurous and sporty qualities of your jeep. If you wish to modify the front end of your jeep, putting it is a simple way to add spice and life to your off-roading. More specifically, this replacement can enhance the safety and performance of your vehicle.


So, better make sure that you pick only the best!

Have you enjoyed my review? Write your comments below and join the conversation! We will be very pleased to entertain your thoughts! Share it with others too! Enjoy reading everyone!

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