How to Maintain Your RV

The trailer you own has been through tough days. You loved it before and you thought it was the coolest, shiniest, and most practical thing you own. Now that time has passed, you have learned to neglect it and leave it in the driveway. The need to have it looking cool again so you will love using it again.

There are tips you can follow so that your RV’ing experience becomes awesome again because you deserve to enjoy it even more. Since they do not have the same engines and transmissions similar to motor homes, they give you fewer complications making them easier to maintain. Here’s what you need to do so that proper maintenance is given:

Taking it to the specialist

You can easily do this and there are a lot of business owners that make a lot of money providing maintenance to the trailer of other people. It would mean having elbow grease and sometimes, but with the right advice, the trailer will be back and ready in no time.

What you will need

Supplies for cleaning, tester for batteries or voltmeter, and torque wrench.

You would have to wash the trailer most of the time, especially after arriving from a trip. Make sure that it is a mild detergent that you will use, and also a soft brush or sponge. The majority of new trailers are equipped with a rubberized roof that is supposed to be cleaned about four times annually. RV suppliers and roof manufacturers provide special cleaning products to be used for rubber roofs, although you can a mild detergent. While you are cleaning, check the roof for cracks or tears that are caused by branches hanging low. See if there are leaks surrounding roof vents, air conditioner covers, and antennas for TVs.

Battery condition

Inspect the condition of the battery at least once a month. If the battery is not a sealed that requires no maintenance, loosen and remove the caps that cover the cells and check the level of water. If needed, pour in distilled water. A battery tester can easily read the battery electrolyte condition. A sealed battery with a voltmeter needs to be tested to make sure that it has 12 volts when they are being charged. The cracks or bulges in the batter case show that it should be replaced already.

Keep it lubricated

The majority of any part of the trailer is supposed to be for moving in a form or fashion that interacts with other parts of the trailer should be kept lubricated to stop corrosion and friction. A winch, ball hitch, tongue jack and springs all need to be lubricated and you have to make sure they are greased all the time for the whole year. It would be ideal to make it a habit to lubricate the moving parts of the trailer before going on a trip.


Drain the black and gray water tanks after you get home from a trip. After you drain gallons of water and 1 pound of baking soda in every tank. You need to tow the trailer a few miles to destroy any deposits, then the tanks should be drained completely. When you are using the trailer in a campground using waste water hookups, make sure that the drains are not left open. Let the tanks get approximately half full prior to opening the valves and drain them. This helps more effective flushing.

The tires

If the trailer has not been used for some time, there is a good chance that the tires should be inflated before you use it again. Using the trailer can lead to air pressure loss, but they can also lose pressure when they are not being used. All tires leak air after some time, and monitoring the air pressure is important to keeping the trailer maintained properly.

When you know how to maintain your trailer, it will last long and you will not have a problem with it in the long run. You will also enjoy using it again even if it has been with you for years because it is still in top condition. Follow the given tips and enjoy your trailer for a longer period of time.

Nancy McCoy

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