How to Clean Car Tires

When the wheels of your car are clean, it is able to do more compared to enhancing the look of your car. It protects your tires from any weathering and cracking, and it gets rid of corrosion that protects the finish of the wheels from certain elements. Keeping the cleanliness of the wheels is a significant part of maintaining the vehicle and you should clean the wheels every time you have it washed or it could be every 2 weeks.

Do not let the brake dust stay on the wheels for quite some time and there is a possibility that it will get eaten in the coating and damage the metal.

What You Must Do

  • Gather all of the right materials you need and in order to clean the car tires, you would need to have these: dish soap, bucket, washer, water source and wash mitt.
  • When you start washing the car, clean the tires and wheels before the other parts. This is going to stop the prevent grime from going to the clean panels. When you use the soap and water to clean the tires, this is when you will need the rinse bucket, brush, and mitt.
  • Rinse the wheels first using water – Remember that your wheels get exposed to mud, dirt, brake, and dust, and a lot of other things. You can start to wash normally so you can get rid of the bulk of mess from your wheels. Take the pressure washer to remove the dirt that gets collected in the inner rim’s surface. You should also make sure to wash the rubber sidewall using a direct water stream.
  • Always choose a tire cleaner with the right composition for the kind of wheels you own. The roughcast and chrome is able to handle strong tire cleaners that coated, anodized or painted the wheels. The cleaner is going to dictate its purpose on the label. For instance, a certain product can be utilized for all types of wheel coating, but one of their products is not meant for wheels that have coating. If you are unsure about the kind of wheels you own, use a product that you can use safely for all types pf wheels.
  • Once you have chosen a cleaning product, use it to coat the tires and you can either spray them or apply it using a soft cloth if there is cream. For deep cleaning, leave it on the wheels for 5 minutes. You can scrub the tires while staying away from the rim or damaging the fender, then rinse off the brushes and do it again if needed.
  • Use delicate brushes for reaching the detailed parts of the tires such as the lug nuts and cap at the center.
  • Clean the tires one by one so the cleaner will not dry up. You can wash and rinse it using a powerful water pressure before cleaning the next one.
  • When drying your wheels, take a microfibre or a towel, but do not use it to clean other parts of the car. When you have used a towel on the tires or wheels, it should only be for that. Drying prevents spots to appear and helps in eliminating every part of it.
  • When you wax the wheels, use a microfiber or applicator pad, and then apply the dressing to your tires, in the same manner, you would normally wax the car. Spread the wax evenly on labels and grooves and between the rims and tires, this is except for the parts that touch the road.

A Tip That You Must Know

All of the dressings on tires are not created the same way and avoid dressings that have silicone. While they give the tires a gloss shine, they have the tendency to get burned. They can cause fast degrading of the rubber. The best dressings are water-based that do not have the same shine but will not cause damage to the tire.


Here is a recommended site to show you one tire shine products and you will be guided on how to properly use it to keep your tires looking new wherever you go. Remember to follow the tips given so your car tires stay shiny and clean.

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