How Much Does it Cost to Live in an RV Park?

It is not a secret that the lifestyle of living in an RV park is becoming more popular and it only went down between 2008 and 2014 because of the economic crisis. However, this does not stop people from taking the plunge and live in an RV for more adventures. One of the major things a person needs to consider is the cost of living in an RV park. This concern does not have a simple answer because people have different lifestyles and goals. The RVers should never start this adventure without any plan because they might not foresee additional costs. This is why there is information provided here on how much it really costs to live in an RV park.

If You Are a Young Couple

In case the couple is new to owning an RV and not sure what type of lifestyle will be suitable for them, they should be practical yet remain functional. A first trailer would normally cost $3000 and a lot of things can be learned from living in that trailer. Even if it is a starter trailer, there will be a lot of things that need to be done and what is really not needed. The couple would need to have repairs and improvements and they can always sell it after a year should they decide to change.

Cost of The RV

Normal expenses linked to your RV are the cost of the RV you purchase, the sales tax (which can be quite high), licenses and fees for registration, maintenance and property taxes. The prices of these RVs can vary greatly and you might be lucky enough to find a used one that is less than $10,000 or you can opt for a luxurious one which can cost up to $1,000,000.

Regardless if you buy a new or old one, some people have purchased RVs by loaning and this is not the same as car loans. RV loans can sometimes be as long as 15 to 20 years. It is recommended that you are careful because loaning the RV for 15 to 20 years can make RVs affordable when it really isn’t.

RV Insurance

There is a high policy maintenance for RVs and the cost would normally be $299/year for the RV insurance and the policy is at $374/ year. This could vary depending on the state where the RV will be registered.

Costs of Groceries and Dining Out

This number is going to stay the same as what you are spending where you are situated now. You are going to spend about $400 a month in groceries for two people. The majority of the food you will buy are fresh ones and you can shop 1 to 2 times weekly if your cabinet space is limited.

If you are not going to dine out a lot because you already have food in the RV, you are going to average approximately $120/month for dining out. This is already eating in restaurants and not fast food chains. This might be extremely low for some people, but this is only if you love to try the new restaurants around you. Although, this is totally controllable and you will know how to cut down if you need to.

Rent of The Lot

This is similar to mortgage and this is the largest expense you must consider, but it is the most essential. The largest difference is that you don’t have to pay for the land in the state. The land is already paid for and compared to a small one every year like personal property tax and this is a small liability. The lot rent is what needs to be paid for to a campground, city park, state park, and others where the travel trailer can be parked.

There should be water access, electricity and truck parking. The majority of the spots you will choose should come with some room if you have a child, a patio area, WiFi, and amenities access. Unlike a home rent or a mortgage, the lot rent is going to give you exposure to other RVers.

RV Maintenance

You need to always expect to have maintenance charges every month and this is going to save you headaches when you suddenly break down, have a brake pad shattered, blown tire, or leaking propane. You also have to change the oil and refill the propane so count this in for uncontrollable expenses.

Entertainment Costs

This is something that may go up or down when you are already living in an RV. There are times when you are going to check out the events that are happening in your area that will add costs like admission.

If you love doing outdoor activities like mountain biking, rock climbing, and other similar activities, your entertainment costs will not differ a lot from what it was before because you already have the equipment needed. You only have to spend extra if you like to do something different or if you want a guided tour of the area.


Utilities are a basic charge like electricity on site and travel trailers are going to use standard grid for electricity because of interior and exterior lights, television, devices, and others. You can make an effort to lessen this expense by switching all of the lights to LED bulbs and getting low watt things.

Doing Laundry

This is going to average about $1.75/load of washing and about $1.25 for drying clothes. Majority of the campgrounds consist of a low-end but good washers that will be good enough for you. Take note that a lot of campgrounds and parks will allow you to hang a clothesline, which helps.

These are what you must know about the costs of living in an RV park and what you need to do to survive every day and comfortably.

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