Guest Posts: 17 Great Tips for Travelling on a Budget

It is a tedious task to plan a trip because you need to figure out where to begin, what to do next, and other considerations. You can easily get overwhelmed at first, especially if it is your first time. There is also a fear of forgetting something, which is why you need to plan ahead of time to avoid any discomfort or anything that might cause problems during your trip.

A holiday trip has become more expensive these days, and it is only wise to plan your budget as well so you won’t end up overspending and regretting why you were not wise with your expenses.

1. Have good timing when booking a flight

Think about when you book your flight because there is a good timing for that. Start looking for the cheapest tickets even if you are booking far ahead of time because you will get the best deal. You can download an application that is able to calculate the date when it will be the cheapest time to fly where you want to go. You can also play with the dates because if you are flexible, you can find the cheapest options when to fly.

2. Do a search on your costs

Now that you already know your destination, and the duration of your stay, you should now find out how much money you will need. You should now research the cost of your destination and the activities you want to do.

3. Bed with no breakfast

When your destination is already set, you need to find the perfect place for your slumber. You can try couch-surfing, which means that you stay on someone’s couch. You will also get to meet new people, but you should pick the host well to be sure of your safety.

4. Consider the weight and measurement of your luggage

Regardless if you are travelling with only a hand baggage or have bags checked-in, make sure they do not exceed weight restrictions because you will be charged extra if they do.

5. Inform your card company

Whether you will be gone for a long time or not, you should inform your credit card company. This is going to give you assurance that any transactions made by you will not get flagged as fraudulent and your card will not be blocked.

6. Do your own cooking

It is a good idea to stay away from hotel meals because you will be surprised at the amount of money you are able to save. When you book hostels or apartments, you can cook your own meal. This is great especially if you are picky with the food you eat.

7. Make sure you have travel insurance

While people think they are healthy and don’t need travel insurance, it would still be good to have travel insurance because it gives you more than medical protection. Travel insurance gives coverage for a broken camera, cancelled flight, death of a family member and you need to come home, or if something gets stolen. Think about these benefits and get a travel insurance.

8. Walk and explore on your feet

Avoid spending money on costly transportation if you need to go somewhere and it is within walking distance. You will also get to see a lot of your surroundings and if you are tired, you can already take public transport.

9. Shop without tax

If you are travelling to a country where you get taxed for everything, you can travel outside the member states because you can be refunded of the local sales tax. There are shops that are part of the national tax-free schemes and you can look for them.

10. Download free apps for finding cheap spots

There are applications that can be helpful to you in finding one-off discounted places, but you can find establishments that have regular deals. Applications can help you save big money during your trip. You might even discover an application that will become your favorite when you travel next time.

11. If you plan to hunt

You need to know what kind of hunting you will do because there are animals that can only be seen in certain places, and they can only be found during specific times of the year. You will also need the right gear like having the right hunting boots. You need to check out the good hunting boots reviews so you can pick the right one for you.

12. Visit the cultural websites of your destination

How are you going to know which ones come free or discounted if you have not researched your destination’s cultural offerings before going there. There are a lot of museums, zoos, and parks that do charge admission but sometimes they have a free day. In case you can’t find that information online, do not hesitate to pick up the phone and ask them.

13. Use Social media

You might be lucky to have a friend who can offer you a spare room in the place where you are planning to go to. It is not a bad thing to ask people on your social media. You private message some of your friends or you can write a post that you need a place to stay and will be bringing snacks.

14. There is a city sightseeing pass that you can buy

Sightseeing passes are great alternatives if you need travel passes and they have more benefits to offer as well, but only some have good value. You can save money when you do this and you get to enjoy the tourist spots even more.

15. Check if there are last-minute deals

Now that you are inspired and prepared, and you already want to save money for your trip, you need to check again for deals that you must have missed. Maybe you want to go to Paris, but there are awesome deals for Ireland now. There are also offers like a seven-day cruise that’s been discounted for 70%, or a Hawaii package deal that will cost the same as your flight to Paris. There are also awesome sailing deals you can check out.

16. You have membership perks

Instead of using the plastic in your wallet that only makes you spend a lot all the time, you can find out what rewards and discounts are linked with them. One example is the Bank of America because they have a program name Museums on Us. Their cardholders can go to partner museums during the first full weekend of each month at no cost. There are about 150 or more participating museums in the entire country. Doing a small amount of research into the deals that you are readily accessible to you will save you cash.

17. Life hacks for a small budget

In case you have real money trouble during the end of your trip, you can do a few things. You can shower in fountains, knock on houses and ask if you can do some chores in the house in exchange for a meal. You can also go to restaurants and ask if they have extra bread that you can eat for breakfast the next morning. You can also sleep on a park bench and maybe you can also meet a new friend while doing this.

These are the best travel tips you can use if you are trying to budget your money. You don’t have to travel expensively if you want to enjoy the rest of the world. There are tricks you can do so you can enjoy each destination, while not having to stress about how much money you need because you only need enough. Experiences are much better than spending on expensive things so don’t let anything stop you from taking that trip you’ve been dreaming of.

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