How To Get Rid Of Fleas In Your Car?

Do you love to take your cat for a ride in your favorite car but doing that lead to fleas in your vehicle? If yes, then you have come to the right place. We have mentioned some tips in this guide to get rid of fleas in your car. As we, know flea infestation in your vehicle is very irritating.

It may be as difficult to handle it in your car as fleas in your home. In this guide, we will let you know how to prevent flea infestation from happening in next time. You will also understand how to remove fleas easily from your car. This guide is useful for those people who are sick off the fleas in their car.

First of all, you need to know how fleas get in your vehicle. You can get fleas from bringing your favorite pet (cat, dog, etc.) into your vehicle with you. If your pet plays a lot outside, then it picks up fleas along the way to car or home, and it can lead to yeast infestation.

Sometimes you may bring fleas into your vehicle by parking it in an area where fleas live. When you get into the car, you may bring flea eggs or adult fleas into your car with you. But you need not worry about; you can easily deal with the problem of Flea infestations.

1. Take Care of the Fleas on your Pet

If your pet is responsible for flea infestations in your car, you should take care of it.

  • You can use flea shampoo or flea drops to take care of fleas on your pet.
  • You should clean your car and clear flea infestations before bringing your pet into the car. It ensures the safety of your pet too.
  • You can use some cleaning products to remove fleas from your pets. It doesn’t let your pet transfer the fleas from his body to your car.
  • You can use a good shampoo to clean your pet. It helps remove flea droppings, eggs, and fleas. You should also wash your pet’s bleeding.
  • You should also take care of the rugs where your pet sleeps.
  • You can treat your pet with two ways including Spot and Oral.

Spot type flea treatment is applied to the pet’s back to prevent or kill the eggs or adult fleas. Oral type flea treatment is used to change the chemistry of your pet so that fleas that bite can’t lay viable eggs. You should apply each and every treatment on schedule to maintain regular coverage.

2. Take Care of your Environment

A flea laid eggs in a moist and shady area where many pets love to relax. Your pet can pick up fleas in your home or car. So you should take help of pest control professionals.

You can have your infected area treated with a spray that is done to interrupt the life cycle of fleas. You should also treat the pet’s house and any area in your home, garden or yard the pet likes to rest.

3. Take Care of your Car

After treating your pet and getting a flea infestation under control in the environment, now it is the best time to make your car flea proof. There are many ways to treat your car and kill the adult fleas.

You can clean or vacuum the car daily for 2-3 weeks to kill flea eggs or larvae. You should take care of new fleas reintroduces by your pet too. Here we have suggested some effective ways take care of your car and kill fleas in your car.

  • Steam Cleaning or Vacuuming: Regular Steamer Cleaning is very important to remove fleas from your car. When you have small flea infestations, you can use a steamer to clear car cover properly to get rid of it. But steamers and cleaner would not work if flea infestations are too large. Fleas generally cannot survive in temperature greater than 95 °F and the good steamer is required to produce steam at a temperature between 120 °F to 170 °F. It helps kills the fleas at a higher temperature. But if your car flea infestation is very bad, then you should use some more aggressive tactics to kill or prevent fleas in your car.
  • Flea Sprays: This is the easiest way to deal with fleas. Flea Spray is a cheap way to kill them. You just need to buy an effective and good flea spray and spray down all of the flooring and carpets in your car. You should also spray underneath seats of the car. You can take out floor mats and spray down all the carpeting underneath the car mats. Let this spray sit in your vehicle for approx 1-2 hours.
  • Flea Powders: There is different flea powder are available in the market that you can use to get rid of fleas. You can spread this powder throughout the carpeting in your vehicle. When fleas inhale or eat this powder, they get died. You can also use best flea fogger to get rid of fleas.

There are many varieties of these products are available in the market but you should look for the best to get rid of fleas permanently. You can try all the ways mentioned above to keep your car and home fleas proof. These are easy tips to deal with the situation.

Fleas’ infestation in a car can be very irritating for the car owner, but there are many tactics that help deal with them. Steaming and vacuum cleaning can help; you should clean car paint properly. You can also use some flea spray and powders to kill the fleas in your car.

Don’t forget to take care of your pets too. You need to use good products to remove fleas from your pet. You can use all the above useful tips to get rid of fleas. Hope you find this post interesting. Do comment, if you have any query.

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