Full Time RV Living Tips

Choosing to live an RV full time is great and there are people who swear by it and have been doing it for years. A lot of people who have not been introduced to the idea of living full-time in an RV think about the number of full timers receive their mail or document their taxes or even the type of insurance they are buying. Think about what they use as their address and how will you register to become a voter? And even the money they save to pay for campgrounds and costs of RV parks have to be thought of.

If you want to become a full-time RVer, here are tips you can do so that you can comfortably live the lifestyle you want without any inconvenience.

The layout of the RV

When you are about to buy an RV, one consideration you need to make is the layout. Since you plan to live in the RV full time, you need to find an RV that is going to fit your lifestyle and the amount of space you need. The reality is that layout matters more than the size because bigger does not always equal to better. Even if the RV is big, you will not feel that it has more space because some of them do not have a good layout. Make sure that you choose a better layout than buying a bigger RV.

You can find public camping grounds

It is easy to think that you need to keep looking at websites of camping grounds that you have to pay for. This is going to be a struggle for you and there are public spaces you can find for RV living. When you are about to travel to a next destination, look it up on the internet first and see if there are public camping spots that will let you park your RV. Some of the old timers have been doing this for years and they are just as happy as those who are living in camping parks.

You need a game plan

A lot of full timers go with the weather while traveling and then go to friendlier places that have cooler or warmer weather throughout the entire year. That is going to become a fine outline but it can be irritating to find a new area and discover that there is a festival you missed or a conventional event by one or two days. You need to plan early and ready the travel resources you have. The main rule of traveling in an RV full time is to remain flexible. Avoid being in a rush to drive down the road and just enjoy your time.

Which RV is good for traveling full time in an RV

When early voyages end, you will conclude that if your full-time experience is going to get you on the road compared to sitting still, riding a big motorhome is right for you. If you are going to be stationary for months, then you cannot beat a travel trailer that will make you feel like you are in a small apartment.

A fifth wheel trailer is also good for you if climbing a few steps going to the bathroom and the bedroom are a struggle for you. A travel trailer might wear you out before the day ends because you won’t be able to relax. You need to always be alert if you are towing a travel trailer.

Take your time

Rushing like crazy animals is not going to be enjoyable for you and you will, later on, realize that it is not necessary. Actually, consuming more time to enjoy the surroundings can save you money and make you win friends. You will be part of a community that has the same passion as you because you might meet fellow full-time RVers along the way. Remember that there is no need to rush things and you have the luxury of experiencing everything as you walk around the area.

Have a spot for storing outdoor stuff

If you are going to the boondocks, then you need a place for your outdoor stuff. You can have a few propane tanks, water jugs, and stuff that you bought from nature. Having an RV garage that us portable is going to help with that since stuff can only be contained within walls instead of piling it up outside the RV.

You need insurance

There are a lot of insurance decisions you can make when you are living on the road, and among them are accidents, illnesses, and theft. You can look for a few discounts and options before leaving and you only have to go through the process once. There are two important coverages: your RV’s replacement value should be stolen or ruined and if it is for personal things, something similar to a homeowner’s insurance. There are plenty of insurers and types of coverage so you need to choose well for the insurance to fit the lifestyle you want. Medical insurance can specifically offer to full-time RVers.


There is not the convenience of online banking and it is easier now compared to before. Almost all can be done through a credit card. If you need cash, there is something called “cash over” on a debit card found at the supermarket. This is not going to incur any fees and you will not worry about finding a branch of the bank in a weird town or paying extra just to withdraw from an ATM machine. If it is necessary for you to deposit a check, get the bank’s mailing address and send them an explanatory note.

Follow these tips I gave to make your full time living good and comfortable. You do not the extra worries because you are finally getting away from the busy streets of the city and being stationary.

Nancy McCoy

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