The Different Types of RV

If you are thinking of buying your first RV and finally hit the road for your next vacation, you should first know which of these RVs is suitable for you. There are a lot of makes, styles, models and layouts with added options. RVs are categorized this way: Class A, Class B, and Class B motorhomes; The towables – fifth wheel, pop-up trailer, travel trailer, and then the truck camper. Each type of RV has a toy hauler version for the purpose of transporting ATVs, motorcycles, golf carts, and others. Although the most common types are the fifth wheels and travel trailers. When you have an RV, you are able to enjoy the world while feeling like you are sitting comfortably at home.

Class A Motorhome

They are boxy, square-like, huge, and remind you of a bus. These motorhomes have a large windshield so you are able to have a wide view of the traffic with a panoramic feel. The starting price of these RVs are $75,000 and can go up to millions of dollars. They are considered to be the most expensive and luxurious type of RV that they offer a lot of amenities for people who want to travel in style.

The luxury coaches are designed for specific individuals and have a starting price of $100,000.

Class A RVs can be up to 45 feet long and are very spacious that normally have a suite that has a full-bathroom, and enclosed shower. The water closet might have its own room that has a water/dryer for the laundry.

The drawbacks of owning a Class A are the ridiculous price, maintenance costs, expensive fuel, and the size. You need to watch out for low overhangs, narrow and winding roads, tunnels, and campgrounds that have a lot of trees with low limbs.

Class B Motorhome

The Class B motorhome is most of the time called a camper van and it has a lot of the smaller vehicles that hardly level up to what can be called a motorhome. They are normally made on a standard van chassis with a full size and the roof is raised to control upright walking. Similar to the Class A motorhome, it is possible that there is a gasoline and diesel powered kind.

This type of camper has sleeping quarters that are very comfortable and other necessities you would need during trips. Since they have a smaller size, driving them is very easy, you will also not have a hard time maneuvering and storing them. It can be doable to take any of the quick day trips or perform errands. These motorhomes can have one to two travelers and are normally complete. Campers have a refrigerator, hot water, sink, toilets, showers, heating, and air condition. Even if they are a bit expensive to buy, operating them is a lot more economical.

The disadvantage of the Class B motorhome is their cramped interior space, especially if there will be more than two people inside. You will also notice that the sizes of appliances are a lot smaller compared to what you normally use. There is not enough space for anything luxurious like a laundry room or entertainment systems, and you cannot take a lot of supplies with you because the cargo capacity is not that big.

Class C Motorhome

The Class C motorhome use a standard cargo van for the driving part of the RV and the most common are Ford Econoline and Chevrolet. It is able to make the outside cab portion more accessible because there are a lot of entry doors.

The RV’s camper part is long enough to reach the cab area and normally have a queen or king bed in the space. There are manufacturers that put TVs and entertainment with extra storage in the cab-over area instead of using the bed space.

The starting price of Class C motorhomes are $60,000 and could reach $100,000. In general, the length of these motorhomes ranges from 20 to 30 feet. The available amenities in Class C motorhomes are not as complete, but basic necessities will be met. It is just that washer/dryer, ice machines, and warm ceramic floors are missing. There are enough closet and storage space, but not excessive.

The only thing about Class C motorhomes is that there is no rear bedroom suite in order to have more maneuverability. Since there is a large sofa, dinette, and cab-over bed, 6 people can sleep comfortable inside. The bathroom in Class C motorhomes are smaller, but they have a complete shower.

Fifth Wheel

This type of RV has the biggest living space for a long travel length. Their forward section is raised that allows for a two-level floor layout. Fifth wheels have additional room in the unit’s living space and a bedroom slide-out area. Full-timers prefer this type more.

Travel Trailers

Travel trailers have large and movable containers have living spaces and all of the comforts of a home. They are put on top of the frames of standard trailers and have several amenities. Trailers can either be simple or have all of the luxuries you can think of. Travel trailers can have their own bathrooms, kitchens, and mini refrigerators. Sizes can differ and some have outfitted sections that can be expanded so there can be additional space.

The good thing about these traditional travel trailers is that there are different towing vehicles with a lot of uses. These RVs can be linked with normal ball hitch receiver. These travel trailers can easily be pulled away using any type of truck, van, or SUVs that is appropriate for the weight capacity. You do not need to buy a different vehicle so that can specific requirements can be met.

These are the types of RVs you should know about before buying anything. It is easy to spend money on the first one you see without knowing if it is the best one for you or not. Make sure to read about each one before deciding.

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