Your Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Tow Dolly’s

Do you travel a lot with a front wheel drive with you? Good news for RVers like you! A tow dolly is your perfect travel buddy – guaranteed to make your whole travel experience a lot of fun and less hassle! But, with so many products that claim to be a sound investment, which​ one to trust? Here, you'll find our top picks for the best tow dolly's as well as our buying guide to help narrow down your choices.



If you own a motorhome, you will need to tow a car with you when on travel. This is to provide you with an effective way of further enjoying your lifestyle while on the road. With a tow dolly, you can have quick access to isolate areas for local sightseeing or other activities, plan destinations, go to the store, etc. 

I will be discussing more details below with our top picks so enjoy reading guys! So, keep on reading my dear readers!

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Before proceeding, let's take a glimpse first of the best tow dolly's on the market that has bagged our hearts.

What is Tow Dolly?

One of the valuable assets of vehicle owners, tow dolly or car dolly is a small trailer with two wheels. These wheels allow for the front two wheels' simple hookup. This dolly, though, cannot be connected to any tow vehicle. Most contemporary cars are front wheel drive; hence, the drive train keeps unmoving.

No wear occurs on the vehicle, and no mileage is accrued on the odometer. In addition to hauling cars, the tow dolly can also be used for hauling other big objects since it comes with a lot of harnesses and straps. However, you should accurately balance the weight and carefully put them.

How much to tow a car is a big concern when it comes to car dolly. The weight limit of a standard high-quality tow dolly peaks at 4,900 pounds. Know how towing weight distribution system works here.

Types of Tow Dolly's

There are basically two types of a tow dolly, the:

Mounted Front Wheels – has wheels attached like that of the car's front wheels. They pivot kingpins and trail around corners without having the towed vehicle to move on a pivot stuck between the trailer wheels. The only advantage we have seen is that it lessens the possibilities of the vehicle hitting the trailer when driving to constricted areas.


Center Pivot Dolly – includes a center pivot that enables cars to trail around corners. Most of the center pivot dolly products are quality, although considered low-cost models because of their fixed trailer wheels.

Nevertheless, both do their responsibility efficiently, offering more convenience among RV owners. 

How to Use the Car Dolly?

Using a car dolly doesn't need to be complicated. You'll find it relatively simple if you follow the manual instruction given by your manufacturer. Here's how to properly use it: 


The hitch ball must be at the right height.


Tightly position the coupler on the hitch ball and attach the safety chains amongst the hitch and the tow dolly. Connect the brakes and lights (if you have them). 


Ensure the weights are right and look for an area on the level ground to load your car on the tow dolly.


Drive up to the ramps slowly and see if the vehicle is appropriately centered. Without getting scratched, make sure everything will clear the slopes. 


Now, continue driving up the ramps and on the platform of the tow dolly.


You are now ready to apply the brake. 


The tow dolly tire straps should be at the precise size of your vehicle. Put them securely on the tires. Ensure they are thoroughly placed to avoid possible contact with the suspension and brakes of the vehicle or fraying metal and any screws in the material. 


Make use of a socket or wrench to tighten up the winch spool.


Put the ramps on the tow dolly's front and strap them.


You're now ready to go! 

Or you can also watch the video below:

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Car Dolly

Maybe you're already eyeing for a car dolly to buy for your next road trip. But, wait! Check out these various essential purchasing factors to make sure a safe, happy investment.


Your specific towing needs

In tow dolly, you have two options: central pivot dolly and mounted front wheels. When choosing between these two, consider which is ideal for your situation and the kind of vehicle to be towed. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Weight capacity

Every car dolly has a weight capacity. The combined dollies will hold the weight of the car's axles quickly unless you have a massive truck. Wooden tow dollies have a weight limit of not more than 100 LBS. 

Lights and brakes

When it comes to lighting and braking, convenience is much more important than the cost. These are your safe ways of transporting a car behind your motorhome. Some products are user-friendly. It is essential to ask your dealer about the product's light and brake to make sure you're getting the right deal.


This one should not be overlooked. Check the car dolly parts carefully before making a buying decision. Check underneath parts. You don't want to deal with bouncing off or dangling pieces on the road surface, right?

The model and make

You don't necessarily need to invest in the most popular or expensive model and make. Thorough research is what you need here. Make sure the product is highly reliable and can meet all your towing needs.


There's a price range you need to consider as well, depending on the quality of materials, brand, available features, and size. Not to worry if your budget is restricted as you can still find the suitable product. Again, conduct thorough research about the potential product you intend to buy.

Reviews of the Best Tow Dolly's

Whether it is for towing vehicles or other things, we've collected the best options for you to choose from. For their reviews, keep going!

Via Amazon

What makes WEN Car Dolly on top of our list are its elegant, durable design and excellent function for moving vehicles, boats, airplanes, and even furniture and equipment - assuring that your hard-earned dollars are worth the expense.

When moving a vehicle or equipment, you can have full confidence knowing that this car dolly will do its job. It has approximately 16-inch by a 12-inch top surface, 1/4 thick and premium 3-inch caster wheels, 2 with brakes. This product boasts a heavy-duty steel construction with durable polycarbonate surface dual radial ball bearing wheel casters as well as a tread pattern of expensive diamond that helps in preventing slips.

So far, the sole downfall I've experienced with using WEN tow dolly is that the big safety sticker is difficult to remove.


Stylish, robust design

Made of thick solid plate steel

Available in two or four sets

Diamond tread pattern minimizes potential slipping 

Great for showrooms, shops, and garages

Ideal for moving trailers, tractors, cars, trucks, ATVs, airplanes, motorcycles, boats, equipment, furniture and others


Stylish, robust design

2. Pentagon Tools 5061 Tire Skates 2 Tire Wheel Car Dolly – Best Budget-Friendly Product for Moving Cars

Via Amazon

If you're after a tow dolly that will help you move your car, the Pentagon Tools 5061 Tire Skates is just for you! Its wheel dollies make use of three-inch ball bearing castors graded to handle a gross weight of 6,000 pounds.

Among the excellent features is an integrated hole above to allow simple storage when not in use. Being stylish is not a problem, as it comes with red and black colors to match any garage tools. Its base is made of thick plate steel with a gorgeous powder coat finish.


Easy storage

Gross weight of 6,000 lbs. 

Available in a variety of styles

Does its job flawlessly

Friendly to the wallet


Good only for moving cars

3. 4-Red Premium Skates Wheel Car Dolly – Best Quality Product for Moving Cars and Furniture

Via Amazon

If you're looking for a quality tow dolly without breaking the bank, then give 4-Red Tire Premium Skates Wheel Car Dolly a try. It has a weight capacity of 1,500 pounds each, 3-inch diameter wheels and 15 to 3/4-inch wide by 12-inch long.

Just like XtremepowerUS Car Dolly, this model is also an excellent companion for transporting all sizes of vehicles, furniture, and equipment. The heavy-duty wheels ensure you will have a smooth ride at any moving speed. On the other hand, the four-solid premium double ball bearing car dollies are easy to push.

Though, there are incidents where this product doesn't suit several performance size tires.


Heavy-duty wheels

Thick diamond plate steel construction

Offers smooth one person pushing

Includes a handle for easy hanging and carrying

Allows for easy moving of vehicles, airplanes, boats, ATV's, furniture, equipment, and so much more


Doesn't fit all performance size tires

4. Demco 9713045 Kar Kaddy SS Tow Dolly – Best Corrosion-Free Product for Hauling Small to Medium Vehicles

Via Amazon

Made of galvanized steel, which ensures a corrosion-free use throughout - great for towing small and medium types of vehicles!

Another most-sought after car tow dolly for sale, the Demco 9713045 provides car owners with ease of use. This is superficially ideal for those who don't want or can't use an RV tow bar for the car they are hauling behind their motorhome. The steerable axle allows the wheels to make turns while cornering. 

The drawbacks, however, is that this product is not ideal for towing a local or full-sized pickup, besides being heavy. This makes the tow dolly challenging to operate by hand.


A maximum hauling weight of 4,800 pounds

Has hydraulic surge disc brakes and steerable axle

Towed vehicle thread is adjustable

Folds for simple and quick storage

Good for hauling small and medium vehicles


A bit heavy

Not ideal for transporting full-sized pickups and suburban

5. HD Dolly Adjustable Trailer Moves – Best Heavy-Duty Product for Moving Cargo Trailers, Boat, or Utility

Via Amazon

Another sturdy car dolly for moving trailers, boats, and utilities on the road, the HD Tow Dolly is made to impress every RV owners.

It has unique 3-wheel design for an easy and quick moving of vehicles. The weight capacity is 1000 pounds, the swivel caster is 1 to 10 inches, and the tires are 2 to 16 inches flat. Thanks to its durable structure and hammer tone powder coat finish, the HD Dolly can work with two-inch or larger coupler and resist corrosion and wear.

Although this model is relatively good for doing its job, the bracket that holds the swivel chair is not a heavy gauge. So, be careful on that.


Heavy-duty, made of quality materials

Ball height can be adjusted

Performs its job well

Great for moving utility, boats and cargoes.

Works with a 2-inch coupler or bigger

Up to 1-year limited warranty


Weak swivel wheel bracket

Final Verdict

All of these tow dollies can hold the majority of cars and are designed to last. But so far, the XtremepowerUS 12" x16" Premium Skates Wheel Car Dolly is my most favorite. From quality materials to quick setup to convenience, this model would surely make your road travel more fun and enjoyable. This one is indeed a wise choice!

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