How To Choose The Best Tonneau Cover All You Need To Know

Putting a tonneau cover on your truck is a good way to protect it against elements and theft. With several of these available in the market today, you need a guide that will tell you which one you should get. There are a lot to choose from, but sometimes you only have to see 5 of the best ones so you can choose.

They can be confusing and if you have never bought one before, you are in luck because this post will allow you to find out which one is going to suit your needs. Before you buy one, there are factors that you need to consider because they can help you decide and each type is made differently to accommodate everyone’s preferences.

Things to consider when choosing one

  • The frequency of use – Ask yourself if you always have to haul things such as appliances or motorcycles and others that have loads of dirt on them. Do you use it for groceries or luggage items? Do you need the cover to work with a bike rack or tool box? Is there a need for you to access the truck bed often? Take these into consideration when choosing a tonneau cover because it needs to be versatile and secure if you will use it for a lot of things.
  • Think about the difficulty of installation, but do not worry because majority of tonneau covers can be installed between 30 to 45 minutes using garage tools and drilling is not necessary. There are tonneau covers that need slight modifications like a retractable plastic bed liner. If you do not know how to install it, there are people you can call that can do it for you.
  • The weather – There are tonneau covers that are particularly for wrapping over the bedrails to give the best protection against extrinsic forces. This would depend on the kind of material the cover is made of. There are covers that are able to withstand heat and the sun more than others, and they work better under frigid temperatures.
  • The height of the truck – Consider how the height impacts what you are going to buy. Even if they are lighter today, they can feel heavy if used on a truck. The soft tonneau covers like roll ups and soft tri-folds are light and easier to manage. The retractable covers are known for being used in lifted trucks and have more convenience. These types of covers are easily accessible using a button, making life simpler.
  • If there is a tool box in the truck – If the truck you own currently has a tool box that is mountable over the plains, there might be limited options when selecting a tonneau cover. However, there is an alternative to the normal tool box. By using a case, there are amenities of tool box that does not need the tonneau cover to be sacrificed.
  • What is the budget you need for this? – The tonneau covers have a wide range of prices so this means that no matter the kind of functionality one needs, there is a possibility that you are going to find one that will not ruin the budget.
  • Maintenance – Most of the tonneau covers do not maintenance aside from soap and water cleaning. Vinyl cleaners can be used to clean tonneau covers so the surface is always looking new. The ones that need maintenance can be retracted because the tracking system should be free from debris. There are other kinds that are an exception because they have ball bearings that are sealed which do not need maintenance.

Top 5 Best Tonneau Cover Reviews

1. Tyger Auto Tri-Fold Tonneau Bed Cover Review

Best for 2002-2017 Dodge Ram 1500; 2003-2017 Dodge Ram 2500/3500


The fitment is 2002-2017 dodge ram 1500; 2003-2017 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 with 5.8' Short Box, 6.5’Short Box, 8' Long Box. This is brand new and original which includes a tonneau cover, a LED light, seals for weather protection and a kit for mounting hardware.

The clamps were patented in the US and this is why installation is very easy. The simple design gives it a customized look and gas savings of up to 13%. The seal is tight to give protection against dirt and moisture. No drilling needed for installation and comes with a manufacturer limited lifetime warranty.


  • This product ships really fast and has great weather protection
  • It only takes a few minutes to install because there are four clamps that were put there to hold it in place
  • The clamps look like a rear lever so you can tighten or loosen them up the same way
  • The two clamps at the front become knobs and they are very easy to take out
  • I only had to set the top and move it in place before using


  • The one I got had a little upward bend on the middle section of the frame

The price is reasonable for the quality you get when buying this one. It is great protection against the weather and easy installation.

2. Truxedo 281101 Truxport Soft Roll-up Dual Latch Cover Review

Best for Silverado


It is a single-person utilization of 2 latch systems at the tailgate which calls for quick release and can be rolled up while there is maintenance in security. This is a reasonably priced solution which covers a price range with a snap-on model, but by the use of high-end models.

This cover adds a nice appearance on trucks and aerodynamic contours to the truck, which improves MPG of up to 100%. This one does not need drilling or cutting so installation is very quick. The control for manual tension does not need tools, which can be adjusted in seconds so the cover is tightened.


  • This one is very easy to remove and I have been looking for a tonneau cover that is going to allow me to remove it right away when I needed the bed
  • I timed how long it took me to install it and the time I had was 13 minutes. Very quick!
  • It is well worth what I paid for so I am not complaining about the price
  • Fits perfectly on almost any truck, especially on Chevies
  • The cover stays in place and tight without airflow that comes from underneath


  • It tends to hold some rain on it

I would buy this again, especially if I do not want to spend a lot of time installing it

3. BAK Industries 72309 F1 BakFlip Tonneau Cover Review

Best for Ford F150


This one fits the flush to allow access that is needed for mounting and there is a clamp for easy installation. This one locks in place with aerodynamic design making it a low profile cover compared to others in the market.

The item weight is 70 pounds and the dimensions of the product are 8 x 68 x 23 inches. The warranty of the manufacturer is available from the customer service and easy to request.


  • I found this one to be incredibly easy to install and the price I paid for is reasonable
  • It is very durable and I love its simplicity because it looks great on my Ford F150
  • I am someone who does not like anything bulky so this one is perfect for my taste
  • This gives an all-around weather protection which means that I can use this anytime of the year
  • I use my F150 most of the time for driving around the city and this tonneau cover does not disappoint me


  • I hope they fix the mounting instructions because they are not that precise. Luckily, I have done this before

I recommend it for your F150 because I love it.

4. BAK 26406 BakFlip G2 Toyota Tacoma Truck Bed Cover Review

Best for Toyota Tacoma


All of the panels flip open towards the same direction so the bed is revealed 100% if you want it that way. The product is made from strong, scratch resistant UV-Protected ABS laminated panels and the revolutionary “living hinge” system makes sure that it is resistant against water.

The panels easily latch on to the truck bed’s two sides. You do not need a drill to install this and it is very simple. The weight is 71 pounds and the dimensions are 8 x 68 x 23 inches,


  • Easy installation and it is very durable so it resists precipitation
  • I like the clean finished look it gives my truck so I love its simple design
  • It fits well on my truck so I am confident that it will stay in place no matter how fast I drive
  • The instructions are easy to follow and very simple


  • The one I received did not come with a manual, but it’s still easy to install

This one of the wisest purchases made and purchasing it again is a wise option

5. BAK Industries 72409 F1 cover for Toyota Tundra Review

Best for Toyota Tundra Crew Max


The flush hinge is designed to perform great in any weather conditions and you can depend on it for a very long time. There are heavy duty latches for performance improvement and the ergonomics are great. It can be folded beyond 90 degrees to reduce airflow and you will have full visibility.

The product has a superior rail design that gives a perfect fit each time and weighs 71 pounds. The dimensions are 8 x 68 x 23 inches. If you need the warranty, you can get it from the customer service so you can make a request. You can count on this product to last for years.


  • I like its durability that only shows it is going to last for years and it is going to save me a lot of money
  • There is very little adjustment needed and I only spent less than 20 minutes for installation
  • This cover sits flat on the back of my truck and stays put so it is never a problem for me when the road is rough
  • Since this cover is very easy, anyone can fold or open it so believe that you are not going to have a hard time using it
  • So far, I have not seen any water leakage no matter how strong the rain is because it seals tightly
  • The superior rail design gives it the fit I am looking for and since it can be folded beyond 90 degrees, I can see everything clearly


  • The instructions have to be written again because they are not clear and lack precision. If you are new to tonneau covers, you might need a little assistance installing this one without a manual

This is a product that is going to last you for years so if you want a cover that is worth buying and you won’t have to change frequently, this one is ideal for you. Make sure to have someone help you if it is your first time because of the instructions.

Nancy McCoy

There are a lot of tonneau covers, but if you pick from any of the ones listed here, you are not going to have regrets because they are the best. I have used them and I can testify that they all give the protection your truck needs. They are all easy to install so if you are new to buying one, do not worry. It also does not matter where you live since they all protect your truck from any weather. When it comes to maintenance, you only need water and soap to clean them.

The products are all available on and you can check out how positive the reviews are when you search for each one. They all have mostly positive reviews so you will not go wrong. These products are not cheap and you deserve a guide that is honest. This is the only guide you need to purchase a tonneau cover so do not waste your time on other products and choose from any of the five. You will buy them again if you have to because each one is excellent and will surely meet your tonneau cover needs.

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