Best RV GPS Reviews (Updated November 2023)

Searching through the streets of a packed city can be very tricky to anyone because it is like looking for a highway in the middle of a vats field. The global positioning systems or GPS are made to use satellites to give your location and give an update of the maps so you will have the right directions. However, not all GPS units work properly in RVs. There are models that come with special features to make it easier for RV drivers, and the good ones stand out among the other products.

Before you buy a GPS for your RV, you should know what you must look for because getting lost is no joke.

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Things to Consider Before Buying RV GPS

1. Customizable designs


This is the first consideration you need to make because some of them have customizable specifications to have the proper configuration for the RV rig. It will serve as a guide for you while going through routes that come with bridge clearances and roads that are for handling weight and RV dimensions that have towed equipment.

2. Bluetooth connectivity

A good GPS should have Bluetooth connectivity because there are some areas where you cannot use an electronic while driving because it is either illegal or discouraged. This is why some GPS systems have Bluetooth connectivity and they come with speakerphones so you will be convenient while driving.

3. Wi-Fi

There are GPS system models that are Wi-Fi enabled allowing the unit to automatically update itself while it is connected to a Wi-Fi, even while you are driving. This will spare you from having to remove the GPS from the vehicle because you need to connect it to your computer.

4. Updated database

Ideally, the GPS you will buy should already have its own updated database of campgrounds in the country where you are. It should give you a warning if you are about to encounter a steep grade, tight turns and a lot more. The GPS needs to have the ability to give you the actual speed limit on most highways and the speed of the vehicle, it will warn you if you go over the pre-set value.

5. Lifetime map and traffic updates


The GPS you will buy has to give you an update of the traffic for a lifetime because it should give you an alternative route when there is heavy traffic ahead. You can buy this separately or some of them are offered with a monthly plan.

Even if all GPS units come with a pre-loaded map, it should also have a lifetime map update for free that lets you maintain the accuracy of these maps while the roads are changing. You should constantly check for map updates that are available to start your road trip. If you need a world map, this can be purchased separately as well.

6. Consider the size of your RV

The specialized GPS for RVs are made to take into consideration the RV’s size and why it is being used. They are able to understand the RV’s height and weight and stay away from bridges that are not high enough or is not able to support the weight of the RV. In addition to this, this specialized GPS allow RV owners to plan their route before leaving and know which stops are RV friendly, like the ideal campsites for them. This removes the necessity to stop without the right hookups or the need to empty an almost full black water tank.

Top 3 RV GPS Reviews

1. Garmin RV 760LMT Portable GPS Navigator


It comes with a large 7-inch touch screen with high-resolution display which is 800 x 480 pixels. The WVGA TFT display has colors and comes a white backlight. There are a free lifetime map and traffic updates that can provide RV services and vendors, truck stops, repair shops, and facilities for towing.

There is RV routing specialized and customizable that will show the length, width, weight and height. There are cautions and advisories that have a risk of grounding, narrow road, lateral wind, steep hill, sharp curve, state borders and tree overhand. You will benefit from the navigation that responds to your voice commands. The dimensions are 4.5 x 0.9 x 7.4” and the weight is 12.5 ounces.


  • This GPS is super accurate and I am able to use it to pull my 5-wheeler
  • The voice is really clear so I never have trouble understanding what it is trying to tell me
  • It does a good job of giving me alternate routes and keeps my eyes on the road
  • The features are perfect and all of them are perfect for travel
  • I can say that operating this product is easy and I was able to use it right away after connecting it to my vehicle
  • The GPS comes with a great traffic managing system and I love it
  • They have a very responsive customer service


  • The first one I got had a malfunctioning voice command, but they did not have a problem sending me a new one

I would buy this product once again if I need to because of how accurate it is. I know that I will have it for years, which is why this investment is definitely worth it.

2. Magellan RoadMate RV9145-LM - 7-Inch GPS Navigator for RVers


It has an extra-large display of 7 inches with a high-definition touchscreen. It is pre-loaded with the “Good Sam Trailer Life Directory” for your convenience and it offers a customizable route for every RV profile and your preference in navigation.

There are free updates of maps for a lifetime of the GPS navigator and the highway lane assistant gives you assurance that you will only choose the right lane before making the next interchange. The dimensions of the product are 8 x 4 x 6” and the weight is 2.3 pounds. Good Sam is an excellent source for services while traveling and offers awesome campground ratings, as well as services.


  • I like the RoadMate RV9145 because the settings will adjust itself according to the size of my vehicle
  • The navigator is very smart because it can help you become familiar with the route before setting out
  • I am very satisfied with this GPS system because it has never failed me while I am on a trip
  • The advertisement does not fail because you will get exactly what is described
  • While I am driving, I never encounter any difficulty seeing what it is trying to tell me
  • I am happy that it does not do that sound when it is restarting because that sort of bothers me
  • When I ordered the item, it came on time and everything was complete inside the box


  • I had to think of a good spot to put it because it should not disrupt with my driving and I should be able to follow it accurately. No other issues aside from that.

I think that this is one of the nice ones out there, especially if you will go on long trips because you can review the route before moving.

3. Rand McNally RVND 7730 LM RV GPS with Lifetime Maps and Wi-Fi


This GPS is able to track the purchases you have made and will provide fuel logs for the fuel economy. The video input function lets you see what is behind your vehicle built for back-up cameras. The compatibility of the GPS is great for a wide variety of cameras for display flexibility.

You will receive updates if you own the GPS device that comes with lifetime maps. It comes with a faster processor compared to the past products released by McNally and there are two current options for the interface. The dimensions of the product are 7.3 x 8 x 4.5” and the weight is 11.7 ounces.


  • It came to my doorstep as expected and no parts were missing
  • I like the big screen and would take it with me on a long trip
  • The navigation is perfect and I have never gotten lost while using this product
  • It gives me alternate routes which are awesome because I do not have to suffer through traffic
  • It is accurate in giving warnings about low bridges and restricted paths or roads


  • They need to make the screen brighter because I sometimes have a hard time seeing it under low light conditions, but I have no other complaints.

This is one of the most reliable GPS systems you can buy today and it will give you an accurate navigation without any issues or hassle. When I need to see the screen under low light, I just look closer and my problem is solved.

Make sure that when you are about to buy a GPS system for your RV, take note of what you need to consider and only choose from one of the products on the list given so you will not be disappointed.

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