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Investing in the car is no joke because it also entails spending for maintenance and protecting it from dust while it is parked. Regardless if the climate in your location is hot or cold, leave it outside or inside, you can’t always shelter the car from being exposed. There are elements, dust, and people who steal your car. Having a car cover can be helpful in several ways, but before choosing one, you need to know what to consider.

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Things to Look for When Selecting Car Covers

  • Frequency of use and where you park it

The place where you park your car and when you use your vehicle is important. You can start the process of deciding here. A car cover for a car that is used every day and a hobby car is not the same. This means that if you park your car outside or inside, this entails two different decisions.

  • The kind of weather in your area


Where you are living is also a consideration when choosing a cover. There are brands you can buy that create their materials so the car cover can withstand all weather conditions and climates.

  • The color of your vehicle can also determine which car cover to buy


There are different colors of car covers, but consider the color of your car when choosing one. The color of the fabric is important in protection, so if your car is light color get a light-colored cover.

  • UV protection


UV rays can harm your car and high temperature can ruin the car’s paint making it hard to identify. The sun will also increase the temperature of the car’s interior and can make the dashboard warped and cracked. If your car is often parked outside, you need to get a UV protected car cover made of acrylic fibers or polyester fabrics.

  • Dirt and debris exposure

That tree beside your driveway may give shade, but it cannot protect your car from falling branches and birds, parking your car under any foliage can cause your vehicle a lot of damage. The pollens, bird droppings, and sap can be harmful to your car’s finish, which makes your car unattractive. If your car is left in the shade, your vehicle should have an outdoor cover.

  • Custom fit covers


This type of cover will follow the vehicle’s exact contour. These types of covers are designed according to the exact year, model of the vehicle, and make that can be modified according to the type of vehicle and aftermarket accessories. The design of the patterns is done to give protection to the sheer metal of the vehicle. This type of cover is more tailored and remains sturdy under the strong wind.

  • Universal fit covers

These covers had a generic shape and designed to accommodate a lot of styles of vehicles. Although, they can be bought in different lengths and sizes for different vehicles. This type of cover do not come with mirror pockets, but the design they have provides space for majority of the mirror styles.

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Once you have made all these considerations, you can now choose from the car covers in this post. The products given also differ in price range so you have a lot of choices because I know that people have their preferences. Regardless if you own a Sedan, an SUV, or a pick-up truck, you will find a car cover that’s perfect for you here.

Top 5 Best Car Covers Reviews On The Market 2016

Budge Lite Car Cover Review

Budge Lite Car Cover Dirtproof, Scratch Resistant, Breathable, Dustproof, Car Cover Fits Sedans up to 200', Gray
11,350 Reviews
Budge Lite Car Cover Dirtproof, Scratch Resistant, Breathable, Dustproof, Car Cover Fits Sedans up to 200", Gray
  • INDOOR CAR COVER: The Budge Lite Car Cover Size 3 has durable single-layer polypropylene protecting against dust, debris, paint, and falling objects. Double stitched seams provide added durability, and our non-abrasive materials won’t scratch your car. Fit Type: Universal Fit.
  • BREATHABLE MATERIAL: Our breathable material improves airflow and reduces condensation while your car is covered
  • SECURE YOUR VEHICLE COVER: Our elasticized hem holds your cover in place in windy-conditions. Sewn-in grommets keep your cover in place and discourages theft and vandalism
  • DESIGNED TO FIT: This Car Cover Measures 200" L X 60" W X 51" H. Fits Vehicles Like: Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Corvette, Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, BMW 3 Series, Volkswagen Jetta. To Ensure The Best Fit, We Recommend Measuring Your Vehicle And Comparing To Our Semi-Custom Sizes.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT MATERIAL: This single-layer material is lightweight and thin, making it easy to handle and store

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  • Made of breathable material
  • Non-abrasive material
  • U.S. Made
  • This one is perfect for using indoors
  • Fits great on most Sedans
  • The price is great for the quality you get
  • It will last for months
  • The material is thick enough to prevent sunlight from getting through the cover
  • Moisture from the rain does not get through


  • This car cover is not waterproof

I bought two of these and they fit well on both of my Sedans. On a windy day, I don’t have to worry because dust is not able to get through at all. I just use another car cover when it is raining because this one is not waterproof, although, I still love it. I can use it to cover my car indoors and not worry about my cat scratching the paint’s surface.

OverDrive PolyPro III Heavy Duty Jeep Wrangler Cover Review

Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro 3 Heavy Duty Jeep Wrangler SUV/Truck Cover
362 Reviews
Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro 3 Heavy Duty Jeep Wrangler SUV/Truck Cover
  • PREMIUM AUTO COVER: Fits Jeep Wranglers 161 inches L x 65 inches W
  • ALL WEATHER TRUCK COVER: PolyPRO 3 uses a 3-layer fabric of polypropylene and polyethylene that is water-repellent, yet breathes to reduce inside condensation, soft interior won't scratch paint
  • RELIABLE FEATURES: The perfect car cover for storage or moderate weather with an elasticized hem for a quick fit, and soft non-scratch interior; includes antenna reinforcement patch
  • INDOOR OR OUTDOOR PROTECTION: functions as an indoor or outdoor car cover; protects against dirt and scratches, perfect for storage and moderate weather protection
  • Jeep Wrangler cover does not have zippered access door

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  • Total protection from elements and dust particles
  • Fits perfectly on a Wrangler
  • Car cover is impermeable
  • Thick material but is not bulky
  • Fast shipping and great customer service
  • The antenna pokes through easily and putting the cover on was easy
  • Can also be used for a Ford Ranger, Honda CRV and Lexus 450RH
  • There is a zipper on the driver’s side because I can enter the car without having to take the whole cover off
  • It remains sturdy on my vehicle


  • Came without a zipper, but customer service replaced it immediately

I like this car cover for my Jeep Wrangler and it’s what I use to cover the car outdoor. I don’t have to worry about the rain or snow getting to my car’s surface because of this cover. If I need to store it again, I do not have a hard time because it is not bulky even if it is made of thick material. I highly recommend this product for SUV owners.

Patented HAIL PROTECTOR Car Cover System Review - For All Weathers


  • Offers protection from the rain, dust, sun (UV and infrared), and sand, when it is activated using the remote.
  • Water resistant
  • Silver color for heat resistance
  • Custom fit
  • The remote control has 3 power sources
  • Simple to install
  • The customer support is one of the best
  • The app sends a notification for a maximum radius size
  • One of the most reliable protectors against hail
  • Lasts for more than 2 years
  • It is worth the price because of its great features

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  • There is too much wind resistance

Even if it is a lot more expensive than other car covers, I would still recommend this one because of the versatility and quality I get. The hail protection is awesome and it has saved my car several times. I love the 3 power source options and the app that sends me notifications. For the price I paid, I am not complaining because I can use it for any weather and it has saved my car several times from the angry hail storm.

OverDrive PolyPro III Heavy Duty Full Size Sedan Car Cover Review

Classic Accessories Over Drive PolyPRO 3 Full-Size Sedan Cover, 191'-210'L
1,783 Reviews
Classic Accessories Over Drive PolyPRO 3 Full-Size Sedan Cover, 191"-210"L
  • Fits full-size sedans 191" to 210" long
  • Zippered driver's side door for easy access
  • Antenna reinforcement patch
  • Non scratch tie down grommets
  • Corners have an elasticized hem for a fast, custom fit

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  • The size is good for most Sedans
  • Weight is not too heavy, it folds down small, and fits nicely in the storage bag
  • Material appears to be a strong one
  • Easy to put on
  • It is made of good quality material that does not scratch the paint’s surface
  • Cover lasts for 2 years or more
  • Removes 90% of perspiration and wraps around my car perfectly
  • The zipper on the driver’s side allows me to enter the car while the car cover is still on
  • Prevents the rain, the sun, and bird droppings away from my car
  • Cover remains sturdy on my car even on windy days


  • A little rain can go through

For the price of this car cover, it does its job well. I don’t mind the little rain that goes through because that’s manageable. I would buy this cover again if I want a good one but don’t want to spend too much. When I forget something in my car and need to get it quickly, I don’t have to remove the whole cover and that’s why I love the zipper on the driver’s side. It is a car cover that will last long and offers great protection against external elements. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a car cover that will last for 2 years or more.

OxGord® Signature Car Cover - 100% Water-Proof 5 Layers Review

OxGord Signature Car Cover - Water Resistant 5 Layers - True Masterpiece - Ready-Fit Semi Glove Fit - Fits up to 204 Inches
4,743 Reviews
OxGord Signature Car Cover - Water Resistant 5 Layers - True Masterpiece - Ready-Fit Semi Glove Fit - Fits up to 204 Inches
  • 5 Layer Protection: Water resistant with 3 layers of spunbound polypropylene, 1 layer micro-porous film, and 1 layer soft fleece
  • Protect & Preserve: Extra layers for durability, insulation against heat & UV rays, and soft fleece to protect your paint job
  • Includes: Storage bag, antenna patch, and tie down security grommets for high winds and lock to prevent theft lock
  • Features: Reinforced seams, superior breathability, front and rear elastic hems & draw strings to ensure a snug semi-glove fit
  • Dimensions: 204.75 Inches long x 0.1 inches thick, and 53.25 inches wide - fits up to 204 inches

Last update on 2023-11-18 at 03:25 PST - Details


  • It is waterproof and no water drops can get through
  • Car remains 100% dry under the cover
  • The material is very durable and won’t easily get damaged
  • Easy to put on
  • The laces can be tightened to make the cover wrap around the car better
  • Company offers good customer service
  • It is a very good bargain
  • I did not have a hard time installing it


  • It can be too big for some cars

For the price I paid for this product, I couldn’t be happier because it protects my car from external elements. I only have a hard time folding it up again because it is a bit bulky, but that is only a minor concern. I will recommend this product to others because of the benefits I got from it and I know that there are people who do not want to spend too much on a car cover. If you are looking for a good bargain, you can go for this one because it’s one of the nicest ones for its price.

Some important tips for car covers

This is the opposite of removing the car cover. You need first to lay it on the roof and then unfold it gently, from front to the rear and then the sides. If the cover comes with mirror pockets, place the ones that are for the mirror first. After that, pull the cover over the front rear and then the bumpers at the rear.

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  • How to clean car cover

Aside from storing the car cover in the storage bag, you can also wash it. The particles of dirt can harm water resistance and can also scratch the paint of the surface. The smaller and less bulky covers can be washed using a washing machine. The cover for larger vehicles like SUVs or trucks might need to be taken to the laundromat because they have large commercial machines for that. The mild detergents for laundry aren’t enough to get rid of the UVR inhibitors or the ones that provide DWR treatment.

  • Drying your car cover

Car covers can be dried by putting it on a clean car and allowing the moisture to evaporate. Covers are made of synthetic fiber that has the tendency to melt under extreme heat. Don’t worry about the car cover causing your car to get really hot inside because that won’t happen. Parking under the shade will block the sunlight and is going to help keep the car cool. Putting a cover on will have an identical effect and it saves you the trouble of driving around just to find a spot.

Owning a car is always an investment and you need to make sure that it is well-maintained. You can start by buying a good cover for it because external elements can harm your car. You also don’t want to drive around with your car looking dirty. Water drops are hard to clean especially if they’ve been there for a long time and the sun’s rays can harm your car’s paint. You need to consider a car cover, especially if you live in an area where the weather is not always the best.

If you choose any of the car covers on this list, you won’t make a mistake. They are the best car covers of today and a lot of people have used them and can also prove that they are the best. I experienced using these car covers and I will not include them in the list if they are not good enough. You also need to follow the simple given to make sure that your car cover will last long because poor care can cause some damages and you don’t want that to happen. Car covers are helpful in protecting your car’s paint and surface. Remember that spending a little on one of the best car covers is much better than having to get a new paint job for your car because that is more expensive and takes more time.

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