5 Best GPS for an All-Terrain Vehicle

For all those people out there who are obsessed with their ATV and the adventure it takes them to, there is a few turn offs. It’s not much of an adventure when you lose your way and stray around finding way back. Also, when you are out and about treating yourself to an adventure ride, spending a lot of time on finding places of interest wouldn’t feel great.

With an ATV you would always want to keep tracking your way and be able to travel back to your spot of origin. Riding this fancy and sporty vehicle comes with the added danger of being lost since you are riding off-road.

To dodge away all these inconveniences, technology has blessed you with GPS. ATVs ride off-road, so it’s important to make sure the GPS you get is crafted for it. And to know which suits your ATV better, you can read through a list of 5 best ATV GPS.

Trail Tech 912-301 Voyager Stealth Black Moto-GPS Computer

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This one tops the list because it is solely meant for off-road vehicles. Unlike all those GPS that dominate the automotive industry, they don’t give a turn by turn guidance. Instead, you can put a marker in the system, or use maps generated by other ATV riders. This GPS also comes with a transflective screen, which increases the brightness of it in excessive sunlight. While most of the other GPS systems lack this feature, this one steals the limelight for the feature. You can mount it on your vehicle’s handlebar since it is weather resistant. It is powered by the ATV’s power supply.

Garmin GPSMAP 64SC

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This one is well known for the highest degree of sensitivity. The information that it provides is accurate and amazingly precise. Unlike the previous one, it is a handheld GPS. But you can work your tact and figure out a way to mount it at your ATV. What’s more is that it has a camera! If it doesn’t sound very useful, the camera is meant for geo-tagging photos with coordinates. There is Bluetooth in it, letting you connect your phone to the GPS. The only con that has been addressed is that it does not record the altitude. All in all, it serves the purpose exceedingly great.

Garmin Oregon 600 3-Inch Worldwide Handheld GPS

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Having a high sensitivity qualifies this one as a great GPS for your ATV. But what people like the most about it is its touchscreen. You can create your own markers for this system. This lets you keep a log of your way in case you decide to get back to your original location. The screen is reflective and impact resistant. The best feature is that it lets you pre-plan your trip with BaseCamp software.

Garmin Montana 680t

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Garmin Montana 680t is popular for its colored touch screen that is so sensitive to touch that you can even use it with gloves on your hands. Also, it comes with a dual-orientation screen. Besides these aesthetic perks, the GPS has features similar to Garmin Oregon 600 3-Inch Worldwide Handheld GPS, like online map searching, geo-tagging using camera, etc. you can download and share the maps with the ATV community using this device.

Magellan eXplorist TRX7

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This is the most expensive one in the list and rightly so for its features. Its wide range of routes lets you ride in a forest or a public land- anywhere. The maps are detailed in both 2D and 3D, but are based in Canada and USA only. You can capture and record your routes. The number of routes is increasing since people keep adding routes to the system. If budget isn’t your concern, and you belong to Canada or the US, you can go for it.

It is a different story if it’s an ordinary car you ride on roads. Since it is an ATV, it has to have an amazing GPS fitted to add to its worth. It’s about time you got yourself a budget-friendly best ATV GPS for your oh-so-awesome AVT and get started right away! You’ll enjoy the drive a lot better with your vehicle fitted with a technologically-savvy device that can track your whereabouts with precision and gusto.

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